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Recent News and Updates from eEuroparts

By Adam Goral

At any given time, there are untold number of projects going on. Everything from headgasket jobs to performance exhaust installations. However, sometimes you come across something really special, and you may do a quick google search to see if anyone's EVER done it before. Those are the types of ...Read More

By Shariq Quamar

Hello. This is a DIY for the replacement of the main and AC belts, pulleys, and tensioners on my 2001 BMW M3. My pulley s started to show signs of failure in Nov Dec 2015 when they would intermittently squeak at about 83,XXX miles. At a track event, my mic was placed in the engine bay, and you could...Read More

By Adam Goral

When you work at an online car parts company catering to aging European cars, you'll interact with and observe the actions of plenty of people doing their own mechanic work. When you've been there for many years, you'll notice trends. I wanted to take some time and point out some of those in an ...Read More

By Adam Goral

If you are car shopping in 2019, you'll come to notice if you are paying attention anyway , that more and more cars are coming with direct fuel injection. There's a few reasons for that which I will cover in a minute, but it's important to be able to understand what direct injection actually is and ...Read More

By Adam Goral

The Saab B234R is regarded by many hardcore Saab fans as the greatest engine ever produced by the Swedish manufacturer. That is, of course, all subjective. However, there's a reason why so many people that really know their stuff praise the engine. In fact, because of junkyard availability the Saab ...Read More


Adding to a rapidly growing professional racing program, ROWE Racing will expand to include the full 2019 season of TC America with the SRO World Challenge America racing series. Formerly known as Pirelli World Challenge, the newly revamped TC Touring Car America will offer up a 40min...Read More

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