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eEuroparts Parts For Life

eEuroparts for Life™ - Auto Parts Warranty that Rewards Your Loyalty 

Here at®, it is our mission to help you find the right auto parts for your European vehicle, get them at competitive prices, and have them shipped to your doorstep as soon as possible. Over the years, many of our valued customers have chosen us to provide the auto parts necessary for the long-term task of keeping their beloved vehicles in perfect condition! 

Because of this, we have decided to create a warranty concept that would reward the trust of our customers, and ensure that every purchase leads to their satisfaction.

The concept we have come up with is called eEuroparts for Life™ and is meant to provide you with some perks, including a loyalty program and a limited lifetime warranty program.

Our main goal is to give you the peace of mind knowing that whatever car parts you order through this program are covered for as long as you own your vehicle. On top of that, we want to reward your return business with our loyalty program.


Loyalty Program Information 

The first step to becoming a part of our loyalty program is very simple. All you have to do is sign up by filling out our form, and you are set to go. Once you are officially a member of the loyalty program, you will get a $10 in-store credit just for signing up! 

From that point on, any purchase you make that is over $100, will yield $5 of an in-store credit.


How is In-Store Credit Calculated? 

Estimating the amount of in-store credit you get after every purchase is simple. We take the value of your order after any, and all discounts have been applied. The shipping charges and core charges are excluded.

In-store credit is issued as soon as your order ships out. At this moment, there is no set limit regarding how much in-store credit you can accumulate. However, eEuroparts retains the right to change the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Program at any time.


eEuroparts for Life™ Offers Limited Lifetime Auto Parts Warranty on Select Items 

eEuroparts for Life™ program is based around a select list of vehicle parts in our offer. Every auto part that falls within the program is marked with the eEuroparts for Life™ label. Any such car parts will be warrantied to the original purchaser for the duration of ownership.

In case a part that is covered by this program fails, the original purchaser can purchase a replacement product, process an RMA for the defective item, and return the item for a credit of the original purchase price of that item.

What Does Limited Lifetime Warranty on Auto Parts Mean? 

Limited lifetime warranty on auto parts ensures that any material or manufacturing defects are covered for as long as you are the owner of the vehicle the part is installed in. The warranty only covers defects in auto parts that were adequately installed and properly serviced.


Terms and Conditions of the eEuroparts for Life™ Program 

Our eEuropart for Life™ program is subject to several terms and conditions which dictate how the warranty is applied for these select auto parts. Terms and conditions are as follows:


The Warrantied Parts Have to Have Been Purchased at® 

The part you are sending in for a warranty has to be purchased directly from®. We will not provide replacement parts or in-store credit for any auto part or product that wasn't purchased directly from our store.


The Auto Parts Warranty is Non-Transferable 

The warranties offered under the eEuroparts for Life™ program is non-transferable. The only person who can receive a credit once a replacement part has been purchased is the original purchaser.


You Must Purchase a Replacement Part at the Current Price 

To enjoy the perks of the eEuroparts for Life™ program, you must purchase a replacement part at the current price for that specific item. This is the only way to be eligible to receive your credit. Once purchased, you will be credited for your original invoice amount, minus any discounts received.


Warranty Doesn't Cover Shipping Costs 

eEuroparts for Life™ auto parts warranty program does not cover any shipping costs involved when ordering replacement auto parts.


Parts Eligibility 

If a specific part is not eligible for the eEuroparts for Life™ warranty program, it will we marked as such before purchase and again during the returns process.


Warranty of Auto Parts That Are No Longer Available 

If the part you have ordered initially is no longer available at®, we will provide you with credit amounting to the original invoiced price once a new purchase of a suitable replacement part has been made. The credited amount will be equal or higher than the amount of your original purchase. Core charges, shipping costs, and discounts are excluded.® Reserves the Right to Modify the Terms and Conditions of eEuroparts for Life™ Program® reserves the right to change the conditions of this auto parts warranty program at any time, for any reason. At the moment, we don't intend to change anything about this program. However, we understand that there are people who will try to use the program in ways it was not meant to be used. Therefore, we reserve the right to address such issues at any time.


Does eEuroparts for Life™ Warranty Program Cover Labor? 

eEuroparts for Life™ warranty program does NOT cover any labor, nor does it cover secondary damage caused by parts failure. There is a single instance where this doesn't apply: 

In case the warrantied part is specifically labeled as "Genuine SAAB", "Original SAAB," or "SAAB Select" and was installed by a SAAB Official Service Center (OSC).

You can purchase genuine SAAB parts at® and have them installed at your OSC of choice. In case the installed auto part turns out to be defective, all you have to do is take your vehicle back to your OSC, and have them perform service and warranty exchange.

We urge you to check with your OSC prior to making an order. Some OSCs require you to purchase the necessary auto parts from them for them to perform the installation.

You can find the closest SAAB OSC here.


Last Updated: 12/30/2019