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SAAB Parts® features a wide selection of quality SAAB Parts. Since 2000, we have specialized in stocking original equipment manufacturer OEM SAAB Parts and a broad selection of aftermarket SAAB Parts . Our easy-to-use online catalog allows you to quick browse for along with any other part you mean need for your Swedish or German car. Don't see what you're looking for here? Try selecting your vehicle from our easy-to-use SAAB Parts vehicle selector or select your SAAB Parts model below. Enjoy browsing through our huge warehouse of genuine, OEM, and aftermarket SAAB Parts.

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A leader in the SAAB parts industry, carries over 15,000 SAAB parts and SAAB spares ranging SAAB 9-3 parts, SAAB 900 parts, and SAAB 9-5 parts. We understand that to keep your car operating at peak performance, you'll need readily available SAAB spares and replacement Saab auto parts for maintenance, repairs, and of course upgrades. Our SAAB parts online catalog has you covered from a genuine SAAB DIC (55559955) and aftermarket alternatives, to Saab brakes, suspension system parts and much more. has been a SAAB parts company since 2000, when our founder started selling SAAB parts online out of his garage. One thing we've learned over nearly two decades is that SAAB owners can rarely be described as "casual" enthusiasts. If you drive a SAAB, there's a good chance you don't want to drive anything else which is why is so committed to keeping your SAAB on the road with a steady supply of high quality SAAB auto parts.

SAAB was founded in 1937 as a Swedish aerospace company: Svenska Aeroplan AB. As World War II ended and the need for fighter jets lessened, the company needed a profitable outlet for its engineering and production capabilities, and looked to automobile manufacturing to drive revenue. The result was SAAB Automobile. In 1948, SAAB converted their Trollhattan facility to manufacture and assemble automobiles. A team of aerospace engineers created the SAAB 92 in 1949; thus, SAAB autos and all subsequent SAAB auto parts are quite literally Born from Jets.

SAAB quickly garnered the attention of automobile enthusiasts who appreciated SAAB's innovative approach to design and technological advancements. In 1968, SAAB 99 parts revolutionized the sophisticated SAAB parts that had preceded it, which eventually lead to 1978's SAAB 900. That then contributed to the development of SAAB's first luxury car in 1985 and, of course, the superior SAAB 9000 parts.

SAAB has yielded some of the most unique and distinctive automotive designs to come out of Europe. Turbo-charged engines and safety innovations like a console-mounted ignition key; diagonal, dual circuit brakes, taut steering, and headlight washers are SAAB trademarks. SAAB has an excellent safety reputation, and is lauded for its effortless performance driving up hills. Older models featured long hoods and short rear ends with a rear hatchback, not a trunk. The hood was hinged at the front, so it opened away from the windshield. SAAB engineers thought drivers would be wearing gloves, so large buttons were designed for the dashboard. In 1985, SAAB innovated the direct ignition system dispensing with the anachronistic ignition distributor; culminating in the admirable Trionic 5, 7 and 8 engine management systems.

In addition, it's been argued by SAAB aficionados and car enthusiasts alike that SAAB's oversized, curvaceous seats are the most comfortable and durable automobile seats ever created. SAAB has gained a reputation for designing the best car seats in the industry due to the exquisite detailing, ergonomic shape, and reinforced padding and stitching in both newer and older models.

The success of these vehicles attracted an investment and eventual ownership by General Motors. Some SAAB loyalists saw that as the beginning of the end for SAAB, noting a lack of attention to detail in manufacturing certain newer SAAB parts, accessories and computer systems. Regardless, GM did upgrade the 9000 to the SAAB 9-5, and the 900 to the 9-3 models that are still loved today. Unfortunately, shortly after Spyker bought SAAB in 2010, SAAB filed for bankruptcy in 2011.

This hopefully isn't the end of SAAB, at least at its heart. Its new owner, National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), is developing electric versions of its vehicles for the Asian market, and those vehicles could eventually come back to Europe and the United States (though perhaps without the SAAB brand name). wants to make buying SAAB parts online a simple, enjoyable experience. We start by stocking only the best SAAB parts and SAAB spares for your 9-3, 9-5, 900, 9000, and every model in between.

We've designed to be fast and easy-to-use, so you can get in, get out, and get the SAAB parts you need. All our SAAB parts are priced below the competition to give you the best value possible. Our vehicle selector is designed to filter our catalog to show only what fits your vehicle, even for that future classics 1999 SAAB 9-3 Viggen parts. Simply select the year, make, and model of your car using the vehicle selector above. You can also search for SAAB parts on by using keywords or SAAB part numbers, or browse by category by selecting an icon under the Shop by Category section; such as transmission parts, air and oil filters, HVAC parts and more.

Your search results will often show multiple versions of the same SAAB car parts. At, we carry numerous versions of SAAB spare parts to give you as many purchasing options as possible so you can select exactly what's best for your car.

At, we provide the highest quality SAAB parts and Saab spares for the best value. We update our catalog every week, often daily. If you can't find any SAAB parts online, or need assistance on deciding which Saab spares you need, call our team of experts today at 1-800-467-9769, or send us an email. We'll answer any questions you may have, and locate the exact SAAB spare parts you need to achieve the best performance out of your beloved SAAB.