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European car owners are driving their vehicles longer and further than ever, and we will do our best to promote the appreciation and maintenance of all European cars.  In an effort to continue providing the best value and service to our customers, we’ve rolled out eEuroparts for Life™, a limited lifetime warranty on nearly every part we sell, serviceable through us.  eEuroparts for Life ™ is a guarantee, warranty, and loyalty program all wrapped up into a single concept which is to keep you as a customer for life, and keep your European cars on the road longer.

eeuroparts for life


Here’s how it works:

eeuroparts for lifeAll parts covered under the eEuroparts for Life ™ program will be noted on the listing.  Parts that carry their own manufacturer warranties will have those warranties specifically listed.  As always, find more information by clicking the [info] link next to any warranty label.

When you have a part covered under the eEuroparts for Life ™ Limited lifetime warranty, and it fails or is otherwise defective in a manner outside of normal wear, log in and find the order that you bought the part under.

eEuroparts for Life ™ to work, you must buy a replacement part and pay for shipping.  If the original part number listed is no longer available or you would like to upgrade, you may purchase a comparable part (for example, a Lemfoerder control arm for a Febi, as long as the OE reference number is the same). When the order ships, you can proceed.

From the order history page, click the link that says ‘Return Items‘ on the right of your original order.  You will be brought to the Return Authorization Form.  See the numbered graphic below along with corresponding instructions for each field.

eeuroparts for life instructions

  1.  When warrantying a defective part that has failed, select “Warranty Return (eEuroparts for Life ™)“. If you are returning a new part that you ordered but have not opened or installed, select “New Product Return”.
  2. Check the box next to the part you are replacing.
  3. If you ordered multiple quantities of the part but are replacing a different number, select the quantity here.
  4. Select the reason you are returning the part.  If the part is being replaced for defect, select that option. 
  5. If you are returning an installed part for a reason other than a defect failure replacement, describe it in the notes here.
  6. Get the order number from the replacement order you placed above and put it in this box.  This will be referenced and used to process your return.
  7. Put your vehicles VIN in this box to verify fitment of the original part to be correct.
  8. Approximate as close as you can to the mileage you installed the part at, and the mileage that the part failed/was removed.

Once you have filled out all of the required information on this form, you will receive an RMA number.  Instructions will be given in the RMA email that you will receive afters submitting the form.  Box up the defective part and clearly write the RMA number on the outside of it, then ship the part to us.  No shipping labels are provided for eEuroparts for Life ™ returns.  It is advisable to include the RMA number inside the box in case the number gets obscured or is otherwise unreadable after shipping.

When we receive the RMA package, our parts experts will carefully inspect the part to verify that it is the original part purchased at®.  We do this by analyzing details such as serial numbers, part construction, and that the wear of the defective part is otherwise consistent with the mileage and age listed.

Once approved, you will be refunded the original price of the part you ordered.

This warranty is subject to the terms and conditions listed on this page:

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6 thoughts on “ Rolls Out Limited Lifetime Warranty – eEuroparts for Life™
  1. Matt Moran

    Hi Steve. If you feel that the oil was defective for any reason we’d be happy to ship you new product. You’d just need to fill out your eEuroparts for Life warranty online to start a return. We recommend doing a Blackstone Labs oil test to verify.

  2. David Ellis

    Thanks for taking the time to post here, and thanks for having a very wide variety of parts too. You folks are a rare source for BMW door panel fasteners and lock pin grommets.

    It looks like the “Lifetime” warranty is a more accurately a defect warranty, so wear items are generally not covered. Hence, ball joints that wear out are not covered. Bushings that wear out are not covered. Brake pads that wear out are not covered. Shocks/Struts that wear out are not covered. CV joints that wear out are not covered.

    If my assessment is inaccurate, please let me know.

    Thanks again for being a great source for German auto parts !

    • Adam Goral

      You are correct, it’s not a lifetime parts subscription plan, rather a replacement guarantee for any part that has some kind of problem with it resulting in an unsatisfactory longevity and overall user experience. We are aware that parts can wear poorly or fail prematurely if they have a defect of some kind, such as a bad factory installed bushing, but overall these types of issues are rare and we stand behind our products. In general, the parts that we sell will last the entire time the owner is responsible for the car. Very few of our customers will buy a set of OEM Sachs struts, GKN CV Axles, or Lemforder ball joints and drive the car long enough to wear them out again (well over 100k+ miles). Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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