ROWE Stress Test Results Are IN – 2010 BMW 335d

The next ROWE stress test results have arrived, this time featuring a diesel format M57 Twin Turbo manufactured in BMW’s upper Austrian Steyr manufacturing plant.  Much like some of the other products produced in the town’s legendary and historical industrial sector, this engine packs a punch.  Specifically the engine in Edward’s 2010 335d is known as the M57D30TUTOP, and is knocking on the door of 600nm of torque with the aid of two turbochargers and direct injection.  That’s 425ft/lbs for you yanks, and it’s pretty capable of effortlessly lighting the tires up in big smokey burnouts.  Even with the impressive power figures at near idle RPM, the 335d is able to post mpg numbers north of 35 on the highway.

Ed’s BMW 335d Oil Test Results

The test subject in the flesh

We sent 8 liters of ROWE Multi Syn 5W30 DPF and a filter, and Edward proceeded to put on 5,786 miles of mixed city and highway driving in Chicago.  Here’s what the oil looked like that came out of his BMW M57 engine:

BMW 335d Oil Change Test Results

So far so good!  Matching up the sample with some information they currently had on file shows a healthy engine and a good baseline to begin stretching oil changes.  Blackstone always likes to move incrementally (cause it’s the right way to do these types of tests), so we’re curious about how the ROWE in Edward’s engine does at 7,500 miles which is the engineer’s next recommended oil change interval.  Unlike many synths on the market, it looks likely that Made in Germany ROWE will be able to go to the full BMW extended service interval of 13,000 miles, for less money than Genuine BMW oil.

We have many gallons of oils out there circulating around all manors of European cars, in all types of driving situations.  Stay tuned for more oil change sheets as they continue to trickle in, and thanks to everyone that has participated in the ROWE stress test so far!

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