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Audi BMW Spark Plug Set (8 Pieces) (Iridium TT) (Gap 0.040) 101905640D - Denso 3992695KIT

BMW/Mini OE: 12120037607, 12120037608, 12122158252, 12129063428, 12129064617, 12129064619, 12129069877, 12129071003 Jaguar OE: EBC11480, EBC8143 Mercedes-Benz OE: 0031597603, 0041591403, 003159780326 Porsche OE: 99917010390, 99917019590, 99917020190, 99917020791, 99917021890, 99917022190, 99917022790 SAAB OE: 9399866, 32000118, 55564215, 55571391 VW/Audi OE: 06H905601A, 06H905611, 06H905621A, 101000004AA, 101000016AA, 101000033AA, 101000035AH, 101000035HJ, 101000041AC, 101000051AA, 101000054AD, 101000063AA, 101000063AC, 101905607, 101905611, 101905611A, 101905615A, 101905616, 101905621B, 101905640A, 101905640D

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Spark Plug Set (8 Pieces) (Iridium TT) (Gap 0.040) by Denso

Product Description

Kit Content:
8 x Denso Iridium TT Spark Plugs Gap 0.040

Country of Manufacture: Not Specified
Manufacture Quality: OEM
Shipping Weight (lbs): 1.100

BMW/Mini OE No.
Current No.: 12120037607 Prior No.: 12120141871
Current No.: 12120037608
Current No.: 12122158252 Prior No.: 12120032134, 12120032135
Current No.: 12129063428 Prior No.: 12121469529
Current No.: 12129064617 Prior No.: 12129059794
Current No.: 12129064619
Current No.: 12129069877
Current No.: 12129071003 Prior No.: 12120030548
Jaguar OE No.
Current No.: EBC11480 Prior No.: EBC114801, NBC3850AA
Current No.: EBC8143
Mercedes-Benz OE No.
Current No.: 0031597603 Prior No.: 0031597503, 003159750310, 003159750316, 003159750326
Current No.: 0041591403 Prior No.: 004159140326
Current No.: 003159780326 Prior No.: 0031597203, 0031597303, 0031597803
Porsche OE No.
Current No.: 99917010390
Current No.: 99917019590 Prior No.: 99917019290, 99917021090
Current No.: 99917020190
Current No.: 99917020791 Prior No.: 99917020490, 99917020491
Current No.: 99917021890
Current No.: 99917022190 Prior No.: 99917022290
Current No.: 99917022790
Current No.: 9399866 Prior No.: 4571808, 9188681
Current No.: 32000118 Prior No.: 91132086
Current No.: 55564215
Current No.: 55571391 Prior No.: 12787099
VW/Audi OE No.
Current No.: 06H905601A Prior No.: 101905631B, 101905631H
Current No.: 06H905611
Current No.: 06H905621A Prior No.: 06H905621
Current No.: 101000004AA
Current No.: 101000016AA
Current No.: 101000033AA
Current No.: 101000035AH Prior No.: 101000035AB
Current No.: 101000035HJ
Current No.: 101000041AC
Current No.: 101000051AA
Current No.: 101000054AD
Current No.: 101000063AA
Current No.: 101000063AC
Current No.: 101905607
Current No.: 101905611 Prior No.: 101905610
Current No.: 101905611A Prior No.: 101905631F
Current No.: 101905615A Prior No.: 101000054AC, 101000054AC
Current No.: 101905616
Current No.: 101905621B Prior No.: 101905621A
Current No.: 101905640A
Current No.: 101905640D

About Denso

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DENSO has taken everything they have learned as an OE manufacturer and applied it to their aftermarket product lines. Every component that leaves their factories has been designed with precision, manufactured to OE standards and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests.

DENSO factories are QS9000 and ISO9000 certified worldwide, just one of the many reasons why zero defects for parts produced in the millions is a reality for DENSO. A recipient of the prestigious Deming Award for quality in 1961, they've spent over five decades perfecting their technology and processes, a claim that few automotive manufacturers can make.

The OE-standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket components add up to a tremendous value for® customers.® carries Denso A/C compressors and mass airflow sensor inserts for BMW, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz.

If this is not the exact Spark Plug Set (8 Pieces) (Iridium TT) (Gap 0.040) you are looking for, or you would like this part in a brand other than Denso, please contact us and one of our customer service experts will help you locate the exact part you need.

Vehicle Fitment & Notes

Click a year range, make, and model below for additional information.

+ Audi A6 Quattro 2000-2011

+ Audi A8 Quattro 2000-2012

+ Audi Allroad Quattro 2003-2005

+ Audi Q7 2007-2010

+ Audi S4 2004-2009

+ Audi S5 2008-2012

+ Audi S6 2002-2003

+ Audi S8 2001-2003

+ BMW 530i 1994-1995

+ BMW 540i 1994-1995

+ BMW 540i 1997-2003

+ BMW 545i 2004-2005

+ BMW 550i 2006-2010

+ BMW 645Ci 2004-2005

+ BMW 650i 2006-2010

+ BMW 740i 1993-1995

+ BMW 740i 1997-2001

+ BMW 740iL 1993-2001

+ BMW 745Li 2002-2005

+ BMW 745i 2002-2005

+ BMW 750Li 2006-2008

+ BMW 750i 2006-2008

+ BMW 840Ci 1994-1997

+ BMW M5 2000-2003

+ BMW X5 2000-2010

+ BMW Z8 2000-2003

+ Porsche Cayenne 2004-2006

+ SAAB 9-3X 2010-2010

+ Volkswagen Passat 2002-2004

+ Volkswagen Phaeton 2004-2006

+ Volkswagen Touareg 2004-2009

+ Volvo S80 2007-2010

+ Volvo XC90 2005-2011


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