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eEuroFest 2018 launches with Black Friday Exclusive on VIP packages!


Black Friday is right around the corner, and we have something big planned, eEuroFest 2018 VIP packages at an exclusive discount The eEuroFest VIP package is a great value for 2 days of automotive excitement, and a wicked good Holiday gift for the Euro car enthusiast in the household. For 2018, we are going to change things around a little bit to accommodate the expected explosion in show growth coming off the first year. VIP packages will will be per person instead of requiring you to buy a pair of tickets. The package will include your VIP pass, a spot in the car show, unlimited autocross, a ride along pass, a camping pass, and a t-shirt. Here's what that actually means.eEuroFest 2018 VIP ConcessionsThe VIP pass grants you access to the catered VIP chalet through the course of the event, offering air conditioning, drinks, and snacks. On Friday June 8, VIPs will...Read More

Engine Running Cold? Waiting Can Be Damaging

By Adam Goral

If you've noticed at some point that your temp needle has been a little saggy, indicating your engine is running cold, you have a problem you shouldn't ignore. This is almost always caused by a faulty thermostat, and luckily this common wear item is usually not a big task to replace on most cars. The thermostat is a temperature controlled valve that sits right in the coolant steam. The housing it sits in is almost always at the end of one of the main radiator hoses, making it relatively easy to locate.When the engine is cold, the thermostat is designed to be closed, blocking coolant from circulating through the radiator, hoses, and engine. This helps your car warm up faster, because an internal combustion engine really hates running outside of the specified operating temperature. Once the engine reaches that temperature, the thermostat opens up, allowing coolant ...Read More

Nokian Tires - Where to buy, and why they are the best


Many years ago when the clouds cleared and the heavens sang, the most devote auto enthusiasts heard the word Nokian. Shortly afterwards of course, the clouds gathered once again and hit everyone with what locals to eEuroparts would call a 'Wicked Nor'easter' and buried them all in a 20in of wet snow. Fortunately, with Nokian tires this was not a problem, and soon Nokian would have the best reputation for quality snow tires in the entire industry. The Finnish company is based right around the arctic circle, so being good in the snow is one of the top demands for day to day life. However, while many of the enthusiasts clamor about how the Hakkepeliitta 8 was the best snow tire they've ever driven on, they might not realize that Nokian, now in 2017, has a huge variety of thoughtfully designed tires to keep you riding safe and comfortable no matter what the season. ...Read More

15% off Powerflex Bushings and Kits for a limited time!


For a limited time, enjoy 15 off on all Powerflex Bushings and Kits via exclusive instant rebate. Click here, or the link below, to check out what fits your car.A while ago, I wrote an article in an attempt to help customers and installers understand what a polyurethane bushing really was, because there was an overbearing assumption among the sport tuning community that poly was just a bushing that was harder than rubber. Well, in most cases that is the case, but in practice both rubber and polyurethane can achieve the same level of stiffness. The hardness of the polyurethane or rubber can be altered to whatever the manufacturer may see fit.However, nearly all standard rubber bushings are designed to be soft, to keep OE stock handling cars easy on your spine. They are kind of ugly, and break down pretty significantly over time. Polyurethane, however, has become a...Read More

Saab's lifetime warranty 'Parts For Life' comes to


Effective on purchases after September 19th 2017, ORIO AB released an exciting program for Saab owners called Parts For Life lifetime warranty program. As the name implies, that means that Genuine Saab parts are now covered by a lifetime warranty, which is big news. is proud to honor this warranty, and we want to help Saab owners get the most out of their purchases made here at The program also makes an effort to stay green and help the environment by donating toNordens Ark conservation projects. The donations generated benefit endangered species across the world, drawing parallels to the decreasing number of Saab cars on the road, very cool. Here are some details to make clear what to expect when going forward and buying parts for your Saab.What is covered under the 'Parts For Life' warrantyThe warranty covers all Genuine Saab ...Read More

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