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Buildling And Sharing Projects Help

Welcome to My Projects, an innovative way to build, buy, and share user-created auto part kits. My Projects allows you to assemble your own kits and share them on as purchasable items. You're already doing the work, and we want to know what you're doing so we can help you better.


What is a project?

A "Project" is a tutorial of a task or project that you are performing on your car. A project allows you to easily link the parts required along with the tutorial required to provide a complete understanding of how to complete the task. For example, if you are performing a front brake job, an expansion tank and hose replacement, or an automatic transmission filter change you can collect the the parts and the knowledge in a single place. "Shared Projects" are slightly different from "My Projects". A saved project that you have for private use may just be a list of parts that you need for your "Project Car". Those parts may span a wide range of potential "Shared Projects" that you are eventually going to perform. Shared projects are designed for your to tell other customers about a single project or task on your project car.

How long should it take to perform the project?

An idea project should get someones car back on the road in less than three hours. In some instances we may approve projects that could take several days but typically we'd like to see those projects broken up into stages or phases.

Do shared projects need to be approved?

All shared projects go through an approval process with our eEuroparts team. Typically it takes 2 business days one you have completed your project description and added pictures.

Can I submit a duplicate to another project?

Duplicate project submissions are allowed. If you see an existing project and you feel that you can improve or expand on that proejct in a signifncant want then you can submit your duplicate project for approval.

How to Create a Project

Creating a Project with My Projects is quick and easy and can take as little as five minutes. Please watch this brief tutorial or read these detailed instructions below.

Step 1 - Build Your Project

There are two ways to add an item to your Project:

  • Add the item(s) to your Cart and save the entire Cart as a Project by using the Save to Project button above the item list.
  • Add the item to a Project directly from the Item Detail page using the Add to Projects link below the Add to Cart button.

Each way will lead to an Add to Project pop up window with two options. You can either add the item to an existing Project by choosing from the Select a Project Dropdown, or you can create a new Project by entering the title into the Create a Project field.

Step 2- Save Your Project

There are two ways to save your Project:

  • Click Add to Project on the Add to Project pop up window. You must have a Project selected from the Select a project Dropdown or enter a new Project title in the Create a Project field. Your Project is now saved. Easy!
  • Click the My Account tab at the top of any page. You must be signed in to access My Account. Click My Account and then click My Projects from the dropdown menu. Click the Add New Project button and give your Project a name by entering text in the Project Name field. Click Save Project to save your new Project. Also easy!
Step 3 - Review Your Project

To review your saved Projects, click the My Account tab at the top of any page. You must be signed in to access My Account. Click My Account and then click My Projects from the dropdown menu. Click the name of the Project you would like to review.

You can now view each item and quantity that comprises your Project. You may change quantities or remove items from this page, or add your Project to your Cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.

Step 4 - Share Your Project

From your My Projects page, click the Edit link next to the Project you would like to share. A new field will appear below your list of Projects. You can edit your Project Name, check a box if you would like to receive a notification email when all of the items in your Project are in stock in your selected quantities, and check a box if you would like to Share your Project.

A pop up window will tell you that titles and items in Projects cannot be edited once you Share your Project. You will be able to change descriptions, add pictures, and add a video after your Project is Shared. If your Project requires no further changes to the title or item quantities, click OK and then click Save Project to Share your Project.

Step 5 - Add to Your Project

Once your Project is Shared, you can add a Project Description, photos, a YouTube video, and fitment part codes. From your My Projects page, click Edit next to the Project you would like to add to.

  • Add Product Description - Simply type your description into the Project Description field. The more descriptive the better since it will help others understand exactly what your Project is for.
  • Add Project Video – First you'll need to upload a video to YouTube. Once your video is on YouTube, click the Share link under your video (to the left of About). Click Embed (to the left of Share this video) and copy/paste the link into the Project Video field. We encourage shameless eEuroparts promotion in your videos!
    YouTube® Help Uploading Videos
  • Add Fitment Part Code – Your Project is automatically fitted to the least common denominator- that is, the part with the fewest amount of cars that use the part. If you would like to customize the fitment to a different part, use the search field next to Fitment Part Code to find the part you would like to use.
  • Add Pictures – Your Project is automatically assigned a unique hashtag (an exclusive identifier preceded by a pound sign "#") to be used in conjunction with Instagram. To add a photo to your Project, first you'll need to upload a video to Instagram. Once your photo is on Instagram, add your Project's unique hashtag, which can be found towards the top of your Project's edit page. It will appear as "Share pictures via Instagram using hashtag: #example1234". You can add as many photos as you like.
    Instagram® Help Taking or Uploading Photos

Once you have added a description, a video, and/or a fitment, click Save Project. This will return you to your My Projects page. Your Project will be reviewed by our eEuroparts team and approved assuming it contains a valid title, description, and photo.

Step 6 - Admire Your Project

Congratulations, you've successfully created and shared a Project that can be purchased by anyone on! You're making the lives of others a little simpler, and they (and eEuro!) appreciate it. To view your beautiful creation, click the name of the Project you would like to view. You will be taken to your Project, live on the site. Your Project will be formatted to look just like a standard item, with your description, photos, and video.

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