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BMW Window Regulator - Front Passenger Side 51338252394 - URO Premium Parts 51338252394PRM

BMW/Mini OE: 51338252394

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Window Regulator - Front Passenger Side by URO Premium Parts

About Window Regulators

The window regulator is an assembly in your door that attaches to the bottom of the window, raising and lowering it in a smooth way. The design of the regulator varies drastically from make to make, and power vs. manual crank. Depending on the individual design, you may see a scissor type mechanism that expands and collapses down, or a cable driven mechanism, but regardless the function is the same. As a regulator ages, the moving parts won't move as smoothly as they once did. You may notice the window knocking, scraping, or grinding as it moves, signalling part of the window regulator is about to fail. Commonly when a window regulator fails, the window falls down into the door frame. To fix, you must take the door panel card off (usually held in with a series of removable body clips and a few bolts) and work on it through the access holes. Occasionally, you can get away with just replacing the highest wear part of the window regulator, the window regulator rollers.® carries an extensive catalog of aftermarket, OEM, original, and genuine parts from over 200 manufacturers. We are also constantly updating our URO Premium Parts parts selection to give you the best possible selection of parts.

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Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
Manufacture Quality: Aftermarket
Shipping Weight (lbs): 4.800

BMW/Mini OE No.
Current No.: 51338252394

About URO Premium Parts

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Any conventional window regulator is inherently prone to failure, and the problem is friction. The drive cable needs to be tight to prevent it coming off the pulleys. The window guides and seals accumulate dirt and dry out over time, increasing friction, which translates to a reduction in motor longevity and cable or pulley failure.

URO has applied modern engineering to this long-standing problem to come up with a simple solution: ball bearings.

URO Premium window regulators contain a ball bearing inside the cable pulley, eliminating friction and decreasing the load on the entire system. This drastically reduces the risk of cable or pulley failure and allows the motor to operate below its capacity; thus vastly extending its usable life.

This design enhancement has been validated to outlast the OEM design by more than six times, which means they last over 200,000 cycles without any failures, the equivalent of 100 years of use.

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Vehicle Fitment & Notes

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+ BMW 525i 2001-2003

+ BMW 528i 1997-2000

+ BMW 530i 2001-2003

+ BMW 540i 1997-2003

+ BMW M5 2000-2003

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