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Downey Dirty Racing Overcomes Huge Obstacles At NEFR 2016

by Dan Downey

Where do I begin? The New England Forest Rally has been a dream of mine since 2010, I was a Freshman in college.  Though it was the craziest stuff, never thought I would be able to do it. Rally, a dream from even longer ago…. Just a lad with video games and this weird side section in Grand Turismo 3 called rally. Cut past 3 years of building, 2.5 years of RallyX, 4 years of research. Untold hours of driveway time… And you have July 13th. Me in my driveway trying to do final packing with the truck trailer and car. “I’m not ready” I keep thinking. I am going to go, but I did not prepare enough. Not nearly enough is packed. Car is not perfect (when is it ever?). But I have the stuff, I have provisions for 5 days. I have spares. I have a rally car….

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The Outer Reaches – Regreasing New Wheel Bearings For Racing

by Cody Ace

“My mom said the only reason men are alive is for lawn care and vehicle maintenance”. -Tim Allen Admit it, you all just let out a good Tim the tool-man grunt after reading that quote. While simple, it’s basic truth of most of what we do. Maintenance and preparation are obvious things that we all do with our race cars. Fluid changes, part inspections, and basic torquing of hardware are semi-ritualistic things, both for the safety of the car, and team. Even on our street cars, basic service stuff can go a long way, as we all can agree that last thing we want is the old lady giving you an earful when the family truckster breaks down halfway to WallyWorld with the family. YUCK. However there is certainly a difference between maintaining a car, and MAINTAINING a car. I’m not talking about bespoke alignment settings, cousin Alex’s special bbq

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Eli Sharp Joins The SAAB MAAB for 2016’s PHA Hill Climb Series

by Gary Reider

Once again I have returned with “RED”  my 86 900 notchback for some more fun. The first event was a track trial @ Summit Point Raceway in WV. we had 6 cars in SMF class ( street modified front wheel drive).  3 of the cars entered had beat me here before and did so again this time. I still struggle on these flat track events. “RED” worked well all weekend running a fresh motor with 20 street miles on it. No leaks, no blown off intercooler hoses, no fuss. At Summit a casual friend, Eli Sharp (Ellie) was racing for the first time after a 10 year layoff in a “real Mini” a car  she loves so much. However by Sunday afternoon the car owner, not Eli, rolled the car over 4 times and did the poor thing in for good. My wife and I discussed the situation and asked Eli if she wanted to continue

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The blog hasn’t been around for that long, only a few years, but in that time we have worked hard to put together a detailed selection of stories, experiences, and information to help you get through your work day. Now, 500 episodes later, we thought this would be a good time to take a look back at some of your favorites, as well as some of ours as you kick on the autopilot and fly into this long upcoming weekend.  I’ll start with a list of the top 10 most popular all time blog articles, then finish at the end with 10 posts that we feel are best representing of who we are, where we have gone, and what we thing were true high spots in what we can do with a keyboard and a few screens.  Alright, let’s go for a trip down memory lane! 10.  BMW 3-Series E46

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Ghosts Of Crashes Past – Summit Point 2016

by Joe Keech

I spent a year and a half  gathering numerous parts (many available through and rebuilding my 2002 Mini Cooper S after a close encounter of the ‘large tree’ kind at turn 6, Pagoda Hill Climb in 2014.  The crash had left me shaken, but not stirred.  After finally torquing the last bolt, and giving it a basic buff, it was finally time to get it back in the game. The next event was the Jefferson time trial event at the Summit Point circuit.  It’s a slightly different format than a hillclimb, with the run being on an actual road course instead of a mountain road, but in the end everyone is racing for the same thing, the fastest time. I drove it to the track so I felt pretty good about it staying together for the time trial.  The trick was now, with me freshly back behind the wheel

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