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Jaguar Engine Coolant Antifreeze (5 Liter) JLM209723

Jaguar OE: JLM209723

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Engine Coolant Antifreeze (5 Liter) by Genuine Jaguar

Product Description

Genuine Jaguar Coolant/Antifreeze Concentrate -- mix 50/50 with distilled water; makes 10 liters.

Vehicle Fitment: Jaguar: F-Type 2014-15 | S-Type 2000-08 | Super V8 2005-09 | Vanden Plas 2004-09 | X-Type 2002-08 | XF 2009-14 | XFR 2010-14 | XFR-S 2013-14 | XJ 2010-15 | XJ8 2004-09 | XJR 2004-09 | XJR 2014-15 | XK 2007-15 | XK8 2000-06 | XKR 2000-15 | XKR-S 2012-15

Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Manufacture Quality: Genuine
Shipping Weight (lbs): 12.550

Jaguar OE No.
Current No.: JLM209723

About Genuine Jaguar

Genuine JaguarGenuine Jaguar Logo

Jaguar is a British luxury vehicle produced by Jaguar Land Rover (the parent company) and owned by Tata motors. Founded in 1922 by two motorcycle enthusiasts, Jaguar started out as the Swallow Sidecar Company. The company went public as S.S. Cars Limited in 1934 and introduced the first SS Jaguar in 1935. In 1945 the shareholders decided it was best to change the company's name to Jaguar Limited to be more distinctive and to reduce confusion with any similar foreign name. Jaguar's mantra was simply "value for money" while producing eye-catching sports cars that became a success in international motorsport.

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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

Click a year range, make, and model below for additional information.

+ Jaguar F-Type 2014-2015

+ Jaguar S-Type 2000-2008

+ Jaguar Super V8 2005-2009

+ Jaguar Vanden Plas 2004-2009

+ Jaguar X-Type 2002-2008

+ Jaguar XF 2009-2014

+ Jaguar XFR 2010-2014

+ Jaguar XFR-S 2013-2014

+ Jaguar XJ 2010-2015

+ Jaguar XJ8 2004-2009

+ Jaguar XJR 2004-2009

+ Jaguar XJR 2014-2015

+ Jaguar XK 2007-2015

+ Jaguar XK8 2000-2006

+ Jaguar XKR 2000-2015

+ Jaguar XKR-S 2012-2015


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