VTF Springs – How To Lower A Car With Electronic Suspension

H&R VTF Springs

We sell tons of sets of lowering springs a year, letting our customers drop their cars safely and easily while simultaneously tightening up the handling for better track through for spirited driving and on-ramp blasts.  However, if you have a modern car with electronic suspension, your options for a bit of lowering and a slightly stiffer ride have been pretty small.  Fortunately, H&R has done their homework and develop a product line that adds sportyness with an added benefit of adjustability.

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Applications include:

H&R VTF springs allow you to keep your electronic dampers, preserving your expensive adaptive suspension.  This is a huge plus, and takes the initial investment for your suspension upgrade down a few pegs.  If you were to convert, say, your Golf R to a standard sport suspension setup or coilovers, your out the door cost is going to be in the thousands.  With H&R VTF Springs, you can improve your ride substantially for under $1k.  Where the VTF spring really shines isn’t the ability to drop a car on electronic dampers, but rather the adjustability built into ever set.

VW Golf R Electronic Damper Lowering Spring H&R VTF Springs

Cars like the new Golf R with electronic active dampers will be able to be lowered, while maintaining the functionality of the OE suspension.

H&R VTF Springs AdjustabilityH&R VTF Springs

Much like a coilover suspension, H&R VTF Springs feature machined threaded collars on their spring seats that allow for complete ride height adjustability. That means that you can slam your car to the ground on all four corners if that’s what you’re into.  For most people, the reality is that VTF springs will allow you to lower your car with a slight increase in ride stiffness, to achieve the exact fitment that best suits you.  In general, that means getting rid of the ugly fender gap and that’s good enough.  However, for you racier types, an independently adjustable ride height allows you to do one thing really cool that you can’t do with a standard lowering spring, and that’s corner balance a car.

Corner balancing, also known as corner weighting, involves precisely tweaking the right height of each individual corner in order to shift the weight center of the car as close to the middle as possible with a driver in the seat and around a half tank of fuel.  It involves the use of 4 scales, one on each wheel, and the closer you can get to having the weight of one side equal the other, the easier the car will be to balance on the limit.

Race Car Audi RS 3 LMS Corner Balance

Independently adjustable coils for ride height allows you to corner balance, the true reason adjustable coilovers are popular among racers.

Raise the height on one corner, and it will get lighter as weight shifts to the other wheel.  We corner balance our Audi RS 3 LMS race cars several times every weekend, that’s how important it is.  Stay tuned with more information on corner balancing later.

For now, just know that electronic dampers won’t keep you from being able to modify your suspension to your own personal taste, with H&R VTF springs, the sky is the limit.  Or is it the ground.

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