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Like Moss On A Rolling...Saab

By Ian Fuller

I was sixteen, making 7.25 at a part time job. After a few months of saving I had 1,500 to buy a car. I had only one reservation, it had to be like nothing else in the school parking lot. No Ford Tauruss, no BMWs, no Honda Civics, etc. After a few weeks of my father and I checking Craigslist and investigating options, I began to lose hope in finding a good car in my price range. Finally one afternoon my father texted me What about a Saab, in my price range, and met my reservation I couldnt pass it up Moss thats what hes called was perched on a hill in Jamesville NY. I knew as soon as I got behind the wheel it was meant to be. Moss is 1996 Saab 900 S 2.3L, that only a cost me 1,000.For that whopping 1,000 a leather interior, heated seats, a sunroof, and peppy little engine, not to mention a near flawless coat of British Racing Green paint. Needless to say, it kind...Read More

BMW Money Shift Part 2 : Improving E36 BMW Shifter Feel

By Ryan Turner

In Part 1 I discussed what a Money Shift was and how you can help avoid one with fresh or upgraded engine and transmission mounts. This time I delve into what I believe caused my E36 325i sedan's previous owner to Money Shift : old factory bushings and one tiny piece of foam. The foam usually fails when the nearby selector shaft seal is leaking, like mine was, greatly reducing the quality of your BMW shifter feel.The upper plastic bushing or the shifter's ball itself will be quite worn and possibly brittle, but not the only source of slop or 'free play'. The plastic shift bearing wore out so bad it allowed the ball to contact the housing, leaving permanent grooves and a few gouges in the aluminum. If your shifter's plastic ball is gouged or abnormally worn, you should consider upgrading it to the z3 1.9 part for a shorter shift with factory feel. E30 and E46's ...Read More

What does David Bowie, Turin Italy, and the Delorean all have in common? The Volvo 262C of course.

By Adam Goral

Every car brand has a few black sheep in its history. Volvo, a company made famous by the extremely minimalistic styling of the 140 and 240 series cars in the 70's and 80's, is no exception. Jeremy Clarkson once described a Volvo as being "a nice box to carry your airbags around in", and he wouldn't be lying. Always focused on reserved economy and technical safety, Volvo didn't leave much on the table in terms of total utilitarian domination. There was an episode of Portlandia where they pointed to a Saab 9000 and described it as the 'default settings' in terms of cars and all the Saab guys giggled. I disagree however, as I believe the Volvo 200 series is more deserving of this connotation. The 200 series were front engine and rear wheel drive. They came heavily optioned with FM radio, cloth seats, and an automatic transmission if felt like splurging. The built ...Read More

IMSA TCR Season is all VAG Lineup - Roar Before the 24 Recap

By Matt Moran

The Racing team participated in the Roar Before the 24 last week at Daytona International Speedway, and while the weather was a bit chilly for Florida, we collected vital data that will be applied for the upcoming race weekend January 27-28. The event is the kickoff to the IMSA road racing season and summons all the top teams that will be competing in 2018. Showcasing all of the new equipment for 2018 for both Prototype, Weathertech GT3, and Continental, it was an atmosphere to behold. For the Weathertech Prototype, GT Daytona, and GT Le Mans teams, it was qualifying for pit stall assignments for the Rolex 24 Hours. For the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge field in which we are running the new TCR class it was vital practice and setup.Check out the Roar Before the 24 Official Photo Gallery From a TCR perspective, there were 8 cars fielded by ...Read More

The BMW N63 - From Hot Vee To Hot Garbage

By Adam Goral

Before getting started I wanted to say I feel bad about calling the BMW N63 'hot garbage'. The N63 Twin Turbo 4.4l V8 is a wonder of modern technology, achieving things that no other engine maker was willing to attempt. The manufacturing processes that went into crafting it are exquisite. That says a lot for BMW, as they refuse to allow technical innovation to stagnate. One of the cars that this was installed in was the BMW 750li, a vehicle that approaches 5,000lbs with driver, makes almost 450hp, and still manages to get around 25mpg on the highway. That's V12 performance out of a V8, and impressive no matter how you cut it. But alas, when you shoot for the stars you are bound to get a few failures to launch.Breaking new ground with the BMW N63When it came out in 2008, the future looked bright. Utilizing some interesting concepts, such as the hot-vee exhaust ...Read More

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