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Should I Really Use a Different Motor Oil in the Winter?

By Sam Williamson

There are those who swear by using heavier-weight motor oil during summer months and lighter-weight oils during winter months for the maintenance of their cars engine. In this day an age it's sometimes hard to decipher whether or not they really know their stuff, or they are just pushing snake oil. Of course, as an article on the internet you also have to be critical of MY advice, but I have been doing it this for awhile the whole car thing and am prepared to offer you the science and theory behind the idea. So, in regards to an upcoming cold weather change, is this really the healthiest solution for four-season engine longevityShould I Really Use a Different Motor Oil in the WinterIn short, research tells us that this is no longer necessary. Until about sixty years ago, oil was produced with only one viscosity measurement. Around 1910, the oil viscosity standard...Read More

Drop Shipping Now Available For Some Orders


You may notice now when placing your order that you will have some additional options in the checkout menu. These additional options are the result of some recent changes with the way we inventory parts, allowing us to access a few of our vendors inventory catalogs and ultimately get parts to you even faster than before. Parts that we know are in stock in another warehouse, but aren't in stock here at our local hub in Windsor, CT will be given the option to drop ship to you with an extra fee, potentially shaving a day or two or more depending on location off shipping time for things you need NOW. We hope this will be convenient to use and will be fine tuning the system over the next few days.Here's an example of what your cart will look like when you have added a part available for drop shipping. Take for instance the rhetorical situation that you are in the ...Read More

The Secret to Endurance Racing Success - Krabby Kraut Season Recap

By Cody Ace

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius. Endurance racing is an often misunderstood flavor in the world of motorsports. Its one of the few instances where having the most horsepower, the newest car, or the fastest drivers doesn't really give any significant advantage over anyone else in the field. Sure they are nice things to have at ones disposal, but in the same breath, can all prove to be detrimental at the same time. The age of a platform if new can provide headaches unforseen to a more proven chassis, and fast drivers dont always bring cars back in one piece. The fastest cars will generally use more fuel and consumables than ones with less power or weight, and need to spend more frequent time in the pits. Read on for the Krabby Kraut secret for endurance racing successFor some strange reason, our Krabby Kraut Jetta has ...Read More

Koni Performance Shocks and Struts - Now Available

By Adam Goral

When talking about big ticket items, a suspension redo is high on the list of spendiness, and we have something for everyone. In the past, we have proudly offered Sachs at outstanding prices to our customer looking for OE replacement shocks and struts. For those wanting a performance option while maintaining top of the line quality, we brought in a personal favorite, Bilstein. However, our constant involvement in the quest for selection and diversity have brought a new heavy hitter to the catalog, demanded by name for awhile now ... we welcome Koni to eEuro. Here's a brief overview of what we can offer you in Koni while our Black Friday sale is going on, potentially saving you hundreds on your first Koni purchase from in the EU performancemanufacturing bubble with Bilstein and Sachs, Koni hails out of Holland isn't that weird. eEuroparts is...Read More

Genuine Saab Parts - State of the Union


As the seasons change, so is the state of Genuine Saab parts, as sold through parent company Orio. Therefore, it's time for an update to let you, our customers, stay in the know about future parts availability for your Saab cars. With new methods of communication with Orio the supplier of Genuine Saab parts, we are able to implement a few new key features. Check out some of the changes we're making to help the process become easier for our customers. As everyone is well aware, Saab is no longer a company in the way it used to be. It is no longer stamping body panels or stitching seats. However, Orio has taken over the sourcing of all other parts from their respective OE manufacturers to keep the stream flowing. You can read more about this's prices of Genuine Saab T7 ignition cassettes have never been lower There's no way to tell when or what ...Read More

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