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Starla Parts

What happens to the smoke, impurities, and noise that combustion engines make? Due to the hardworking exhaust system of the automobile, the noise is controlled and the exhaust is expelled away from the cab and any passengers that might inhale it. One of the industry leaders in exhaust systems is Walker Manufacturing, which produces Starla exhaust pipes.

In 1974, Tenneco Inc. acquired Starla-Werken AB from Sweden and made it an operating unit of its subsidiary Walker Manufacturing out of Racine, Wisconsin. At the time of the sale to Tenneco, Starla-Werken was the largest independent aftermarket producer of exhaust systems in Sweden.

In 1951, Starla-Werken began as a family-owned business that served the Scandinavian area with sales up to $5 million and an employee base of 150. With the sale of Starla-Werken to Tenneco, Inc., the Starla name became a global nameplate. In 2006, Walker expanded its offering of the Starla muffler to the worldwide market.

Starla creates and produces aftermarket replacement exhaust systems that include mufflers, pipes, and hangars. Not only are these mufflers and accessories good for replacing defective exhaust systems on vehicles, but some believe giving the car a larger muffler, pipe, and hanger will give it more room to breathe and as a result help give the engine more horsepower. Most Starla exhaust system kits come with the ability to replace the whole exhaust system, from the engine to the tail pipes. It usually comes with all the materials (except tools) a consumer would need to replace the exhaust system on both international and domestic vehicles.

Walker offers not only Starla exhaust systems, but also carburetor converters and EPA standard converters. Each of these products is offered on its exhaustive online portal, which makes it easier for consumer to purchase the needed part. Consumers have a choice of searching for the wanted unit in the catalog and ordering it online or finding a dealer in the area where the product can be purchased.

Commitment to quality makes Walker Inc. a worldwide standout in the exhaust business. With frequent testing of its products and consumer education on emissions issues, Walker works hard to produce quality emissions products. Many consumers indicate the Starla exhaust system is comparable in quality to other systems they are looking at but find the Starla price a bit easier to handle. In addition, the Starla system does a good job fitting in the car, especially if the whole system is being replaced. Though some consumers insist that it would be better to replace the exhaust system with the auto manufacturer, they also concede that the quality of the Starla system makes this a livable solution for those that choose to purchase from Walker.

The Starla exhaust system has been around for more than a half-century, and with continued innovation from the current owners of the system, this manufacturer of mufflers and exhaust pipes easily could be around for another 50 years.

Starla Parts Warranty & Returns

Unless otherwise indicated,® offers a limited one year manufacturer warranty on all Starla parts. Warranty claims for Starla parts will be honored on an exchange basis only.® is not responsible for Starla parts that were damaged due to misuse or incorrect installation. offers cash refunds to the original purchaser of Starla parts within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days®: only accepts warranty returns of Starla parts.

For more details on® Warranty and Return Policies, please visit our Policies Page.

Top Starla Parts

  • $4.49
    Exhaust Muffler Hanger - Rear 4235404
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  • $73.49
    Exhaust Muffler - Center 4960936
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  • $98.49
    Intermediate Pipe 4750741
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  • $106.99
    Exhaust Muffler - Rear (SE) 5324025
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  • $119.99
    Intermediate Pipe 4898037
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  • $141.99
    Exhaust Muffler - Center 5322714
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  • $156.99
    Exhaust Muffler - Rear 4528279
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  • $166.99
    Exhaust Muffler - Rear 5464573S
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  • $170.99
    Exhaust Muffler - Rear 23099
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  • $181.99
    Exhaust Muffler - Rear 5321658
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