The Results Are IN – 07 MINI Turbo ROWE Stress Test

This week, we have fresh ROWE Stress Test results in, and once again they are good.  The subject was Kyle N’s 2007 MINI Cooper S, which features a 1.6l engine and lived with ROWE HIGHTEC SYNT 5W40 for a hearty 5,000 miles.  The 1.6 turbo engine, code-name Prince, is a joint development that would have sounded very strange in the 1940s.  PSA Peugeot Citroen got together with BMW to produce the Prince family in 2006, a new generation of tight tolerance efficient 4cyl engines for small European cars.  Fun fact:  Saab was very nearly about to adopt this engine for its next generation cars, but went out of business before any more progress was made beyond the Phoenix concept.  Kyle’s PSA engine in particular features a small twin scroll turbocharger and direct injection, as well as BMW’s very fancy Valvetronic system (described in this post).

MINI Cooper ROWE Stress Test

When you are pushing nearly 100hp per liter with the use of a turbocharger and direct injection, you’re asking a lot of your oil.  Luckily, even with a major unrelated mechanical failure (which I will get to in a second), the oil result came out great.  When Kyle did his oil change, he noticed a timing chain rattle.  When he went to inspect closer, the timing tensioner had backed out and was spewing oil out.  It had been leaking oil for a little while, and over a quart of makeup oil had been added over the 5,000 miles.  A cursory look on the forums reveal this to be a fairly common problem, and an update was made for these engines specifically in regards to the timing chain tensioner bolt and guides. carries everything you need for this job (including tool rental), as well as anything else you may need to do on your European car to stay reliable.

Regardless, as a result he had to quickly roll the car into the garage and shut it off.  That’s when gasoline washing happens, as the car is still in it’s warm up cycle.  Not a big deal, the only downside being a slightly reduced viscosity and flashpoint.  Luckly, even with all this going on, the engine was protected by ROWE Motor Oil and got a clean bill of health from the techs at Blackstone Labs for this ROWE Stress Test.

2007 MINI Cooper Turbo ROWE Stress Test

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One thought on “The Results Are IN – 07 MINI Turbo ROWE Stress Test
  1. Greg Netzner

    Possibly one of your more interesting tests. DI is harder on oil, as can be turbos (depending on the design), and the mechanical issues throw some unknowns into the mix. Still, since the factory recommended OCI is 10,000 miles, this seems relatively conservative. Especially considering the oil used has better viscosity protection than the factory recommended 5W-30, and that 6 qts were used over only 5,000 miles.

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