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Disc Brake Pad Set - Rear - EBC RedStuffs DP3105C

SAAB OE: 7874217, 8910333, 8910499, 8910598, 8993230, 8994675, 8994683, 8994832, 9102716

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Disc Brake Pad Set - Rear by EBC RedStuffs

Product Description

EBC RedStuff Brake pads are designed for OEM applications where drivers demand more performance for mixed sport and standard driving styles. The Kevlar ceramic compound allows for less reinforcing fiber (typically metallic) to be added to the material, resulting in higher friction, reduced stopping distance, less rotor wear, and substantially less dust than semi-metallic and traditional ceramic brake pads. They are then finished with a proprietary bed-in coating to ensure maximum life and a smooth mating surface over the entire brake rotor.

Because of the higher levels of friction, it is highly recommended that these pads be replaced as a front and rear set. By replacing the rear pads only with RedStuff compound pads, you risk an overly rearward brake bias which can cause lockup in an emergency stop situation.

Installation Info

About Disc Brake Pad Sets

Brake pads contain the critical friction material that stops your car, so replacing your brake pads is an important job that should not be left to sub-standard parts. In some vehicle applications, a wear sensor is included to activate a warning light. An audible squeal when brakes are applied is a common signal that they need to be replaced. A common manufacturer recommended service interval is 25-50,000 miles depending on driving style, and should be inspected at regular intervals for uneven wear or needed service. When replacing your brake pads, a good mating surface on the disc brake rotor is critical, so changing your rotors with quality replacement rotors from is recommended at the same time. Check below to see if we offer a complete kit for this vehicle.

Country of Manufacture: Not Specified
Manufacture Quality: Performance
Shipping Weight (lbs): 1.150

Current No.: 7874217
Current No.: 8910333
Current No.: 8910499
Current No.: 8910598
Current No.: 8993230
Current No.: 8994675
Current No.: 8994683
Current No.: 8994832
Current No.: 9102716

About EBC RedStuffs

EBC RedStuffsEBC RedStuffs Logo

As EBCs flagship street brake pad material for prestige and faster cars above 200BHP, the 09 version of EBC Redstuff Brake pads sets new standards in brake performance. Redstuff brake pads have always been known for its low dust ability but the latest blend has greatly reduced pad pick up or disc scoring and reduced dust even further.

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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

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+ BMW 528i 1979-1979

+ SAAB 900 1979-1988

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