The official eEuroFest 2018 photo gallery is UP!

With eEuroFest 2018 in the rearview, we had a chance to look through the hard drive our photog dropped off and put up some of our favorites.  The weather could not have been better and we’re already looking forward to next year.  Before we get to that though, let’s look back at 2018’s edition.  Opening camping up for Thursday was huge.  The campground opened at 5pm and when we rolled in with all of our gear around 5:30pm, numerous camp sites had already staked down.  Most of them were registered for the Hooked on Driving Taste of the Track in the morning, and there were also several VIP campsites.  There were a few groups, however, that weren’t doing anything until Saturday, and were just there for the atmosphere.  We would have to agree that there are worse places to chill out on a Friday than Lime Rock Park on a nice day.

Last year, our registration tent was a bit of a cluster.  We lacked space, and it showed.  With a freshly wrapped IMSA top-stack racing trailer, we separated into our own section and we’re proud of the results.  With a number of volunteers diligently working both days, we were able to spread out and make sure everything got what they needed.

When I say freshly wrapped, I mean it.  Waiting for an appropriate weather window (and a moment in between testing), Rabid Wraps was able to show up and vinyl wrap our entire race trailer in just a few days.  They finished the lettering as we were loading the Audi, so props to Darius and his crew for pulling off a last inning grand slam.Friday opened with the first Koni Taste of the Track run group, which was the first intro to track driving for many of the participants.  After that wrapped up, the Hooked on Driving HPDE hit the main course for the rest of the day.  As usual, the hardware in the A-Paddock present for the track day was pretty serious.  Row upon row of racing Porsches, BMW’s, Mustangs, VWs, and even a few token Italian supercars and a Radical showed up to take part in the unmuffled track day.

As the VIPs got through their welcome lunch and signed up for their main course ride alongs, we all settled into a day of casual autocross, finalizing with a beautiful catered cookout at the Lime Rock Park Chalet on the hill.  Everyone seemed pretty pumped up to be able to take one of the Motorsport Experience M3’s out on the track.  There were only a few spins, we’re proud of ya!  After dinner, we retired to the campground to get ready for the next day.

Hands and feet inside the vehicle please!

Saturday morning, rolling out from our tents, we were greeted with a brilliant heavenly light washing over the entire facility.  It was one of those moments as you sit there smart phone in hand and go….this will be a good day.  Snap a pic, and get to work!  As is customary, groups of cars were showing up for the car show well over an hour before it opened.

The reg tent quickly elevated to full song while people cycled through to buy Autocross tickets, fill out their show materials, and pick up their t-shirts (some are still available).

Down in B-Paddock, our short crew of volunteers kicked butt getting everyone parked and organized.  Unfortunately the big 8 person taxi golf carts never showed up, so once again, folks needed to walk up to registration.  Not ideal, we will have this fixed for next year.  The show featured around 300 cars throughout the day, which isn’t bad.

Even more popular than the show, curiously, was the autocross.  All day long cars departed from the show area to cash in an autocross ticket for a few laps.  It didn’t take long to detect the smell of hot OEM brakes wafting downwind from the autocross area after it opened.

eEuroFest 2018 Taste of the Track

All day long we were transporting people around the Lime Rock main course in a set of rented 400+ HP BMW M3’s.  These are people that have never been on a track, never been in a race car, and probably never gone more than 100mph.  Well, that changed as our pro drivers took them out into open passing run groups to ride shotgun in what must have felt like a real GT race.  Lime rock has a few corners that are particularly exhilarating, despite the apparent simplicity of the layout.

One thing people kept noting after their ride is the power of the brakes.  Fortunately in normal braking situations you don’t experience multiple G’s of forces against your seat belts.  Not today.  Needless to say people got out looking pretty shocked, and we love when we can do that.

One of the raffle prizes was actually a ride-along with Mike ‘El Blanco’ White himself, in the famous Saab 900 rally car.  It was set up for tarmac (sorta) and because the winner had actually spent all day out on the track, he passed the prize on to Trevor from Saab Original Orio.

On the main drag, our vendor expo shined brightly, inviting attendees to come and get to know the best eEuroparts brands up close and personal.  We really have to give a shoutout to all of our sponsors, without which this show would not be possible.  Our title sponsors ROWE, Bosch, and ORIO had great booths, each offering something special to the fans from special deals to spinning prize wheels.

Our NA Koni rep showed up with his SCCA MK6 GTI, and could occasionally be seen sneaking out to the Autocross for a few laps.  Stable Energies had their mobile store set up and looked great, allowing folks to go check out racing seats and performance driving gear.  Elring, who sent their reps Harald and Leonne from Germany, had their Spin and Win contest which invited contestants to mount a cylinder head as fast as they could, going up against the clock.  The fastest three went home with a brand new torque wrench.

Nokian was showing off their new seasonal tires, MANN had the new Frescious Plus anti-microb cabin filters on display, and Powerflex had a particularly interesting display which allowed customers to get a feel for the stiffness of each style of Powerflex bushing.  Resembling a table of control arms to lever and pry on, it really is amazing how stiff the Black Series racing bushings really are.  Krona was there displaying their series of performance exhaust and strut braces, adjacent to a beautiful display of heat exchangers from Nissens.

eEuroFest 2018 Car Show

CTA Tools had a dream collection on hand of all their new special tools, many of which are required to make repairs to new cars.  Atlantic, Febi Bilstein, Hella, Shaeffler, CRP, Karlyn, URO, NGK, ZF/Sachs, Valeo were on hand, answering questions and giving away piles of awesome swag. Next year, judging by the successes and issues in 2017 and 2018, we’re lining up something really special.  We’re excited for a bigger show, bigger vendor expo, more race cars, more ride alongs, and a new approach to car show voting.

We have two galleries up, the first is just our photos from the show.  The second is just a collection of autocross photos we were able to collect.  Sorry some of you didn’t make it in, not everyone was able to appear in the gallery this year since we didn’t have someone on the course full time.  Maybe next year!

[Gallery 1 – The Full Show]

[Gallery 2 – AutoX Only]

eEuroFest 2018 Crew

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