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Volkswagen Exhaust System Kit (Cat-Back) (Sport) - Mototec MTEVW404

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Exhaust System Kit (Cat-Back) (Sport) by Mototec

Product Description

Sport cat-back exhaust system. Made from T304 stainless steel this kit includes 2.5" tubing with an oval 3.3x6" rolled exhaust tip.

The sport series exhaust kits do not include a front resonator as found on the Mototec Touring series which allows for an increase in sound and performance. Eliminating the muffler baffles and using a center perforated tube reduces back pressure and absorbs unwanted exhaust noise.

This system offers a deep sound under acceleration and a softer tone while cruising. Includes hardware. With bumper cutout for oval tip.

About Exhaust System Kits sells complete exhaust kits so you don't have to go through the trouble of piecing together the individual components. Performance exhaust kits are also available for many cars. The system is made up of tubing, catalysts, and silencers as well as gaskets, fasteners and hangers. A change in exhaust tone or volume, rattles and buzzing noises, and check engine lights can all be signals that a component in this system is approaching its end of life. Typical lifespans for exhaust parts vary greatly depending on region (and presence of road salt). It is often wise when repairing or replacing exhaust components to purchase new hardware and clamps, as these fasteners are naturally exposed to great heat and weather during their lifetime, and are often damaged upon removal.

Country of Manufacture: Sweden
Manufacture Quality: Performance
Shipping Weight (lbs): 30.000

About Mototec

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Mototec exhaust systems are designed and manufactured with the performance enthusiast in mind. Sound is a critical design concern with any exhaust system. Mototec Sport Edition exhaust offers a pleasant deep sound under hard acceleration and a nice mellow, almost unnoticeable tone at cruising speeds.

Mototec Sport series exhaust system remove the front resonator to produce extra sound for people that want to hear that mean exhaust rumble yet it is still civilized enough for daily driving and highway commuting.

Standard exhausts use a baffle design where a series of plates slow the exhaust gases, but ultimately this leads to an increase in back pressure. Mototec silencers have no baffles. Instead, noise is reduced by absorption through a center perforated tube. Consequently, there is less gas flow restriction and so back pressure is reduced, torque is increased and engine performance is enhanced. Back pressure can be reduced by up to 80% making them ideal for combining with ECU upgrades, air intake systems and other upgrades.

Both the tubing and resonators are constructed using mandrel bent T304 stainless steel. It is essential that gas flow from the engine is unrestricted and flows smoothly along the whole length of the exhaust system. This ensures that the gas exits as quickly as possible, ensuring back pressure reduction and enhanced engine performance.

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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

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+ Volkswagen Golf 1999-2006

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