Racing Goes To Virginia – Watch Round 8 LIVE this weekend!

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After the devastating first lap double DNF from lap 1 at Road America, racing is taking a step back to assess the upcoming weekend.  With significant engine damage on both cars, and a high mile transmission that has been through a lot of damaging electrical issues, both the #10 and the #12 Audi RS 3 LMS TCR Contenders came back to the warehouse shop for complete drive train overhauls.

The team has been working diligently to take a bit of extra time to make sure everything is ready for Round 8 of the IMSA Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge at the historically grueling Virginia International Raceway.

VIR Roller Coaster

The Rollercoaster – Photo Courtesy of

VIR has a little something of everything, testing equipment and crew in the ultimate balance of speed and handling.  With sections like the Roller Coaster (Turn 14 and 15), and the Hog Pen shortly following it, the legendary course has a lot to offer both spectators and racers alike.  There’s a significant amount of elevation change, decreasing radius corners, off camber turns, blind apexes to reward the most skillful of hands as they attempt to navigate the rolling Virginia countryside.  Add a 3,000ft long straight away onto that, and you get a track that exudes character and variety.

Kieron O’Rourke and Lee Carpentier are looking forward to grabbing some vital points towards the championship

Both Kieron O’Rourke and Kenton Koch are chomping at the bit to get in the stint they wouldn’t be able to drive at Road America.  With fresh sealed drivetrains and a complete run through of both cars, the ROWE Racing team is feeling good about the upcoming weekend.  With critical points on the line for the #10 in the drivers championship, there’s a fair share of pressure on Lee and Kieron to score big points.  Tom and Kenton have been knocking on the door for a win since Lime Rock, and have big dreams of trophies and champagne.

Tom O’Gorman and Kenton Koch are looking to make this one stick and taste some champagne. They will be contending for a win this weekend.

Watch the race LIVE this Saturday on at 2:05pm EDT!

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2 thoughts on “ Racing Goes To Virginia – Watch Round 8 LIVE this weekend!
  1. Project D

    Great job getting the cars prepped again. GO GET’EM BOYS!!!! >:o)
    Tom’O needs to trust his speed… he’s fast enough to win on skill, so must not get caught up in any BS. Kenton can hold his own and likely has a fire inside after that last lap that shall never again be spoken of. I’ll be rooting for everyone. Do you guys still run non-sequential boxes vs. guys with a sequential? Is there any BOP to balance that out?

    On a side note, I hate it when anyone tries ‘sneaking’ past yellow flags and or major incidents without flags shown. What happened at the last race is exactly why I’ll always criticize people who sneak past accidents or yellow flags to try to gain an advantage. If anyone needs to ‘find’ lap time going blindly into a cloud of dust that may contain a disabled car and another human life – they actually need a lot more practice driving fast. Not directed at our guys directly, but that shoe may have fit at Road America. Really glad no-one got seriously hurt. I thought Lee was going to nail the other car harder, but I guess he saw him at the last second… I was hitting my invisible brake pedal for him while watching.

    • Adam Goral

      Hey Ryan, the transmissions are all DSG’s, I am not aware of any TCR cars running the fully sequential variant. Copy on the yellow flags, I personally haven’t watched the coverage but I know there was a lot of accident avoidance going on.

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