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Audi Parts® features a wide selection of quality Audi Parts. Since 2000, we have specialized in stocking original equipment manufacturer OEM Audi Parts and a broad selection of aftermarket Audi Parts . Our easy-to-use online catalog allows you to quick browse for along with any other part you mean need for your Swedish or German car. Don't see what you're looking for here? Try selecting your vehicle from our easy-to-use Audi Parts vehicle selector or select your Audi Parts model below. Enjoy browsing through our huge warehouse of genuine, OEM, and aftermarket Audi Parts.

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Audi Car Parts

Genuine Audi Parts, OEM Spares and Accessories & Engineering at Its Finest

Audi is a brand with a strong pedigree and a long history of quality engineering. What makes Audi stand out above other brands is the fact that it offers a luxury vehicle for the working class, the elites and anyone in between. Often considered to be the epitome of German engineering, cars made by this manufacturer require proper maintenance and most importantly - the use of genuine Audi parts.

Innovation Rooted in Precision Machining

Anyone familiar with Audi knows that this brand has been on the very edge of automotive development for the past several decades. Audi has introduced so much innovation to the industry. One of the most popular examples is the Quattro concept which has completely changed how we experience cars today. Ever since it was founded, Audi has been pushing the limits of engine design in an effort to squeeze as much power as possible and give drivers more control.

All of this innovation was, and still is deeply rooted in precision engineering and machining. Being one of the big three German car manufacturers, Audi enjoys that iconic "German engineering" aura that surrounds these brands. Tight tolerances and high manufacturing standards are just two of many reasons why Audis are among the most reliable cars in the world year after year.

The key to maintaining that reliability is proper maintenance. Although that applies to just about any car ever made, it rings especially true for Audi.

Genuine Audi Parts

There are two aspects to maintaining an Audi. One involves the use of high-quality engine oils and lubricants such as those made by ,Motul, while the other has to do with your choice of spare parts. Being one of the most popular brands on the market means that there are plenty of replacement parts made by official and not so official sources. The issue here is that not all are made to Audi's spec and quality standards.

Using low-quality parts is oftentimes cheaper but also dangerous. Sub-par materials and lax quality control standards mean that the margin of error can be quite high. Using such parts in your engine or other critical vehicle systems can lead to much more serious problems than what you started off with.

In order to avoid any potential headache, we recommend that you always use genuine Audi parts and accessories. These were made by Audi or one of their partners, and are the only way to maintain Audi's trademark reliability. We offer a wide range of genuine Audi parts that you can check out using our navigation tool.

OEM Parts

In an odd chance that you can't find a part you need among Audi's genuine parts line, you can always turn to OEM parts. Many owners think that parts tagged as genuine Audi are the same as OEM. That isn't entirely true. OEM parts are often made in the very same factory where genuine parts are produced, by the same people.

The difference between these two lines of spare parts is the fact that genuine Audi parts and accessories bring a manufacturer's warranty, while OEM spares don"t. The positive thing here is that OEM parts are often cheaper due to this lack of branding and the official Audi warranty. Speaking of warranties, OEM parts are covered as well. To find out what kind of warranties we offer, check out our FAQ section or contact our reps for more info.

Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

Last but not least, we also offer a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories for your Audi vehicle. Our aftermarket section includes top tier brake manufacturers like Brembo who offer rotor and pad kits for various Audi models. This section of our catalog is where we also offer some of our own products such as our ignition coil kits for TFSI engines for example.

Whether you're looking for a performance upgrade, better brake pads, an aesthetic upgrade or just an aftermarket alternative to an OEM part, we'll have it.

Finding the Right Audi Part for Your Vehicle

Here at, we value your time. That's why we've built a simple and quick navigation tool that will help you find everything you need in just several clicks. All you have to do is enter the make, model and production year for your specific vehicle and our system will list every part that is compatible with your inquiry.

Additionally, you can use our VIN tool. This option might prove to be more accurate in some cases. However, keep in mind that our VIN tool is only accepting NA VIN numbers.

In an odd case that you still haven't found what you're looking for, you can always turn to us for help. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you might have regarding our offer. There are several ways you can get in touch with us, including our contact form, email, and our call center. No matter which one of these options you decide to use, we'll be standing by to answer!

Ordering Audi Parts

Once you've found what you're looking for simply add that part to your cart. When you've added all of the parts and accessories that you need, we will calculate the optimal shipping rates and have your order on the way as soon as possible.

Our team takes pride in finding the fastest shipping options so that you can get your parts delivered from our shop to your doorstep as soon as possible. The entire process from putting parts in your cart and placing the order, to us shipping it out is fast and easy. Come check out our growing catalog of parts and find out why we are the best in the business!