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Mercedes-Benz 300D Parts

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Are you in need of Mercedes Benz 300D parts? If so, has everything you need to keep your 300D in great working condition. We specialize in providing all types of parts for European vehicles, including Mercedes Benz parts.

Known for its superior performance and luxurious options, Mercedes Benz has produced a number of models over the years. Among those is the 300D. The Mercedes Benz 300D was first introduced to the American market in 1975. This model is distinguished from the Mercedes Benz 300d. Featuring a 3.0 litre five-cylinder diesel engine, the 300D was manufactured specifically for American consumers and offered an automatic transmission as well as power windows. The introduction of such amenities made this model very popular with consumers.

A year later, the 300D was introduced with the W123 chassis. With a 3.0 litre five-cylinder diesel engine that featured indirect injection, this model offered the capability to produce up to 88 hp. The evolution of the W123 continued in 1982 when the 300D turbo diesel came onto the market. A station wagon and coupe were also later added to the line-up. This model is still in use among many consumers today.

At, we offer you the greatest selection of Mercedes Benz 300D parts possible. When you choose us, you can rest assured that you will have access to authentic Mercedes Benz parts. Our easy to use search function makes it easy to find precisely the parts that you need for your Mercedes 300D.

Mercedes Benz Parts Information


1990 - 19932.5


1958 - 19623.0L 6 Cyl
1975 - 19813.0L 5 Cyl (10 Valve) - Diesel
1982 - 19853.0L 5 Cyl (10 Valve) - Turbo Diesel
1987603.960 - 3.0L 6 Cyl (12 Valve) - Turbo Diesel
1990 - 1993602.962 - 2.5L 5 Cyl (10 Valve) - Turbo Diesel (121 HP)

Body Styles

1975 - 1993Sedan


1975 - 1981722.1 - 4 Spd Automatic
1982 - 1987722.3 - 4 Spd Automatic
1985 - 1993722.4 - 4 Spd Automatic

Top parts for your Mercedes-Benz 300D

Exhaust Lock Nut (M8) 9169277
Logo for Febi
SKU: 9169277
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Fuel Filter H102WK
Logo for Hengst
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Light Bulb (Turnsignal) (Amber) (1156) (12V/21W) 667101
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SKU: 667101
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Hood Insulation Pad Clip 0018009202
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SKU: 0018009202
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Universal Fit Items

These are universal fit parts which means they fit all vehicles or all makes and models.

Gasket Maker (518 Anaerobic Sealant) (1.69oz) 37394
Logo for Loctite
SKU: 37394
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This item is a universal fit part so some modification or adaption may be required to install.
Engine Coolant Antifreeze (1 Gallon) Q1030004
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SKU: Q1030004
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A/C O-Ring (10 x 8mm) 30541940
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SKU: 30541940
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Door Lock Knob (Black) 11076005659B51
Logo for Genuine Mercedes
SKU: 11076005659B51
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Wheel Bolt (M12x1.5x61mm) F15655
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SKU: F15655
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