ROWE Stress Test – Enter To See The Results In Your Engine

It’s one thing for us to say an oil is great, but it’s a whole different beast when testing is involved.  We like testing.  That’s why we are starting a new program to prove that ROWE is the only oil brand you will ever want to put in your engine.  The ROWE Stress Test is designed to select a number of you, our customers, to test in your cars and see the results for yourselves.  We are offering free oil changes to customers willing to participate in our tests, and here’s how the ROWE Stress Test works.

Below are the results we have back so far!

2018 ROWE Stress Test Kit

VLN 1. Lauf 2016 Foto: Gruppe C GmbHStep one:  Sign up on our official ROWE Stress Test sign up form.  You must accurately and completely fill out your vehicle information or we will not choose you to participate in the ROWE Stress Test. You will be asked to certify that you are able to participate in the oil sample section of the test.  We will chose participants that we feel will be good candidates from the list of signups we receive.

Step two: Receive your oil change (which will include an OE MANN Filter) along with your test kit.  We will choose the right oil and filter for you based on your supplied specs.

Step three: Change your oil with your new ROWE oil change and MANN filter.  Put the oil change test kit in a place that is easy to remember, in a plastic bag in or near your oil change pan is a great place.

Step four: Put 5,000 miles on it.  Don’t change your driving style, we want these to be real world results to show you how well ROWE does in your engine.

Step five: Contact us when you are ready to do your second oil change, and we’ll send it to you along with your test kit.

Step six:  Halfway through the drain, use the supplied bottle to capture an oil sample straight from your engine.  Make sure your engine is hot to keep from contaminating the sample with water condensation.  This will involve driving the car for a short period prior to your oil change.  Tightly seal the sample bottle and put it in the included plastic bag.  Verify that the test slip is accurately pre-filled out using the information you supplies when signing up.

Step seven:  Pack the sample in the supplied black rectangular container and drop it in the mail.  It’ll go out to the experts at Blackstone Labs.

Sign up here! [signups are closed]

So that’s it, not too bad right?  We will publish the results of the tests, and you will get two free oil changes for participating in our exclusive ROWE Stress Test program.  There is also some cool eEuroparts ROWE/Audi swag in the works that will get sent out to our participants after the dust is settled.  The biggest bonus for you is the peace of mind knowing that the oil in your car is the best that money can buy.  We know that after seeing the results, you’ll be hooked!  Shop now for ROWE oil, and MANN oil filters.

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13 thoughts on “ROWE Stress Test – Enter To See The Results In Your Engine
  1. Curtis

    New competition for Mobile 1 and Shell Rotella T6 is a welcome sight. The only 2 brands I use and seeing some Blackstone results that come from every day customers cars and not “test” cars is a welcome change. Can’t wait to see the results.

  2. Franklin Bell

    Been using mobil 1 in my mk7 with experiences with liquid moly and motul in my previous vehicle mk5 gti. Ive been overall pleased with all three brands although previous tests ive submitted showed more carbon conent in my last change with motul (cleaning agents?) interested to see what this oil has in store.

  3. David Langley

    I entered as soon as the form was posted! Not sure which e-mail address I used, but you can’t miss the Volvo with 478,000 miles. By the way, I need to do a transmission transfusion on the same car; which Rowe ATF is either equivalent to LiquiMoly’s 1100 ATF or suitable for a AW71 gearbox?

  4. Mike Aitken

    This is my 3rd Saab 9-5. The 1st one is still driving with 345,000 miles on the clock. The second one was hit & totaled with 276,000 and going strong. My current 9-5 is a baby…only 158,000…..I’m looking forward to the test results. Ought to be interesting!


    Very interested in seeing test results from a wide mix of daily drivers. Good to see competition to Mobil 1! Also interested in transmission change for my 198,000 Audi A6, 3.2L. What ATF fluid should I be using?

  6. David Fresne

    Hello, I signed up and included as much info as I could in the vehicle info. I also forwarded this to two friends of mine who drive euro cars as well. When do you plan on sending out the test materials? Thanks! I’m excited to see how this fares compared to the usual Rotella T6 or Castrol Edge that I run in my 1.8T.

    • Adam Goral

      Hi David, look for more information tomorrow, we are about ready to pick the first wave and get some kits out to customers!

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