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Eurobuilt is coming to Rutland, VT on September 17th

By Scott Herdling

OnSunday, September 17, 2017the 2nd annual Eurobuilt car show amp; charity auction will take place at the Vermont State Fairgrounds in Rutland, VT in the chilly September air. 2016 marked the first year for Eurobuilt and was a great success. The event drew enthusiasts from throughout the New England area and was covered internationally by Performance VW magazine. Eurobuilt is put together by a bunch of friends and family that have been involved in the euro community for over 20 years. Again this year, Sams Euro amp; Westside Motorsports will be the title sponsor, and eEuroparts will be pitching in to the cause by sending a variety of prize credits to keep these great cars and people on the road. In order to help with the feeling of community, Eurobuilt chooses to support a charity and picked the best in the VW community, Foundation Blue.Foundation Blue was ...Read More

Competition of Bad 2017 - Part 1

By Adam Goral

After getting a pretty big response from a photo we posted of an N54 engine eating a serpentine belt THROUGH THE CRANK SEAL, we realized that this kind of thing happens all the time. Now that everyone has a full resolution digital camera in their pockets, we called out to our Facebook page followers to post up your carnage and let the people cringe, and make a contest out of it. We ended up calling it the Competition of Bad. Ultimately the winner would be decided by the number of likes the photo received, which ended up leading to a stunning upset between two very entertaining VW failures.The first was an exploded 1.8t like we've never seen before, with most of the block completely missing, leaving most of a cylinder head and a few dangling cylinder walls. That' See 5 The car however was a sub 9-second drag racer, and when you are pushing an engine...Read More

Swedish Car Day 2017 Is Coming, And We'll Be There!


Hold onto your Swedish meatballs, the Swedes are descending on the Larz Anderson Auto Museum August 27th 2017 for a day of Swedish car celebration Hundreds of SAAB's and Volvo's and hopefully a Koenigsegg or two will make the pilgrimage to the Boston, MA burbs to show off everything from pristine show cars, hardcore daily drivers, and the best Swedish hotrods you've ever seen. Expect to enjoy live music and food while touring the grounds of this historical museum, which contains the oldest collection of motorcars in the country. We will be there with the Saab 9-3 AER race car, to share in the festivities. Sorry, registration filled up faster than a Pink Floyd reunion tour so unfortunately if you haven't secured a spot for your Swede steed sorry you'll be looking at the spectator lot. Fortunately, that will be filled with tons of great Swedish cars tooEvery year ...Read More

Installing a Saab 9-3 LSD into a 6-speed transmission


For our Saab 9-3 AER car, we knew that in order to really take advantage of the power we are able to produce, we had to be able to put it to the ground. In a front wheel drive car this is even more difficult because of how much work the front wheels have to do, while the rear is basically just dragged around. It was clear we needed a Saab 9-3 LSD of some kind, and one of the best options we could think of is to use a Wavetrac, which is special for a variety of ways. Installing it was not that difficult, and we made this video to show you at home how to best accomplish this job. Of course, the transmission has to be out, which is step one.Once your parts are clean and on the table, you only need a few tools, a press, and a few hours to completely install the Wavetrac Saab 9-3 LSD into your car. Available from eEuroparts for the F40 6-speed transmission FWD only, ...Read More

Saab 9-5 Parking Brake Adjustment

By Sam Williamson

Your Saab 9-5 has a drum brake My dad asked me. I nodded. Havent seen drum brakes since my 74 Saab 99. Believe it or not, the NG Saab 900, 9-3, and 9-5 use a drum-style parkingemergency brake based on a design thats over 100 years old. Here's how to adjust your Saab 9-5 parking brake, but first...A little history.Drum brakes were first designed for use in automobiles around 1900. It wasnt until the 1950s that disc brakes won over for superior braking power. Drum brakes were prone to brake fade after repeated use, especially in racing applications Enzo Ferrari was a famous late adopter of Disc Brakes, favoring engine development. Although the early Saab models including the 93, 95, 96, and 99 from around 1950-1975 used drum brakes for primary braking, the drum brake was not seen again in a Saab until GM took control and added a drum-style parking brake also known ...Read More

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