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Volkswagen Phaeton Parts

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In 2002, Volkswagen introduced the VW Phaeton at the Geneva Motor Show. The vehicle is a full-size luxury sedan that is marketed as a premium class vehicle. The original idea for the Phaeton was the brainchild of Ferdinand Piech, who desired a vehicle that would surpass BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Features of the Phaeton include an air compressor suspension system and four-zone draftless climate system.

When the Phaeton was introduced, it was at a price that was comparable to similar vehicles from Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Despite high expectations, sales fell somewhat short. Production of the vehicle ran at about 6,000 units per year. In 2004, approximately 1,400 Phaetons were sold in the United States and less than 1,000 were sold in the U.S. the following year. By 2006, VW announced that sales of the Phaeton in the American market would end. The vehicle was given a facelift that was revealed at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. Updates to the Phaeton included a new center console with fresh controls and materials as well as LED daytime running lights. Two years later, the vehicle featured three new alloy wheel types, three new exterior color choices, new wood trims, new leather colors, and a rearview camera with Rear Assist. Updates were also made to the 2010 VW Phaeton.

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Vw Phaeton Parts Information


2004 - 2006V8
2004 - 2006W12


19654.7L 8 Cyl (16 Valve)
1965 - 19695.3L 8 Cyl (16 Valve)
1970 - 19895.7L 8 Cyl (16 Valve)
1972 - 19797.4L 8 Cyl (16 Valve)
1980 - 19895.0L 8 Cyl (16 Valve)
20046.0L 12 Cyl (48 Valve) (420 HP)
2004 - 2006BGH - 4.2L 8 Cyl (40 Valve) (335 HP)
2005BAP - 6.0L 12 Cyl (48 Valve) (420 HP)
2006BRP - 6.0L 12 Cyl (48 Valve) (420 HP)

Body Styles

1975 - 1989Convertible
2004 - 2006Sedan


1965 - 1989THM400 - 3 Spd Automatic
2004 - 200601L - 5 Spd Automatic
2004 - 200609L - 6 Spd Automatic

Top parts for your Volkswagen Phaeton

Exhaust Lock Nut (M8) 9169277
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SKU: 9169277
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Wheel Bolt Cover 1K06011739B9
Logo for Genuine VW
SKU: 1K06011739B9
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Floor Pan Plug (40mm) (Rocker Panel) 1K0899185
Logo for Genuine VW
Ships in 1-2 days [ info ]
SKU: 1K0899185
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Universal Fit Items

These are universal fit parts which means they fit all vehicles or all makes and models.

Engine Oil (HIGHTEC MULTI SYNTH DPF) (5W30) (1 Liter) 20125001003
Logo for ROWE
SKU: 20125001003
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This item is a universal fit part so some modification or adaption may be required to install.
Light Bulb (Headlight) (Xenon) (4300K) (D1S) D1S
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Exhaust Lock Nut (M10x1.5) 18301737774A
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SKU: 18301737774A
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Torx Bolt (M5x16) N10354602
Logo for Genuine VW
SKU: N10354602
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Engine Oil (HIGHTEC MULTI SYNTH DPF) (5W30) (5 Liter) 20125005003
Logo for ROWE
SKU: 20125005003
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This item is a universal fit part so some modification or adaption may be required to install.
Valve Stem Seal 0403730
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SKU: 0403730
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Exhaust Manifold Stud (M8x30) N0444115
Logo for Genuine Audi
SKU: N0444115
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