Buy Our Saab Race Car!

FOR SALE is the eEuroparts Track/Race Car that we built to compete in the American Endurance Racing series. This car did a 0:59.9 at Lime Rock Park in current trim, AKA FAST but also forgiving. Extensive modification list and lengthy development. Minor wear and tear, full turn key car. Fresh front end rebuild.  Perfect for track days or AER/Champcar/WRL Racing. This car cost around $55k to build. Price is $18,000 with spares. Package deal with enclosed trailer is available.  Inquire Within.

A video of the car on-track can be seen here:


Full Roll Cage
OMP racing seat
5 point harness
Complete electronic suite
with realtime telemetry
Radio System
Dual fuel tank (long stints)
Custom valved Konis
Custom racing springs
Carbon Fiber Wing
Lexan rear and side windows
On board fire suppression
255 width tires front, 235 rear
Upgraded racing CV axles
High tensile wheel studs
Standard Aero ECU Tune
do88 radiator
do88 intake system
do88 intercooler system
Custom oil cooler
Forged Wiseco Pistons
Forged Molnar Rods
Full engine reseal and build
Balance shaft delete
Wavetrac LSD
6-speed F40 transmission
Brembo big brake kit
Krona 3in Downpipe
Custom 3in exhaust
Large Spares package

17 thoughts on “Buy Our Saab Race Car!
  1. Todd

    Love it! Saab is under rated. I bought an E36 M3 and a year later bought a Viggen. Drove them both for a couple years. I sold the M3, still own the Viggen. Why? The Viggen was just more damn fun to drive.

    I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I could.

    • william

      I had an e36 m3 vert, sold my viggin and kept my m3
      I like saabs (pre gm) but viggins are really total crap. Even after subframe brace steering rack brace rear swaybar

      • Adam Goral

        The purposes a Viggen was designed to fulfill are definitely different than an E36 M3, that’s for sure. Excellent snow handling probably didn’t make one of the top bullet points on the M3, anyway.

      • Peter

        Adam, but with the exhaust, intercooler and intake, you should be getting some increase? Want to know what difference those parts will make on my 9-3 please.

        • Adam Goral

          The main difference with the intake and exhaust is the turbo is able to breathe freely and the air charge is substantially cooled. With an engine tune, in its current setup it could potentially make well over 300hp. Because Saabs use the fully electronic Trionic system, no modification will make a strict power gain without an engine tune specifically requesting more power.

  2. Chris Basehore

    OMG…. time for another home equity loan!
    Was this the car that was featured in the ‘balance shaft delete’ blog series? I was reading that with great interest but it just seemed to peter out. No end results postings.
    Maybe you should post up the blog links on here?

    So it was/is using stock ECU? I guess you flashed it stock for liability reasons?
    Man… more details needed! (Such a tease! lol)

    • Adam Goral

      There were numerous iterations of engine tune, and ended up going back to stock Aero due to safety on driveline components. It was very competitive and fast on a stock tune, no reason to overdo it.

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