The ROWE Oil Finder – Find your oil and fluid specs

Oil specs are important to know when you are buying oils and fluids.  As you know, not all oils are created equal, and nearly all modern fluids have specific properties  When you’re shopping on eEuro and don’t have your owner’s manual handy, there’s a great tool that can help you determine exactly which ROWE oil you need for your engine, transmission, transfer case, differential and so on.

The ROWE Oil Finder

The ROWE Oil Finder is simple.  For example, say you want to change the transmission fluid on your E90 BMW 328xi.

Step 1, go to this page.  I like to keep it as a bookmark, but I also might use this more than most people.

Step 2, this one gets me sometimes.  You have to select the car icon before getting started.

Step 2, fill out the rest of your car’s information and hit submit.  You’ll find yourself at a page that has all the ROWE Oils that will fit your car.  In this case, the ROWE HIGHTEC ATF9600 fits all the oils specs needed for the GA6L 45R transmission installed in the E90.  The capacity is around 10 liters and you should replace it every 100k miles or so.

So now head over to and pick up your transmission filter using OUR vehicle selector,  and grab 2x 5l jugs of ROWE ATF. Synthetic, Made in Germany.  The ROWE Oil Finder will display all ROWE oils and fluids fit to your car. That includes engine oils, differential gear oils, transmission fluids, power steering, and even coolant choices.  Keep in mind that occasionally, multiple ROWE Oils will fit into the specs for your car, so in those cases you can choose based on price, climate (thicker for hotter, thinner for cooler) and availability to best suit your oil change experience.  Good stuff!



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