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SAAB Parts

SAAB Parts

eEuroparts.com® features a wide selection of quality SAAB Parts. Since 2000, we have specialized in stocking original equipment manufacturer OEM SAAB Parts and a broad selection of aftermarket SAAB Parts . Our easy-to-use online catalog allows you to quick browse for along with any other part you mean need for your Swedish or German car. Don't see what you're looking for here? Try selecting your vehicle from our easy-to-use SAAB Parts vehicle selector or select your SAAB Parts model below. Enjoy browsing through our huge warehouse of genuine, OEM, and aftermarket SAAB Parts.

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Parts for SAAB

Founded in 1937, "Swedish Aeroplane Limited" launched its automotive division with the SAAB 92 in 1949. In the years to follow, SAAB would introduce the world to the improved 92, the 93, a wagon variant, the SAAB 95, and their first performance car, the SAAB 94. In 1969 SAAB AB merged with the Swedish car manufacturer Scania-Vabis AB, and thus Saab-Scania was born. A decade later saw the creation of one of SAAB's more iconic models, the classic SAAB 900.

In 1989, GM acquired a 50% stake in SAAB Automobile and spurred the launch of the new 900 in 1993, followed by the new SAAB 9-3 and 9-5 in 1999. In 2000, GM purchased the remaining SAAB shares, turning the company into a subsidiary of GM. The purchase yielded the first sport sedan version of the 9-3. GM sold SAAB in 2010 to the Dutch manufacturer Spyker, but SAAB eventually went into administration, the Swedish equivalent to America's Chapter 11 bankruptcy. SAAB was finally sold to NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden) in 2012 with plans to make electric SAABs in 2013/2014. SAAB Automobile Parts AB was not included in the deal and was taken over by the Swedish National Debt Office, the Swedish government's central financial manager. SAAB Automobile Parts AB is now owned by the Swedish government.

Production of SAAB parts is a large concern for many SAAB owners after the company's bankruptcy, with many parts for SAABs becoming scarce. We anticipate that parts for Saabs for older vehicles will become harder to obtain and prices will likely increase, even direct from SAAB. Built on SAAB, eEuroparts.com is committed to carrying SAAB parts and remains dedicated to serving you, our loyal SAAB customers. Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding genuine SAAB, our efforts are focused on putting quality aftermarket replacement SAAB parts on the shelf to replace parts for SAABs that we've historically carried in genuine. We're working diligently with our OEM SAAB parts suppliers to build out our replacement parts inventory so you can continue to repair your SAAB with the best parts in the market.

To start your search for SAAB parts online, use our Vehicle Selector above to input your SAAB's exact year & model, and then choose a category. You will instantly see a list of every SAAB part we carry that fits your vehicle. Don't forget that eEuroparts.com offers free shipping on qualified orders, so you don't have to break the bank to get your SAAB parts quickly. If you don't find the SAAB parts online in our catalog that you're looking for, call or email us and we'll do our best to get them for you! As always, if you have any questions regarding your SAAB parts search, please call us at (800) 467-9769.

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