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Pierburg Parts

Pierburg is one of the most globally known names in the auto industry due to its high-quality products and determined mindset of providing new and innovative ways to give consumers what they need. This company has taken the auto industry by storm since it was established many years ago.

Pierburg has many years of experience, which it has utilized to bring high-tech solutions to a variety of products, such as electric coolant pumps, divert-air valves, DC motor driven exhaust systems, and many other modules. Pierburg’s technologies provide car, truck, van, and commercial vehicle drivers ways to improve their performance on the road.

Pierburg was established in 1909 with the purpose of being a steel trader in Berlin, Germany. In 1928, the company began to design and produce carburetors and became the main supplier for all German automakers, along with many international engine manufacturers and other vehicle producers.

In 1986, Pierburg was taken over by Rheinmetall Group. In 1998, it merged with Kolbenschmidt in order to form Kolbenschmidt Peirburg AG. Within the structures of this business plan, Pierburg still thrived by becoming specialized in emission control, throttle valves, solenoid valves, and air supplies. These designs and products can be found all over at trade shows, where Pierburg presents its newest products and technologies. The trade show times and locations are typically announced on the official Pierburg website.

Pierburg offers many different products that are trusted all over the world. It specializes in providing high-quality pistons, cylinder blocks, plain bearings, commercial diesel applications, actuators, emission control components, solenoid valves, pumps, and variable valve trains. With the extensive amount of products, components, and applications this company has to offer, it is widely known as a trusted brand to use for many different vehicles.

To ensure that each product deserves to have Pierburg’s seal of approval, there is a process in place in which each product is tested and retested. The company has three different divisions that are devoted to ensuring customer satisfaction: hard parts, mechatronics, and motor service. These three divisions include well-experienced and talented employees that Pierburg trusts with its brand and products.

The hard parts division works on engine blocks all the way to small and large pistons. It develops, manufactures, and markets all of these products. This division works on combustion engines for cars, stationary systems, and commercial vehicles.

The mechatronics division works on engine technology, EGR systems, actuators, pumps, and valves; the motor service division organizes aftermarket activities and events worldwide.

With the wide reach of its distribution centers, Pierburg can serve customers across the globe. No matter whether the vehicle is commercial or a passenger family van, this company has the products to ensure a longer life span for the vehicle and its components.

Pierburg Parts Warranty & Returns

Unless otherwise indicated,® offers a limited one year manufacturer warranty on all Pierburg parts. Warranty claims for Pierburg parts will be honored on an exchange basis only.® is not responsible for Pierburg parts that were damaged due to misuse or incorrect installation. offers cash refunds to the original purchaser of Pierburg parts within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days®: only accepts warranty returns of Pierburg parts.

For more details on® Warranty and Return Policies, please visit our Policies Page.

Top Pierburg Parts

  • $15.99
    PCV Check Valve 7521313
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  • $40.74
    Boost Pressure Valve 30670448
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  • $71.99
    Air Pump Check Valve 11727553101
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  • $74.99
    Air Pump Check Valve 722936080
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  • $76.49
    Air Pump Check Valve 11727553063
    Logo for Pierburg
  • $86.49
    Boost Control Solenoid Valve 700887100
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  • $103.99
    EGR Valve 722136500
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  • $139.99
    Brake Booster Vacuum Pump 55561099OE
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  • $279.99
    Engine Water Pump 11517586925OE
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  • $549.99
    Intake Manifold 2721402401
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