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Four Saab Teams Getting Ready For 2016 LeMons Season Finale - THIS WEEKEND!

By Adam Goral

The Halloween Hooptiefest at Loudon, NH historically marks the end of our racing season, and for the 2016 LeMons Season Finale, we have something really special planned. This weekend, we will have not two, not three, but FOUR Saab teams side by side in the north NASCAR garages. The weather looks like it will provide no favors to the 100 teams entered for the Hooptiefest. With rain on Friday and Saturday, and a chilly but dry Sunday. This isn't necessarily a new thing, as cold and rainy is always the special on the menu for Loudon in October. Friday, Oct 21 is Tech Inspetion, BS Inspection, and Practice. Saturday and Sunday the 22 and 23rd, we will be hopefully on track dicing with our friends in various automotive wonders, such as Renault, Rovers, Mazdas, and a variety of vans. The CarbequeThe eEuropart in-house B-Team, Team Carbeque will be racingcooking with ...Read More

How to Judge a Good Used Saab 900 Transmission

By Sam Williamson

When your SAAB 900 transmission fails, youre at a crossroads. Do you sell the car, part it out, or try to replace the transmission If you decide that the car is worth repairing and youre looking for a good used transmission, I share with you a recent experience of mine that may help you choose a keeper. Finding a good used Saab 900 transmission can be a gamble. Even if all the indicators are there, you will really never know for certain until you get it in the car and try it out.I have heard a few horror stories, but overall, the good transmission stories have outnumbered the bad. What I realized was that sometimes especially with a transmission, there are little things that are unique enough to not fit the typical obvious diagnosis. Try everything that you can to get an idea of the problem, and visualize every possible scenario for failure that you can before ...Read More

Prescott Rally 2016 - eEuro Team Goes For Some Desert Rallying

By Ryan Dunham

What an end to an exciting season Prescott Rally 2016 marks one year competing in rally, my first event having been Prescott Rally 2015 one year ago, with the same driver Andy Cowan, in the same car, Andys 1990 VW Jetta. We were hoping for a better result than 2015, having lost a wheel an unable to continue with only 6 miles leftEverything went smoother than a year ago, from running recce, to getting the car through tech inspection. A years worth of experience has brought a new calm to Andy and my operations. After tech inspection, we were blessed with enough time for a nap and a relaxing break before the Competitors briefing.We started with a long transit up to Jerome, AZ on Friday to begin the rally with the iconic First View stage, which includes a large exposure for the first 4 miles of the stage. Andy took it easy, still recovering from a road car accident a...Read More

What is a DISA Valve? A Rundown of Symptoms and Replacement

By Adam Goral

The DISA valve is a component situated in many BMW intake manifolds, and is vital to the smooth operation of the engine. DISA stands for the German "Differenzierte Sauganlage" which basically means Differentiated Intake, and the valve for it is often called at least in our catalog an Intake Manifold Adjusting Unit. Rough driving, loss of power, and increased fuel consumption can all be caused by a failing DISA valve, which is a known failure point. It is, afterall, situated right on top of the engine, plugged straight into the intake manifold. There were a few variations of the system, but to truly diagnose if your DISA valve is bad, it helps to understand a little bit of the background theory which I will go over for the tech geeks out there at the end of this post. The nitty gritty of it is that this is a car part that will cause problems eventually, and it's ...Read More

Team Sahlen Excited For Return to Mid Ohio with Porsche Caymans

By WIll Nonnamaker

The last time Team Sahlen visited Mid Ohio was at the 2015 season finale for the American Endurance Racing series. It's been over a year since then. This will once again be the season finale for the American Endurance Racing Series in 2016 and we are ready At last seasons Mid-Ohio race, Team Sahlen secured a 1st place finish in both Saturday and Sundays 8 hour Endurance Races with their 43 amp; 41 Porsche Caymans. Since that event, we also entered the season opening event for American Endurance Racing in 2016 at the Sahlens Sports Car Springfest at the Glen. This event saw Team Sahlen capture the Saturday 8 hour endurance event. Then on Sundays event Team Sahlen ran a hard fought fight that saw the team miss out on 1st place by only 20 seconds after 8 hours of racing.With the ever increasing level of competition in the American Endurance Racing series, we ...Read More

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