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Saabs of Anarchy: Third Time's the Charm

By Aaron Diamond

It is safe to say Saabs of Anarchy'sfirst attempt at competing in the infamous LeMons racing series last year at Thompson Motor Speedway was a bit of a fiasco, you can read more about our Thompsonexperience here and here or watch this video. Despite the two blown engines, biblical rain, and tireless work to get the car ready to go racing, we did leave with a trophy as well as the hard-earned understanding of what it takes to compete in this crap-can racing series.Saabs of Anarchy'ssecond attempt came at the Halloween Hooptiefest at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. After pulling the second blown engine from our Saab 9000 race car and rebuilding the original motor we believed we were ready. We were in good company for this race though, sharing a garage with the PA Saab Maab, while the Carbeque 900 and Full Nelson Racings 96 sat next door.With baited ...Read More

Southern Ohio Forest Rally Debuts

By Santiago Iglesias

After 20 years, rally returned to the forests of Ohio in the form of the Southern Ohio Forest Rally. After the suspension on my 1998 BMW 328icame apart at SnoDrift, I wanted to make sure it didnt happen again. I took the whole rear axle off of the car for easy access to the trailing arm pocket.The first thing to replace was the old rear trailing arm bushings that were completely worn out. I put in an OEM replacement from They only took a few minutes each using an RTAB tool.18 years of Michigan roads did a number on them. I also replaced the bracket and bolt on the left trailing arm. On the body side of the RTAB pocket, I fixed all three bolt holes. I put Helicoils into the front two and welded a new nut into the rear spot. While I was down there, I also replaced my flex coupling and diff gasket.With the car back together, I was excited to tackle ...Read More

2017 Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals - Photo Gallery is LIVE

By Adam Goral

This is now the 4th year in a row we've been to the Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals in one format or another, and easily we have to say one of the best from our own perspective. Formally known as the Carlisle Import and Kit nationals, we've noticed the VW based Manx buggies will show up in force regardless of the name. They also seem to be mostly comprised of early risers, judging by how those air-cooled engines all fire up at the crack of dawn every year. I digress, camping out at Carlisle always adds to the whimsy of the show. If you're into it, remember we will be having eEuroFest June 10th with the Lime Rock campground open on June 9th, we wonder if the Manx buggies will show up to that.Under the tent at the SaabsCarlisle show-within-a-show, we were able to witness first hand what the bulk of our customer base was up to over the winter. With BMW ...Read More

Fart-hinder Racing Saab meets 'The Kink' and survives.

By Tim Winker

Fart-Hinder Racing is back for the 2017 Season the 8th season of racing a Saab in amateur endurance racing and the 4th season for the Fart-Kontroll 1999 Saab 9-3. The venue this time was Road America in the Wisconsin countryside with the World Racing League WRL. Four of the usual suspects signed on to our Racing Saab for this event: Captain Tim Winker, Mike Mandy, Travis McCormick and Mark Fitzpatrick. Fart-Hinder has been to Road America several times before with the ChumpCar World Series, but WRL had arranged to run the traditional road course including the Kink. CCWS has always used the motorcycle "Bend" between the Carousel and Kettle Bottoms and into Canada Corner to keep speeds down on the most difficult part of the track. WRL isnt just any amateur series. In line with allowing faster cars to race, founder Joey Todd has required wheel-to-wheel racing ...Read More

E34 M5 Resto Part IV - Fan Clutch Replacement

By Jeff Einhorn

About 35 minutes into my first big road trip in the M5 i.e., more than 15 miles, it became readily apparent that the fan clutch for the belt driven cooling fan had completely seized. How did I know I'm not psychic, and the engine stayed nice and cool, staying firmly planted a touch below the middle of the gauge. However, at 65 MPH slightly north of 3k rpm on the highway, the car sounded like a fan powered swamp boat, with the cooling fan always running at engine speed -- instead of doing its job of automatically adjusting speed as dictated by temperature and engine speed. The clutch, which is attached to the inside of the radiator fan, had completely frozen in the always on position. While this is much preferable to the alternative failure method -- where the fan is always off and you overheat, potentially destroying the S38 engine -- the constant whirring took a...Read More

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