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Larz Anderson Gets A Bad Case Of The SWEDE – Swedish Car Day 2016

by Adam Goral

Nearly all of the events that we’ve been to this summer have been nearly unbearably hot.  The sun, unrelenting.  The cars, panting for cooling air.  We try our best to give out free water to everyone we see to make sure nobody falls over, and recently added mister fans to help keep people stay cool while they are signing up for our event website credits.  Thankfully, as we rapidly approach the end of August, the heat broke, the cars DIDN’T, and the Larz Anderson Auto Museum hosted one of the biggest Swedish Car Days we’ve ever seen.  Enter: Swedish Car Day 2016 If you weren’t part of the mile long procession that nearly closed down this portion of Brookline Mass, then you were greeted with neighborhood roads lined with Saabs and Volvo’s, shined up, buffed out, and stuck outside.  That’s because the venue filled to capacity nearly immediately, something we’ve

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Introducing Pata Brava Racing

by Kevin Andrade

My racing addiction is really more of a dormant interest that was awakened a few years ago when I first saw a picture of Chris Duplessis’ Mk2 GTI rally car on a VWVortex thread. While not the same car, it immediately reminded me of two very special cars in my life. The first was more of a vague memory of an old race car that my grandfather had in his garage in Bogota, Colombia. I spent a summer with my grandparents sometime in the mid 80’s to attend a soccer camp and to pick up the language.  That summer on a very soggy and rainy day, I was forced to kick my ball around in a little space in my grandfather’s garage next to an old car that was covered by a burlap car cover. In one of my attempts at kicking the ball against the garage door it ended

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BMW E30 Trailing Arm Reinforcement – DIY

by Michael Hooper of River City Rally

E30 trailing arms are known for bending on cars that are tracked or rallied.  Last rally season we bent three control arms.  We ran the car quickly, but had not major impacts that I felt deserved bent parts.  SnoDrift was the first rally for us in 2016.  Snow rallies often necessitate the use of snow banks to keep your car on the road.  To prepare for this event we analyzed our previously bent arms and set out to engineer/fabricate reinforcement that will prevent this from happening in the future.  Our solution is a mixture of common fixes that are used in the community, resulting in effective BMW E30 trailing arm reinforcement. Arms typically bend from one of two forces.   A  load caused from a side impact (like sliding into a berm or curb) is most common. This can happen on street cars and track cars alike. The second failure mode

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A View from the Silly Seat – Navigating A Rally By Sense Of Feel

by Kathi Baker

A few years ago before I met my husband (Dave Baker), I had no idea what stage rally was. I mean sure, I knew that people raced cars… I had even heard about TSDs because my parents and their friends used to compete occasionally for fun. But other than that, and the obviously mainstream Formula racing, NASCAR and other track car circuits, I had no clue that stage rally even existed – much less the amazing grassroots community of racers I now call my friends.   Fast forward to present day, and I’m a navigator with Bakers Dozen Racing – strapped in the silly seat next to my husband bombing down dirt roads, calling out this kind of gibberish: L4+/Cr 100 turn R3lg into L5Vlg 50 smCr L5>4 into jump down 30 R5- into L5<6/Cr. Say what? When I laid eyes on my first set of Jemba notes, I was sure

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Mishimoto Performance – Drive Fast, Stay Cool


Japanese name, American company, European Performance.  Mishimoto performance cooling systems and components are geared towards the high end user looking to reinforce their cars for performance street and/or race driving.  On the race track, their cooling systems add capacity for severe duty at high RPM, ensuring stable performance lap after lap.  On the street, Mishimoto combines the best materials and fabrication quality to beef up parts that are known to fail, making your performance oriented car more robust and able to tack on thousands of miles in the harshest conditions. BMW cooling systems are one of these circumstances where a hardy reinforcement is a very good idea.  Mishimoto has a huge selection of purpose made solutions, including radiators, cooling fans, shrouds, controllers, intercoolers, thermostats, oil coolers, coolant reservoirs, pipes, flanges, as well as sensor adapters for those of you tracking your car and looking for additional instrumentation.  One particularly cool

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