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Elring Parts

When a vehicle is too precious to replace but the head gasket has gone out on the engine, the best thing to do is to replace or repair the head gasket. Those who do the work on those irreplaceable engines turn to Elring, which is the producer of repair products for the engine and other important components for vehicles. Not only does Elring produce repair products, but it also manufacturers the OEM parts for the gear box, engine, alternate drive system, and exhaust system.

In 1879, Elring was first established by Paul Lechler, who set up a trading company for technical articles in Stuttgart, Germany. In 1885, in Vienna, Austria, Richard Klinger set up a design workshop. A little over 100 years later in 1994, the two companies combined to form ElringKlinger. More than 20 years later, ElringKlinger has become a manufacturer of automotive parts in 19 countries.

Each part of a car is symbiotic to the other components in the car, and when the products come together, the vehicle is produced. A major supplier of the individual components of automobiles, Elring has 41 manufacturing factories that span the globe and produce many of the parts that combine into the vehicles used each day to get people from point A to point B.

For the repair of head gaskets or for providing original materials, Elring produces gasket sets and cylinder head gaskets that match the specific engine needing repair or manufacture. Elring also provides the cylinder head bolts to easily put the head gasket on the engine. Repairing and sealing the gasket has become a lot easier with gasket material that comes in roll or sheet form.

When it comes to ensuring the engine products stay in the engine, a good sealing compound or sealing tape does the trick. Oil and valve stem seals are also included in the products manufactured by Elring. In addition to the sealing components, Elring produces many of the rings, such as copper rings, aluminum rings, and O-rings; the parts are available in many standard sizes.

ElringKlinger ensures the quality of its product through a series of safety audits during the manufacture of its products at each of its 41 plants. Customers of Elring insist that the most important thing they look for is not price but quality in the products they purchase. Elring is the OEM supplier of several different engines available and has aftermarket parts for those products. One customer claims that the O-rings in his Saab lasted longer than 20 years before having to replace them with more Elring O-rings.

When it comes to replacement parts for automobile engines, gear boxes, alternate drive systems, and exhaust systems, Elring has the capacity to produce the products consumers of car products use. With a history of more than 130 years of manufacturing engine components for the automotive industry, ElringKlinger can be trusted to continue to manufacture products for many years to come.

Elring Parts Warranty & Returns

Unless otherwise indicated,® offers a limited one year manufacturer warranty on all Elring parts. Warranty claims for Elring parts will be honored on an exchange basis only.® is not responsible for Elring parts that were damaged due to misuse or incorrect installation. offers cash refunds to the original purchaser of Elring parts within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days®: only accepts warranty returns of Elring parts.

For more details on® Warranty and Return Policies, please visit our Policies Page.

Top Elring Parts

  • $4.24
    Engine Oil Filter Housing Gasket 0816965
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  • $4.24
    Crankshaft Seal - Front (Oil Pump Seal) 0330965
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  • $6.24
    Intake Manifold Gasket 0498940
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  • $10.24
    Exhaust Manifold Gasket 0176080
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  • $10.99
    Intake Manifold Gasket 0394390
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  • $11.49
    Crankshaft Seal - Rear 0750476
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  • $13.74
    Valve Cover Gasket 0892930
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  • $22.49
    Valve Cover Gasket Set 90537687A
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  • $37.24
    Cylinder Head Gasket 0400983
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  • $63.99
    Cylinder Head Gasket Kit 0261270
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