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Volvo Suspension Control Arm Kit - Front and Rear (12 Pieces) 31340273 - Sidem 3341590KIT

Volvo OE: 30666072, 30683067, 30714466, 30723104, 30748230, 31201412, 31201413, 31201817, 31212979, 31212980, 31277464, 31277465, 31329966, 31340273

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Suspension Control Arm Kit - Front and Rear (12 Pieces) by Sidem

Product Description

Kit Content:
1 x Sidem Front Left Lower Sheet Steel Suspension Control Arm with Ball Joint and Bushings
1 x Sidem Front Right Lower SheetSteel Suspension Control Arm with Ball Joint and Bushings
2 x Sidem Rear Lower Forward Sheet Steel Suspension Control Arms with Bushings
2 x Sidem Front Inner Steering Tie Rod Ends
1 x Sidem Front Right Outer Steering Tie Rod End
1 x Sidem Front Left Outer Steering Tie Rod End
2 x Sidem Front Suspension Stabilizer Bar Links
2 x Sidem Rear Suspension Stabilizer Bar Links

Vehicle Fitment: Volvo: C70 2006-13 | S40 2005-11 | V50 2005-11

Country of Manufacture: Not Specified
Manufacture Quality: OEM
Shipping Weight (lbs): 32.080

Volvo OE No.
Current No.: 30666072
Current No.: 30683067
Current No.: 30714466 Prior No.: 30683232
Current No.: 30723104
Current No.: 30748230 Prior No.: 30666132, 30678439, 30683093, 30714127, 30714423, 30730830
Current No.: 31201412 Prior No.: 274500, 30723103, 30778171
Current No.: 31201413 Prior No.: 274501, 30778170
Current No.: 31201817 Prior No.: 274502, 30776283
Current No.: 31212979 Prior No.: 30678438, 30683094, 30714126, 30714422, 30730829, 30748231
Current No.: 31212980
Current No.: 31277464
Current No.: 31277465
Current No.: 31329966 Prior No.: 31212548
Current No.: 31340273 Prior No.: 8623576

About Sidem

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When a road twists and turns, premium steering and suspension parts prove their worth. Sidem is an OEM manufacturer. That's why experts all over the world turn to Sidem.
With more than 80 years of experience building chassis and suspension parts in Europe, Sidem has been in the business the longest maintaining the broadest coverage for European cars of all. With their headquarters in Belgium, Sidem has excellent access to the finest vehicles in Europe providing suspension and steering components to OE as well as consumers from their state of the art design, production and warehousing facilities. This is what sets them apart. Strict manufacturing and testing makes certain that Sidem chassis components are of the highest quality. Installing Sidem components on your European car will bring it back to riding like new for a long time to come. All Sidem components are made in Europe. We put Sidem suspension components on our own cars and so should you.

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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

Click a year range, make, and model below for additional information.

+ Volvo C70 2006-2013

+ Volvo S40 2005-2011

+ Volvo V50 2005-2011


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