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A View from the Silly Seat – Navigating A Rally By Sense Of Feel

by Kathi Baker

A few years ago before I met my husband (Dave Baker), I had no idea what stage rally was. I mean sure, I knew that people raced cars… I had even heard about TSDs because my parents and their friends used to compete occasionally for fun. But other than that, and the obviously mainstream Formula racing, NASCAR and other track car circuits, I had no clue that stage rally even existed – much less the amazing grassroots community of racers I now call my friends.   Fast forward to present day, and I’m a navigator with Bakers Dozen Racing – strapped in the silly seat next to my husband bombing down dirt roads, calling out this kind of gibberish: L4+/Cr 100 turn R3lg into L5Vlg 50 smCr L5>4 into jump down 30 R5- into L5<6/Cr. Say what? When I laid eyes on my first set of Jemba notes, I was sure

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Mishimoto Performance – Drive Fast, Stay Cool


Japanese name, American company, European Performance.  Mishimoto performance cooling systems and components are geared towards the high end user looking to reinforce their cars for performance street and/or race driving.  On the race track, their cooling systems add capacity for severe duty at high RPM, ensuring stable performance lap after lap.  On the street, Mishimoto combines the best materials and fabrication quality to beef up parts that are known to fail, making your performance oriented car more robust and able to tack on thousands of miles in the harshest conditions. BMW cooling systems are one of these circumstances where a hardy reinforcement is a very good idea.  Mishimoto has a huge selection of purpose made solutions, including radiators, cooling fans, shrouds, controllers, intercoolers, thermostats, oil coolers, coolant reservoirs, pipes, flanges, as well as sensor adapters for those of you tracking your car and looking for additional instrumentation.  One particularly cool

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St. Louis RallyCross Returns!

by Adam Hardin

After some early organizing issues threatened the season, St. Louis RallyCross has returned to the region! Most of the organizing committee is also heavily involved in the local 100 Acre Wood Rally (detailed in my last blog post here) so once that stress was over it was again time to turn to playing in the dirt. A lack of venues complicated the matter, but the usually reliable Gateway Motorsports Park came through again, and the region’s first event was held on Sunday, July 10 in one of the overflow parking lots outside the track. There was a large turnout of drivers – 27 individual drivers in 22 vehicles took to the grass track in the morning, and while early timing light issues apparently caused by the sun caused the morning session to be interrupted frequently, the afternoon heats went off smoothly with little delay. The morning course itself also cause

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10 Saab 9-3 Common Problems

by Adam Goral

After the success of the Saab 900, and subsequent growth of the company through the late 90′, our favorite car company came out with a completely new car in 2003, as a continuation of the 9-3 name.  Commonly referred to as the Sport Sedan, 9-3ss, or 9440 chassis (as opposed to the outgoing 9400 body style), these cars are coming down pretty sharply in price.  Because of that, like the Saab 9-5, it is possible to buy a fantastic car for pennies on the dollar (we picked up a running 9-3ss for our next race car for $500).  However, like most cars bottoming out in value, it’s important to keep an eye out for a few common Saab 9-3 problems when shopping for your next Saab. General motors had a heavy hand when managing Saab’s design and building oversight on this project, which means you will see an increased amount

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The Steering Wheel is Connected to the Rack Bone Which is Connected…

by David Baker

Have you ever really thought about what happens to your car when you are driving along and turn the steering wheel?  Like, truly thought about all the little pieces that have to move to make that action happen? You turn the steering wheel, which turns a shaft inside the steering column, that rotates on some bearings and in turn usually goes through a CV joint or rag joint style coupling before entering the steering rack.  Yup that’s at least 5 pieces that also have a housing and connections to the chassis of the car, and it really hasn’t even done much more than rotated a simple shaft.  The steering rack (in a rack and pinion) is another system all of its own.  The input shaft rotates a pinion gear, with (yes more) bearings to hold it in place.  The pinion gear then translates the rotational force into a linear force

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