The ROWE Stress Test Results Are IN – VW Toureg Oil Change

In February, we sent out a big pile of oil changes to folks from every walk of Euro car life.  We tried to pick the largest variety possible, and excitingly the first result is finally in.  Now, technically, this is the second Blackstone labs test kit that we got back, but that one was documenting how the oil did in a multi-hour endurance racing weekend, and we are going to feature that particular test in another blog.

The ‘First’ ROWE Stress Test Is IN!

For this test, the vehicle is a 2004 VW Toureg with 134k miles of mostly highway miles on the clock.  That’s most likely how Jeremy was able to load on 7,000 miles in such a short amount of time.  This VW Truck features the 4.2l V8 engine and has been the home of a whopping 10 liters of ROWE HIGHTEC SYNT RS HC-D 5W40 and an oil filter.  So, without further ado, lets take a close look at what came out of that big German V8.

ROWE Stress Test VW Touareg

The percentage of fuel in the oil is a little high, which might be for a few reasons that again, I think would be best to leave to a different article.  We have some follwup questions to Jeremy and we will wait to see what the conditions of the oil change were, but for now it must be said, the ROWE passed the stress test in this highly demanding V8.  Wear is low, the additives are still doing well, and everything is nicely in spec.

Whenever Blackstone Labs tells you to stretch your next oil change interval, you have to be pleased.  Since they recommend trying out 9,000 miles, that makes the  Made-in-Germany ROWE SYNT HC-D a great value.  You shouldn’t be worried about going long on your next ROWE oil change, and that’s money in the bank.

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