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Volvo Parts® features a wide selection of quality Volvo Parts. Since 2000, we have specialized in stocking original equipment manufacturer OEM Volvo Parts and a broad selection of aftermarket Volvo Parts . Our easy-to-use online catalog allows you to quick browse for along with any other part you mean need for your Swedish or German car. Don't see what you're looking for here? Try selecting your vehicle from our easy-to-use Volvo Parts vehicle selector or select your Volvo Parts model below. Enjoy browsing through our huge warehouse of genuine, OEM, and aftermarket Volvo Parts.

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Swedish automotive industry has always stood out compared to just about anything else on the market. While the Italians were focusing on style and Germans on performance, the Swedes went for reliability and safety. Volvo is probably the most iconic Swedish car brand with its widely recognizable logo and a borderline legendary affinity for boxy designs.

Despite enjoying the reputation of being a highly reliable brand, Volvos need maintenance just like any other car out there. We strongly suggest that you use genuine Volvo parts when you maintain your Volvo. Their cars are built to a certain standard and only the Genuine or OEM line of Volvo engine parts and other spares will maintain that level of reliability.

The Humble Beginnings

Volvo's story begins all the way back in 1927 when it was founded as a subsidiary of SKF - a company that made bearings, seals and similar products back in those days. However, when SKF made Volvo, they weren't intending on building cars.

This brand was originally also supposed to produce bearings but for the American market. Even the name Volvo which translates to 'I roll' in Latin, was selected for this occasion. However, the idea fell through and Volvo was repurposed to build cars. When the first car rolled out of Volvo's factory back in the day, it became apparent that this brand is doing things slightly differently.

Where Volvo stood out the most was safety followed by reliability. Even though Volvo has probably recognized these two attributes as means of approaching the market in a different way, making reliable cars was more of a necessity at the end of the day.

Unlike most other European brands, Volvo had to make cars that could withstand the cold Nordic conditions year in and year out. Achieving this meant that their cars had to be built tough but also safe. Driving in cold weather conditions is a whole different experience when you have to do it for up to six months every year.

Even though safety isn't necessarily an overly exciting area of automotive design to focus on, it has shaped Volvo as a brand. Furthermore, Volvo's dedication to road safety has brought us things like 3-point seatbelts and side curtain airbags - both of which have become the norm today.

Built to Last

Handling adverse conditions requires quality engineering and robust designs. Volvo understood this early on and started making cars that could resist the cold, wet environments of the Nordics. You've probably heard tales of thick Swedish steel and how Volvos and other Swedish cars are impervious to rust? All of that is true to an extent. Volvos, especially older ones, were built like tanks.

Volvo's innovative solutions extend beyond the bodywork and chassis to include the engine as well as all of the mechanical components. Swedes are generally known for pushing new and interesting technologies through their cars, often being years ahead of the remainder of the automotive industry.

One of the most recent examples of this industry leading ingenuity is Volvo's Modular Engines - a concept that was implemented in the early '90s and was used until 2016. The mostly aluminum engines sharing this designation have proven to be reliable and efficient across the board.

Finding the Right Volvo Parts

As much as we stand behind the claim that Volvo used to and is still making some of the most reliable cars out there, every vehicle breaks down eventually. Truth be told, Volvos rarely suffer catastrophic failures or require major work. When something does fail, it is imperative that you use quality parts to fix the car up and get it back on the road.

One of the reasons why Volvos are so reliable is the quality of parts used to build these cars. The company has implemented strict quality control procedures and insists on using consistent, quality materials all around. If you were to step outside those parameters when fixing your car, you'd essentially be creating a weak spot in an otherwise balanced system.

We strongly recommend that you use only quality parts when maintaining your vehicle. With Volvos, there are a few options you can choose from. The best thing you can do is get genuine Volvo parts. The next best thing are OEM parts followed by aftermarket parts and accessories. Let's discuss the benefits of each in detail.

Genuine Volvo Parts and Accessories

Genuine Volvo parts are the optimal choice if you're looking to stay within factory specs and maintain the reliability of your vehicle. These parts are built by Volvo or one of their partnered OEM manufacturers. Each part from this line of products passes strict quality controls as well as other checks before it ever leaves the factory floor.

When you purchase genuine Volvo products, you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible quality that is available. Genuine parts come with an extended factory warranty as well, meaning that you're fully covered in an odd case that something does go wrong. If you are the type of driver who values their peace of mind, genuine parts are the best way to get what you need.

OEM Parts and Kits

The next best thing to get for your Volvo are parts that meet the OEM standards. OEM parts are made by the same manufacturers who make genuine Volvo parts in most cases. By purchasing OEM parts, you are mostly getting the same build quality and materials, but without Volvo's warranty. That being said, OEM parts come with their own warranty and are generally on the same level as genuine in parts in just about every way.

What makes OEM so attractive is the fact that they are cheaper on average. That little discount can help ease the maintenance costs over the lifespan of a vehicle. OEM parts are also the perfect choice for those who like to work on their cars and fix things by themselves.

Are Aftermarket Parts Worth Getting?

The last segment of parts is the aftermarket line. Aftermarket parts aren't constrained by Volvo's quality standards, which can be a good or a bad thing depending on whose products you're buying. Most companies are trying to offer the same or better parts than OEM, however there's no getting around the fact that there are cheap, low-quality parts out there as well.

The aftermarket parts that we offer have been vetted and are built with quality in mind. We offer a wide range of brakes, engine components and other parts for your XC90 and many other Volvos.

The brands that belong to this segment of our catalog include Brembo whose brake pads, rotors, and complete systems are among the best you can get outside the OEM territory. Speaking of which, this popular Italian brand also manufactures OEM components for various cars.

Whether or not you'll go with the aftermarket over OEM or genuine is a personal choice. There are aftermarket parts out there that are arguably better than OEM but very few of them bring the same kinds of warranties.

Volvo Oils, Filters and Lubricants

Aside from our extensive catalog of Volvo parts, we also offer a whole range of oils, oil filters and lubricants for Volvo vehicles. We'd like to single out Motul as a brand that offers some of the finest fully synthetic oils available on the market right now.

Motul covers a wide range of Volvo vehicles, both new ones as well as those that came off the production line half a century ago. Their current offer includes lubricants aimed at achieving maximum fuel efficiency, optimal wear resistance, high levels of lubrication and much more.

In case you own an older Volvo, Motul has a complete line of lubricants that will ensure smoother engine performance as well as protection in high mileage cars.

How to Find the Right Parts for your Volvo?

Here at, we take great pride in offering one of the most extensive parts catalogs for European cars in the US. With an inventory that counts over 150,000 products in total, we've had to devise an efficient way of navigating such a massive catalog.

To find the exact parts you need for your Volvo, head over to our online shop. Once there, you'll see a vehicle selection tool that will ask you to input your car's make and model. With that information fed to our system, you will quickly get a list of parts that match your specific vehicle.

From there, you can select different parts groups and further narrow down the search until you find the exact part you are looking for!

Alternatively, you can also use our VIN tool. All you have to do is input the VIN number of your car and you'll get a list of parts and products that are compatible.

Need Further Assistance? Get in Touch with Us

In case you're having trouble finding a specific Volvo part, feel free to get in touch with us. Our reps are standing by to help you with whatever questions you might have related to Volvo car parts!