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The way a vehicle handles fluid may not be on your mind at all times while behind the wheel, but that can all change in the blink of an eye. When you consider the many fluids it has to handle each and every time the key is turned, it becomes immediately apparent how important that technology is. Cohline never forgets this, which is why they’ve created some of the best fluid handling technology the automotive world has ever seen.

Cohline began back in 1932, when Hans Cohnen founded it in Germany. Originally, Cohnen simply recognizes an opportunity: there was a constant stream of vehicles that needed their glow plugs repaired. However, it wasn’t long before that business opportunity grew into another. Back then, there were a number of issues related to the transmission of fluids throughout an automobile. So they began solving those. In no time, Cohline was working with the actual manufacturers themselves in order to proactively address matters involving water, fuel and oil transmission.

Since that time, Cohline has grown, but their focus has remained the same. Today, the company works with major manufacturers from all over the world on addressing problems that face their modern models. However, Cohline also produces their automotive lines as well.

Speaking of lines, the company currently manufactures roughly three million of them every year. Their customers include manufacturers like Bentley, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce, Morgan, Ford and Westfield Sports Cars, amongst many others.

Given their high-profile customers and the high-quantity they need to constantly produce, Cohline has invested a lot of time and money into mastering the art of creating the best possible lines in the least amount of time. Obviously, they have a number of standards they need them to meet too, both from a customer and regulatory standpoint.

Cohline also has a wide range of aftermarket options as well. Each of these lines is manufactured so as to meet whatever parameters are enforced by the current SAE, DIN and ISO specifications. These lines can be made to handle oil, water, gas, air or diesel. They can also be applied as vacuum or brake lines.

As was covered earlier, Cohline products will meet whatever regulatory requirements are currently on the books. However, it’s also clear they go out of their way to deliver above and beyond as well. The resources they’ve poured into meeting the demands they face in terms of quantity without sacrificing quality is a good example of the company’s dedication to producing high-end products.

Small things provide good examples though too. If you look at their hose sleeves, you’ll notice small holes exist at their ends. Cohline does this to provide visual verification of the location of the hose.

Despite this dedication to quality, Cohline products aren’t overly expensive. In fact, they’re priced quite competitively. The company also offers a pricing structure that adds in discounts as you up the quantity.

The list of major vehicle manufacturers that rely on Cohline speaks for itself. If you need fluid handling tech, for either industry or aftermarket purposes, Cohline can definitely help.

Cohline Parts Warranty & Returns

Unless otherwise indicated,® offers a limited one year manufacturer warranty on all Cohline parts. Warranty claims for Cohline parts will be honored on an exchange basis only.® is not responsible for Cohline parts that were damaged due to misuse or incorrect installation. offers cash refunds to the original purchaser of Cohline parts within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days®: only accepts warranty returns of Cohline parts.

For more details on® Warranty and Return Policies, please visit our Policies Page.

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