A Volvo Love Story – 2018 eEuro Love Story Contest Winner

{As the Beatles said, I get by with a little help from my friends.  Below you will find a user submitted story for our Valentine’s Car Love Story Contest, thanks for sharing a very special car in your life with us Kim.  We’re glad to be able to help you keep it on the road for years to come – Editor}

It will be four years in May that I received my biggest blessing ever and the best car I have ever owned!!! I had been driving a somewhat “on it’s last leg” 1990 Mercedes for a few years and unfortunately it had become a money pit.  Being on disability, I was not in a financial situation at the time to replace it.  However, in May of 2014 the vehicle finally overheated and quit running at the end of a curved ramp as my 15 year old granddaughter and I were traveling home.  Unsure of the problem, I advised my granddaughter to jump out quickly in fear the car may catch on fire.  Fortunately, a young gentleman stopped to help us get the car off the ramp and onto the roadside before we very well may have been hit by oncoming traffic.  After stopping and starting for almost half an hour, my granddaughter and I managed to get the vehicle over to the rear parking lot of a motel, where we parked it.  I went into the motel office to explain, and kindly ask that they wouldn’t tow me for a couple days.  My granddaughter and I took a taxi home!

After discussing the matter with my longtime friend (25+ years) and mechanic that owned his own shop franchise, he advised that it was probably time to junk it.  I listened to him, not only because he was my friend and I knew he had my best interest at heart, but also because he was my mechanic and he worked on my Mercedes probably one more time then he should have over the years (just because I asked).

Looking for options

That evening, I gave the matter a lot of thought.  I discussed the matter with my daughter, mother and sister for their ideas and suggestions.  My Mom, God rest her soul, was also on disability and received a Veteran’s pension.  Needless to say, she was not wealthy, but she did advise me that she would send me $1500.00 to help if I could find a good used car.   The next morning, I called two people, one being the previously mentioned mechanic. I asked him if he could start looking around for me, as he occasionally had worked on vehicles that owners later did not pick up after the work was done, or made arrangements with him to sell the car to cover the outstanding repair bill.  I was hopeful he could find me something within a couple weeks period and advised him my mom would be sending me $1500 to help.

The second person I called was a very longtime family friend that I knew had connections that were licensed to go to auto auctions.  I explained my situation.  I told him how much my mom was sending so he would have a ballpark figure to begin with.  He promised to make some calls on my behalf, and too be back in touch as soon as possible.

He had married his longtime girlfriend several years prior to my phone call.  She is a wonderful person and I was so happy for him.  They had a beautiful wedding that I attended, and I consider her my friend also.  A couple years before they married, she decided she wanted to buy a car herself for her first time.  She, of course, talked with her fiancée about the matter and he offered to help.

She told him she wanted to do it all on her own, but he could help by asking his friends that he worked with the auto auctions to be on the lookout for a nice Volvo in good condition.  They did, she found one she liked and bought it.  Once they were married they eventually both purchased newer vehicles, but they kept that Volvo because it was their baby!  They continued to care for and baby the Volvo…taking it in for regular maintenance, keeping it legally registered to be road worthy, running it through the carwash often and occasionally driving it, sometimes long distance.  It  was in excellent condition.

When things changed

The very next afternoon, he called me back around two p.m.; I will never forget.  He told me he and his wife had talked about it and they wanted to give me their baby, that blue Volvo.  I immediately started crying on the phone!  I was in awe of their generosity.  What a blessing!  What a gift!  Awesome people, awesome friends, awesome blessing!!!

I went to their home shortly afterwards to pick up the car and the title.  I hung around awhile visiting over lunch, and as the day progressed, I eventually left for  home in my new car.  A 1991 Volvo 240 4 door with a beautiful shade of blue paint.  I fell in love on the drive home.

A new lease on life

It became my ‘baby’ during that ride!    It truly has been the best car I ever owned.  I have only done a couple things to it above and beyond normal maintenance, such as, brake pads and a power steering flush, nothing major and always using eEuroparts (Thanks Kim! -ed).    It runs like a dream and has never left me stranded.  I do have to confess that I cater to this car more than I have any of my other vehicles, because he’s my baby.  Considering the way in which I received my Volvo and the blessing that it was, I made him (my car) a promise.  That promise was that I would take as good a care of him as I possibly could, and I have never stopped trying to do that!  Oil changes on time, check-ups when needed, tune ups when advised, tire replacements when told necessary, and any other  recommendations.

I try my very best to keep my baby as clean as I can with my disabilities, and take him in frequently during the spring/summer months to be detailed.  There are a couple things I would like to do to the Volvo just to extend its life-span.  A couple parts I would like to replace, just to be safe.  Every time I am going out, I pray for my car as I approach it.  I pray for the mechanics ..….. from the brakes to the engine to the fluids.  It may seem silly to some and I understand that, but it works for me and my baby.  In fact, I also, always pray for the ones that blessed me with the gift of my Volvo!

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5 thoughts on “A Volvo Love Story – 2018 eEuro Love Story Contest Winner
  1. Steven

    We also have a 240 wagon 1994 and just love it. We also have two 2012 XC60 s and love them also but our 240 is our baby..

  2. Jess

    Love my 245. I’m 33 now and have owned a few of them, but none of that would have been possible without the sacrifice of my very first 240 when I was 17 years old. That car gave it’s life so that I could continue mine. I will never drive anything else.

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