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BMW Automatic Transmission Oil Pan and Filter Kit 83222220445 - ZF 3084741KIT

BMW/Mini OE: 24107519314, 24107519315, 24107520715, 24117552108, 24117552349, 24152333903, 24347588725, 24347588727, 83220142516, 83222220445

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Automatic Transmission Oil Pan and Filter Kit by ZF

Product Description

1 x ZF Automatic Transmission Oil Pan and Filter Kit
21 x ZF Automatic Transmission Oil Pan Bolts
1 x ZF Automatic Transmission Fill Plug
2 x ZF Auto Trans Valve Body Sealing Sleeves
1 x ZF Automatic Transmission Valve Body Sealing Sleeve
1 x ZF Automatic Transmission Valve Body Sealing Sleeve
1 x ZF Automatic Transmission Valve Body Sealing Sleeve
7 x ZF LifeGuard 6 Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (1L)
1 x ZF Automatic Transmission Adapter Plug

Installation Info


Vehicle Fitment: BMW: 550i 2008-10 | 750Li xDrive 2011-12 | X5 2009-13 | X6 2008-10

Country of Manufacture: Not Specified
Manufacture Quality: OEM
Shipping Weight (lbs): 17.000

BMW/Mini OE No.
Current No.: 24107519314
Current No.: 24107519315
Current No.: 24107520715
Current No.: 24117552108 Prior No.: 24117519360
Current No.: 24117552349 Prior No.: 24101422664, 24111423366
Current No.: 24152333903 Prior No.: 24117522923, 24117571227
Current No.: 24347588725 Prior No.: 24347519357
Current No.: 24347588727 Prior No.: 24347519339
Current No.: 83220142516
Current No.: 83222220445

About ZF


Coming from the German word Zahnradfabrik, meaning "Gear Factory", ZF group designs and builds a number of different types of components for nearly every European car on the road. Founded in 1915, the company started off designing gear-drive assemblies for air ships and Zeppelins. By 1920, ZF was producing parts for the automobile market, and began developing patents to more effectively and smoothly transmit drive force through gear drive assemblies.

Headquartered in Friedrichshafen Germany, the multi-national conglomerate and automotive component powerhouse ZF is now an all-encompassing brand that symbolizes over 100 years of precision, technology, and development. As the parent brand to a number of other well-known OES marques such as Sachs, Lemforder, Boge, ZF Lenksysteme, and most recently TRW, ZF Group blends the combined centuries of engineering expertise to produce not only high quality products, but products on the cutting edge of what is possible with current manufacturing techniques.

Mainly focusing on driveline systems and gas/hydraulic assemblies, ZF is known for building some of the most reliable, smoothest shifting transmissions and gear driven assemblies for auto manufacturers such as Mercedes and BMW. ZF's associated manufacturing capability provides shock absorbers, clutches, and a variety of other complex components that form together a smooth, modern vehicle.

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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

Click a year range, make, and model below for additional information.

+ BMW 550i 2008-2010

+ BMW 750Li xDrive 2011-2012

+ BMW X5 2009-2013

+ BMW X6 2008-2010


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