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BMW A/C Compressor (New) 64528390228 - Behr 351131011

BMW/Mini OE: 64528390228

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A/C Compressor (New) by Behr

Product Description

Seiko model # SS-96D1. New, not rebuilt.

Installation Info

It is highly recommended to replace the compressor oil and receiver drier (or accumulator depending on model) and the expansion valve (or orifice tube depending on model) when installing a new A/C compressor. Some A/C compressors may come partially filled or fully filled with the correct oil. The replacement of the items listed are required for processing a warranty claim.

About A/C Compressors

Air conditioning works by compressing a refrigerant gas (it will heat up) which then flows to the condenser radiator on the front of the car to cool and liquefy. When it gets to the evaporator, the liquid expands back into gas, causing a cooling effect. If the compressor has bad internal seals, or the pulley/bearings are bad, the unit will need to be rebuilt or replaced before the AC will work again. Otherwise, the compressor cannot adequately squeeze the refrigerant enough for it to expand and cool the car. Additionally, if a bearing were to go bad or seize, it can cause stress to the rest of the drive belt system.

Country of Manufacture: China
Manufacture Quality: OEM
Shipping Weight (lbs): 11.947

BMW/Mini OE No.
Current No.: 64528390228 Prior No.: 64528385714, 64529069546

About Behr

BehrBehr Logo

Behr A/C Compressors are produced under the parent company Behr Hella Service and is a partnership between two iconic German companies, Hella and Behr. This union was formed in November 2005 to cover vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling for the global independent aftermarket. Behr and Hella each have a 50% share in the joint venture.

This continues the cooperative history that Behr and Hella share in the area of climate control and front-end modules for the OE market.

Behr Hella Service covers the market with over 6,000 quality components and systems. Customers profit from the know-how of Behr and Hella as they supply parts and providing technical information, training for both the independent aftermarket and independent garages. Hella's global sales organization plus Behr's OE product know-how make Behr A/C products a winning solution.

Behr GmbH & Co. KG is a German corporation active in the automobile industry, headquartered in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. It is a specialist for automotive air conditioning and engine cooling systems. In 2006 group sales was 3.2 billion Euros and it employed 18,600 staff.

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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

Click a year range, make, and model below for additional information.

+ BMW 318i 1992-1998

+ BMW 318is 1992-1997

+ BMW 318ti 1995-1999

+ BMW Z3 1996-1998


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