The Results Are IN! ROWE Stress Testing a BMW 335d: Round 2

Our friend Edward participated in the official ROWE Stress Test earlier this year, where his 2010 BMW 335d passed with flying colors.  He put nearly 2 gallons of ROWE Hightec Multi Syn DPF 5w30 into his M57’s oil sump (specifically the M57D30TUTOP) for 5700 miles and the report came back with perfectly in-spec wear metals, viscosity, insolubles and silicate numbers.  You can read that report [here].  Of course, this is best paired with a Mahle oil filter.  The DPF stands for Diesel Particulate Filter, and ROWE formulated this engine oil with diesels in mind (although this engine oil will work great in gasoline engines too).

BMW M57D30TU.jpg

Blackstone labs suggested going to 7500 miles next, as they always prefer to take small steps.  Where’s the fun in that?  Ed was impressed with the statistics, so he went forth and sent it past 13k miles.  To be honest, I am in the same boat as Blackstone on this one, but the report came back in great shape.  After all, the recommended oil change on the Genuine BMW LL-04 spec 5w30 is 13k so this is the true real world test.

Here’s what the experts in the Laboratory had to say about this new, 13,117mi report:

This was a much longer oil change than what was run previously, and we’re pleased to report this M57 handled it very well. Metals are a little higher, with iron showing the biggest increase. That’s normal, given the additional time metals had to accumulate in the oil, so we don’t see anything troubling in these results. The oil held up well too. The viscosity is correct for 5W/30, soot levels aren’t excessive, and no harmful coolant, fuel, or dirt was present. The TBN shows plenty of active additive remaining (1.0 is low). Try 15,000 miles next. Great report!

Ed mentioned that even he was surprised at the performance of the 5w30 DPF in his BMW 335d, given the weight of his right foot, but ROWE Motor Oils are a product we completely stand behind.  We wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t 100% behind the quality of Made-in-Germany ROWE Motor Oil and Synthetic Fluids.

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