The Results are IN: ROWE Stress Test – Volvo C70 Oil Change

This 2010 Volvo C70 is equipped with the B5254T7 engine that features 2.5l of displacement over 5 cylinders.  Force induction is supplied by a Borg Warner K04 turbocharger and is an excellent peppy motor for a car that spends most of its time in the city.  That’s the story of Troy’s Volvo, the subject of this ROWE Stress Test.  His C70 has spent around 50,000 miles on American roads and was filled with 8l of ROWE HIGHTEC SYNT RS DLS 5w30 and a MANN HU7198X this summer.  For this test, we were asking people to take their cars to 5,000 miles on the Made In Germany ROWE Synthetic, but since Troy has meticulously maintained this car and is used to 3,000 miles oil changes on Mobil 1, we figured if he wanted to cut it a little short that would be just fine.ROWE Volvo C70 Oil Change Test Results

Looks like a clean bill of health to us, with iron (steel bearings, crankshaft, cylinder walls, other internals) looking very good.  Also, unlike some of the other tests, the oil sample is completely free of any water or coolant contamination, which is a big help when judging the quality of an oil.  When asked what a good expected next oil interval would be to extend to, here’s the answer Clair gave us:

We don’t necessarily know if there is a “good” oil change interval for this engine and the particular oil you’re using (the slip listed only that it was a synthetic), but even still, we think a longer oil run than the 4,319 miles the sample had on it would be just fine. We generally recommend extending out intervals in 2,000-mile increments, so try up to about 6,500 miles for the next interval.”

Not bad considering this car is used to 3,000 mile oil changes.  Let’s try to stretch it out a little!

One thought on “The Results are IN: ROWE Stress Test – Volvo C70 Oil Change
  1. Peter Hungett

    Ridiculous to change synthetic oil every 3K miles Porche oil changes with Mobil 1 are from 10K Miles to 20K Miles depending on year and model. The every 3K myth was propagated by Jiffy Lub and that was with dino. In Europe they no better and don’t believe such advertising crap. It’s extra waste you’re adding to the environment so wake up and at minimum go by the manufacturers schedule. That C70 was every 7500 Miles and when VOLVO switched to using synthetic the regular scheduled oil change was 10K Miles. Don’t waste your money your engine won’t notice the difference at all.

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