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European Auto Parts – Your Resource for Finding Select OEM and Quality Aftermarket Parts is your premier source of high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts for various European car brands. We carry parts from over 300 manufacturers covering a vast range of makes and models. 

Our current catalog includes OEM, OE and Genuine performance and aftermarket parts including SAAB parts, BMW parts, Mercedes Benz parts, Volvo parts, Audi parts, VW parts, Porsche parts, Mini Cooper parts, Fiat parts and others. Check out our selection of over 150,000 quality auto parts and find exactly what your car needs.

Are you looking for the best prices on genuine and OEM parts for your European car? 

Here at we value the DIY community and understand that maintaining European cars can, but doesn't have to be an expensive affair. You don't have to spend exorbitant amounts of money just to keep your car on the road!

Since 2000 when we first opened our doors, we've been consistently offering the cheapest prices on genuine and OEM parts for a variety of European car manufacturers. Reduce the cost of ownership for your car and find out why we're the leading dealer of European car parts in the industry!

Best deals on genuine and OEM parts - You've read that right, we offer the best deals on OEM and Genuine parts. Our prices, just like our entire business, is tailored towards drivers who like to work on their own cars. A major part of our strategy was to find a way of offering the best possible prices on genuine and OEM parts to our customers, while also thriving as a business. Needless to say, we've found that balance.

Cheap and Fast Shipping - Sourcing the right part at the right price is only the first step. We understand that there's also a time component to this equation. Because of that, we're working closely with a number of carriers in order to find the cheapest shipping quotes that will get your part to your door in the shortest time frame.



We Work with Renowned OEM Parts Manufactures 

Finding the right OEM auto part is all about knowing which brands you can trust. That is why we work with some of the most renowned OEM manufacturers out there. Within our catalog, you will find products from Luk, Sachs, Bosch, FAG, Hella, INA, Brembo and many other brands that cover everything you could need for your Audi, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, BMW or Porsche. 

Our aftermarket section also consists of quality, reputable brands. Improve your car’s handling with Bilstein and KONI suspension components, ensure razor-sharp brakes with Brembo brake kits, rotors, and other products. 

At, you will find all of the parts and components necessary to bring your car back to factory condition or go a few steps further and make it a true performance machine.

Customer Service That Knows What They're Talking About 

Customer support is a core component of every business. However, our industry is different in this regard. There's nothing more frustrating than having to explain a very technical thing to a non-technical person.

We've tackled this problem from the get-go and staffed our customer support with petrolheads who know what they're talking about. When you become our customer, you're not just purchasing a quality part at bargain prices, you're also getting our knowledge, expertise, and experience!

Become a Part of a Thriving Community is not just another online parts store; we are a community. Our members, customers, and fans are a tight knit bunch of people who all share the passion for cars and DIY projects. You'll find casual enthusiasts, master technicians and anyone in-between. Become a part of eEuroparts family and enjoy community support!


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