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Audi Shock Absorber Kit - Front and Rear (B6 Performance) 8T0513035M - Bilstein 3801380KIT

VW/Audi OE: 4G0413031AD, 4G0413031AF, 4G0413031C, 4G0413031D, 4G0413031N, 4G5513035, 4G5513035C, 4G5513035F, 4G8413031J, 4G8513035A, 8F0413031AA, 8F0413031AB, 8F0413031B, 8F0413031C, 8F0413031F, 8F0413031M, 8F0413031N, 8F0413031P, 8F0413031S, 8F0513035B, 8F0513035D, 8F0513035E, 8F0513035J, 8F0513035K, 8F0513035L, 8F0513035N, 8K0413031AE, 8K0413031AF, 8K0413031AL, 8K0413031AM, 8K0413031AP, 8K0413031BA, 8K0413031CA, 8K0413031CB, 8K0413031CG, 8K0413031CH, 8K0513035AA, 8K0513035AB, 8K0513035AK, 8K0513035AM, 8K0513035AR, 8K0513035AS, 8K0513035K, 8R0413031AK, 8R0413031BD, 8R0413031BE, 8R0413031F, 8R0413031G, 8R0413031M, 8R0413031N, 8R0513035C, 8R0513035E, 8R0513035J, 8R0513035R, 8T0413031AC, 8T0413031AD, 8T0413031AE, 8T0413031AF, 8T0413031AR, 8T0413031L, 8T0413031Q, 8T0513035AB, 8T0513035F, 8T0513035G, 8T0513035L, 8T0513035M

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Shock Absorber Kit - Front and Rear (B6 Performance) by Bilstein

Product Description

Kit Content:
2 x Bilstein Front B6 Performance Shock Absorbers
2 x Bilstein Rear B6 Performance Shock Absorbers

Installation Info


Vehicle Fitment: Audi: A4 2009-16 | A4 Quattro 2009-16 | A5 2010-14 | A5 Quattro 2008-17 | A6 2012-18 | A6 Quattro 2012-18 | A7 Quattro 2012-18 | Q5 2009-17 | S4 2010-16 | S5 2008-17

Country of Manufacture: Not Specified
Manufacture Quality: OEM
Shipping Weight (lbs): 26.500

VW/Audi OE No.
Current No.: 4G0413031AD
Current No.: 4G0413031AF
Current No.: 4G0413031C
Current No.: 4G0413031D
Current No.: 4G0413031N
Current No.: 4G5513035
Current No.: 4G5513035C
Current No.: 4G5513035F
Current No.: 4G8413031J
Current No.: 4G8513035A
Current No.: 8F0413031AA
Current No.: 8F0413031AB
Current No.: 8F0413031B
Current No.: 8F0413031C
Current No.: 8F0413031F
Current No.: 8F0413031M
Current No.: 8F0413031N
Current No.: 8F0413031P
Current No.: 8F0413031S
Current No.: 8F0513035B
Current No.: 8F0513035D
Current No.: 8F0513035E
Current No.: 8F0513035J
Current No.: 8F0513035K
Current No.: 8F0513035L
Current No.: 8F0513035N
Current No.: 8K0413031AE
Current No.: 8K0413031AF Prior No.: 8K0413031AN
Current No.: 8K0413031AL
Current No.: 8K0413031AM
Current No.: 8K0413031AP
Current No.: 8K0413031BA
Current No.: 8K0413031CA
Current No.: 8K0413031CB
Current No.: 8K0413031CG Prior No.: 8K0413031BF
Current No.: 8K0413031CH Prior No.: 8K0413031BG
Current No.: 8K0513035AA
Current No.: 8K0513035AB
Current No.: 8K0513035AK
Current No.: 8K0513035AM
Current No.: 8K0513035AR
Current No.: 8K0513035AS
Current No.: 8K0513035K
Current No.: 8R0413031AK
Current No.: 8R0413031BD
Current No.: 8R0413031BE
Current No.: 8R0413031F
Current No.: 8R0413031G
Current No.: 8R0413031M
Current No.: 8R0413031N
Current No.: 8R0513035C
Current No.: 8R0513035E
Current No.: 8R0513035J Prior No.: 8R0513035D, 8R0513035H
Current No.: 8R0513035R
Current No.: 8T0413031AC
Current No.: 8T0413031AD
Current No.: 8T0413031AE
Current No.: 8T0413031AF
Current No.: 8T0413031AR
Current No.: 8T0413031L
Current No.: 8T0413031Q
Current No.: 8T0513035AB
Current No.: 8T0513035F
Current No.: 8T0513035G
Current No.: 8T0513035L
Current No.: 8T0513035M

About Bilstein

BilsteinBilstein Logo

Designed and built in Germany, Bilstein is the go-to option for any enthusiast looking for the best and most influential suspension components. Because of that, you'll find Bilstein on all of our race cars. The SAAB sport and rally catalog even featured a set of performance Bilsteins on their suspension page.

Made to offer superior performance without sacrificing road comfort, the Bilstein B6 HD line commands the road to concede to your will, keeping cornering flat and absorbing road imperfections with German dignity. The B8 Sports are great for occasional track outings and can be paired with sport/lowering springs. The B4 line is an OEM replacement shock using the highest quality components and manufacturing techniques. Of course, there is also a line of adjustable sport and racing dampers as well.

Their reputation for painstaking detail has allowed Bilstein to move into the position of OE Supplier for such companies as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, and Lotus. Consider that, along with the endless track testing and it's easy to conclude that these guys don't mess around.

If this is not the exact Shock Absorber Kit - Front and Rear (B6 Performance) you are looking for, or you would like this part in a brand other than Bilstein, please contact us and one of our customer service experts will help you locate the exact part you need.

Vehicle Fitment & Notes

Click a year range, make, and model below for additional information.

+ Audi A4 2009-2016

+ Audi A4 Quattro 2009-2016

+ Audi A5 2010-2014

+ Audi A5 Quattro 2008-2017

+ Audi A6 2012-2018

+ Audi A6 Quattro 2012-2018

+ Audi A7 Quattro 2012-2018

+ Audi Q5 2009-2017

+ Audi S4 2010-2016

+ Audi S5 2008-2017

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