EBC Brakes Is Here To Offer Sport Brake Options

We’ve always been asked about performance brake options, and while we carry a full selection of OEM semi-metallic and ceramic pads, we thought it’s about time to add sport compound pads to finish up our line-up.  More specifically, EBC’s critically acclaimed RedStuff and BlueStuff compound brake pads.  We’ve heard rave reviews about EBC Brakes before (and people here have used RedStuffs in the past with only praise to say) so it only seemed natural to go above and beyond the usual and pick out the best for our customers.  Let’s take a closer look at what makes EBC a fantastic option for those looking to upgrade their brakes without spending big bucks on hardware and parts kits.

EBC RedStuff:

The RedStuff Kevlar® ceramic compound exhibits a wishlist of favorable characteristics.

The RedStuff compound is EBC’s bread and butter.  It’s a Kevlar® Ceramic composite designed with higher performance in mind, but without the relentless compromises customers usually have to make when choosing a performance street pad.  These usually include enhanced rotor wear, high levels of brake dust, and off-peak performance in cold conditions. EBC RedStuff pads excel in all these areas.  In personal experiences from eEuro staff, the pads were considered a favorite due to the extremely low brake dust (after the initial bed-in of course), great cold grab, and for being easy on rotors.   The Kevlar matrix allows for much less filler and strengthener fibers (customarily steel), and more actual friction material. For all around use, mixing in getting your groceries with getting your adrenaline fix, the RedStuff line is ideal.

Additionally, EBC RedStuff pads feature a unique bed-in coated surface.  The bed-in (or break-in) phase is crucial for smooth and proper wear.  When new, special care must be taken to avoid uneven pad material buildup on the brake rotor, scoring, and glazing to a lesser extent.  EBC’s proprietary bed-in layer aids in keeping the procedure under control and making sure you get the maximum performance and brake life, without sacrificing crucial friction for the first hundred or so miles.


EBC Bluestuff:

BlueStuff is a high performance pad that doesn’t suffer from the drawbacks of most racing compound brake pads.

Where RedStuff is a sport street pad, the BlueStuff NDX is an intermediate race compound brake pad designed for all forms of light and medium duty racing applications.   We are bringing these in-stock primarily for our motorsports competitors to use in various forms of racing applications.  “Team Carbeque” endurance races a 1989 SAAB 900 with BlueStuff compound front and rear, due to the excellent wear characteristics and ability to handle extreme heat buildup, without sacrificing bite.  These properties are especially important for drivers and teams looking to get an entire weekend of green flag racing without having to change pads or rotors along the way.  Their SAAB weighs in at 2600lbs and runs BlueStuff compound pads on stock brake hardware with nothing but praise after a weekend of racing.  The best part about BlueStuffs?  These pads are a more than capable street pad as well, coming in one notch below the full blown race pads that have great difficulty coming to complete stops, or slowing when cold.  If you intend to drive on the road with this compound, expect some low speed brake noise.


EBC OrangeStuff:

EBC OrangeStuff at eEuroparts.comThese are no over-the-counter brake pads.  They are full blown race compound for the highest heat applications, including extended race stints where braking from 100+ mph is required lap after lap, or rally applications where drivers ride brakes in order to control balance and handling over non-asphalt surfaces.  We won’t be stocking any EBC OrangeStuff, but if you are in need of some huge race pads for your aftermarket racing calipers, let us know and we can bring in a set for you.  Not recommended for any street use, these pads are not designed to bring a car to a complete stop.


So, if you are shopping for brakes for your sports sedan, coupe, or roadster, be sure to check out the EBC RedStuff line for their innovative approach to the aftermarket brake pad, and if you are looking to do heavy performance and race driving, don’t forget about the BlueStuff NDX compound, a local favorite for LeMons endurance road racing!  We haven’t done any testing on the OrangeStuff, but our new race car (Norman II) will be trying out this compound in a set of 4-piston racing calipers soon, with a review quick to follow.

Tip:  When upgrading brake pads, it’s a good rule of thumb to flush your brake system with fresh DOT4 brake fluid as well.  DOT4 brake fluid should generally be changed out every two or so years, when convenient, to keep your brake system moisture and corrosion free.

Team Carbeque loves their EBC Bluestuff Brakes for weekends that see over 16hrs of green flag racing.


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2 thoughts on “EBC Brakes Is Here To Offer Sport Brake Options
  1. David Guido

    Has delivery time improved? I checked shipping on a resent order only to find it would take 2 weeks and I cancelled my order for the Saab part. I also have a Volvo but just can’t wait this long for my parts when others get the job done in 3-5 days.

    • Adam Goral

      Getting your parts fast is what we are all about at eEuroparts.com. Genuine delivery times have improved. We get most parts into the building for any make in 2-4 business days for shipping. Occasionally there will be a back ordered Saab item that may take longer than this to come in but it is rare. We are doing more to improve ship time accuracy that is displayed at checkout than ever before, so parts are delivered when you expect them. I would suggest giving us another try for your parts needs, and take a look to make sure the part is displaying in stock. In stock parts almost always leave same day. Thank you for choosing http://www.eEuroparts.com

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