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Recommended Resources for Customers

This page contains all of the valuable resources that we recommend to customers for help with the Saab, Volvo, BMW, or VW. If you'd like your page to appear here we'd be happy to help. Contact for further assistance.

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All In One Resources

We have to promote our own stuff! The eEuroparts blog is an excellent resource for DIYs, industry news, events, races, company updates, promotions, and more. We post entries just about everyday and most articles are loaded with exclusive photos and videos. Our archives go all the way back to 2012 and we now have well over 400 posts live on the blog. Our content comes from experts who work across every department at eEuroparts, as well as dozens of contributors from our Motorsports Program and other partners. If you'd like to be a contributor and make us all smarter, join us here!


BMW Related Resources

Bimmerfest is run by a group of people who really care about BMW, and it shows in the site's upkeep and features. You can expect multiple articles a week posted on the homepage, updating readers on relevant BMW news. Want to know which hot new BMW models are coming down the pike? Bimmerfest will let you know. The site has a lot of great features, including My Garage, which lets you show off your BMW cars in your virtual garage and find other BMW enthusiasts in your region. Bimmerfest also has the amazing BimmerWiki, which is a Wikipedia-style glossary for BMW models going back 40 years. The forums are categorized by model, and some are nearing 2 million posts, so you'll always have something new to digest. The best part is that Bimmerfest is free to join, so if you're passionate about BMWs, take a look at Bimmerfest.

The name says it all. Are you an E46 nut? Then E46Fanatics is the site for you. If you didn't already know (if you're reading this far you probably do), the BMW E46 is the body style used by the fourth generation BMW 3 Series and some M3s, covering the model years 1999-2006. E46Fanatics deals exclusively with these BMWs, so the site is very specific and focused. The homepage has an E46 News and Rumors section that will keep you up to date on E46 current events. The forum is vast treasure trove of knowledge. Check out the General forum, which has over 2.6 million posts and counting. There you'll find topics relating to almost every aspect of the E46. Or if you'd like to connect to other E46 enthusiasts in your area, E46 fanatics has over a dozen regional forums to choose from.

RealOEM is an invaluable resource for locating BMW parts. Use to find BMW part numbers and approximate part prices. The BMW parts are grouped into diagrams and diagrams are grouped into categories and subcategories. can also help you identify your BMW car model and production date based on your VIN number. You can search either by serial number, part number, or BMW Series. We here at use RealOEM as a resource all the time. It's a great way to keep track of supersessions and stay organized when dealing with so many different BMW models and chassis codes. We can't recommend it highly enough.


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SAAB Related Resources

SAAB Central is a fantastic information resource and online community for all things SAAB. There are literally thousands of pages of Saab info and discussions among passionate SAAB enthusiasts of all ages from all over the world. SAAB Central has a massive classified section, events listings, and dozens of forums where SAAB owners can talk shop, ask questions, and get advice. There is even a live chat feature to talk to other SAAB lovers in real time. Joining is free, so there is no reason not to check out SAAB Central!

SAAB Link is an easy to navigate site that boasts over 9,000 members. Free to join, SAAB Link is a great source for SAAB news, information, and discussion. Whether you're searching for step by step instructions on how to replace an exhaust or trying to find a deal on a 2002 SAAB 9-5, SAAB Link has the appropriate forum. Forums on SAAB Link range from general news and info, to forums for specific SAAB models, including vintage models, to aftermarket parts and service reviews. SAAB Link even has a Got Jokes? Forum, so there is something for everyone. was born as a mailing list on the Internet in the fall of 1988. The collected discussions over the years were used to create a web site of SAAB problem solving tips. When the web was born was the first SAAB resource on the web. consists of over a million pages of SAAB discussion and tips, including active bulletin boards, a Frequently Asked Questions section, a popular classifieds area and more. has been visited by over a million SAABers and is a free resource to use, however, there is a members' program that gives you additional features on the site. Members' benefits include enhanced searching tools, automatic daily entry into the monthly raffle, and member recognition icons. Stop by the General bulletin board to engage in friendly chit chat with other SAABers!


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Volvo Related Resources

For over a decade, Matthew's Volvo Site has been the home of the best Volvo information available anywhere, covering all Volvo models. MVS boasts almost 38,000 members and well over a thousand entries in the Volvo Repair Database. Many of those are documented, with photos, discussion, numbered steps, even. Owners of 1980s, 1990s and 2000s Volvos certainly get car-saving advice, but it's not unusual for new Volvo owners to join and ask a question that they didn't feel comfortable asking the dealer for whatever reason. And then of course we get many drivers joining (free!) the MVS Forums to ask about a Volvo they have yet to buy. MVS is a great size. It's large enough to have loads of super Volvo info and dozens of expert forum members who scan the forums daily, but small enough that you can contact the owner/president/CEO/janitor (Matt) directly:

Volvoforums has nearly 80,000 active members who love Volvos as much as you do. There is a little of everything at Volvoforums. You can search forum threads by most recent posts, which is great if you want to see what and where people are talking about today. There is always a lot of activity on Volvoforums, so you'll find dozens of new comments every day. Or, search by keyword if you're looking for information on a particular topic. There's also a Sights N Sounds thread where members are encouraged to post video and pictures. Looking for pictures from the 2013 Australian Volvo Rally? You'll find them on the Sights N Sounds thread on Volvoforums. Volvoforums also has a used car thread, as well as the Garage, where members can post their current ride.

Volvo-forums is a huge online resource for those who love all things Volvo. has over 86,000 members, and they are active every day. Their goal is to provide Volvo owners an information outlet - a means to communicate with other Volvo owners. It is simply a community where fans and owners can get the right information for tuning, customization and general discussions on anything about Volvo. You'll find the answer to almost any question about your Volvo on Volvo-forums. If you can't find the answer, just ask. There are many expert members willing to help out a fellow Volvo enthusiast.


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