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Saab 900 Crankshaft Position Sensor Splice Kit Install

By Jordan Pagano

When wehear that a part is no longer available NLA, we at take that as a challenge. Especially when it is a mission critical part like a Saab 900 Crankshaft Position Sensor CPS for classic SAAB vehicles. This is specifically for the 900, but this will be similar to the 9000 as well. Without a working crank position sensor, the ignitionsystem can't tell the engine is rotating or relative position and won't fire the spark or run the fuel pump. You end up dead in the water with an engine that turns over but doesn't start. This specific sensor 7484546 is used on both 9000 and non-turbo 900 models from 1989 until Trionic 5.5 was introduced in 1994. The complete sensor assembly is not available from SAAB, but we've tracked downthe sensor itself 7484546K in pigtail form so you can replace the sensor yourself and reuse you old wiring and housing.nbsp;There...Read More

New Performance Exhaust Options at eEuroparts!

By Adam Goral

Performance exhaust systems are the perfect upgrade for any vehicle, converting the mundane commuter to something that can be fun to drive. A little rasp and grumble lets you know "Hey There's an engine up here, give it a rev", which can be just what you need to spice up the monotony. eEuroparts knows this all to well, and have been working hard to bring everything from subtle and tasteful sport cat-back systems to roaring 3in turbo back pipes to our website. With a long history of selling piles of OEM Exhaust parts to those that live with the unfortunate reality of road salt, we wanted to let our customers know that if you are looking for the next meaningful performance upgrade for your car, we have some polished stainless steel for you to check out. Of course if you ever are looking for serious power enhancements, always match a performance exhaust with an ECU ...Read More

drtuned Racing gets back on track!

By Daniel Routley

June 10th hosted our second drtuned Racing Time Attack event of the year, and both the weather and performance were all that we could have hoped for. Previous events have all ended in pouring rain and miserable timed laps, so we were anxious to set some fast official times with drier weather. Were fairly confident the only thing that prevented our car from snap-oversteering into a wall at our previous races was a background in rally racing. It was like driving a large, heavy, FWD Toyota MR2. All the sliding, none of the Toyota-ness. The lead up to the event was somewhat tightly scheduled, but relatively stress free. We knew our brake pedal was feeling very soft, and definitely needed to be bled, but we were waiting on getting the car back from our sponsor and the incredibly skilled team at Herberts Autobody. After weeks of delay, we were finally getting the car ...Read More

The first four 2017 PHA events- RED'S 5th year

By Gary Reider

Well PHA is still alive and my RED 86 notchback is still competing in the 2017 PHA Hill climbs and Time trial events, governed by the SCCA. After braking lots of parts last year, I decided to build a really solid motor and transmission. I bored a 2.1 block to 94 mm, ordered custom forged pistons, had the skirts and piston tops "Swain" coated and used Toyota H beam rods with a few modifications. I lost 13 ounces of weight from each rod piston assembly and added an eEuroparts 14 lb. flywheel. I built a 4 speed Samp;R non synchro gearbox and reused my Quaife limited slip. The combination has been great. No more loose pistons with blow by and I can shift the transmission and always find a gear. No more destroyed 2nd gear synchros or stripped off gear sets The first event of the 2017 PHA series was a Time Trial Jefferson circuit, Summit Point WV. Four very quick ...Read More

Climb To The Clouds 2017 - Apogee Motorsport Takes on Mt Washington

By Kelsey Stone

We have just returned from running in the oldest automotive race in the United States. Climb to the Clouds is a hill climb, similar in nature to Pikes Peak, but steeper, narrower, and more technical. It has attracted a number of big names in motorsport, including Carrol Shelby, who set the record on the hill in 1953 in his Ferrari 375. His time then was 10 minutes and 21 seconds on the all dirt road at the time. The most recent record holder during the last running in 2014 was David Higgins in his Subaru Rally Team USA STI, with co-driver Craig Drew. His time was 6 minutes and 6 seconds. This year, the record was on the minds of two drivers in particular; David Higgins and Travis Pastrana, both driving Subaru Rally Team USA rally cars with 600HP motors swapped in and stripped of over 500lb of weight, as well as the co-driver. Both drivers would be running solo in...Read More

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