Gary Reider Continues His PHA Hill Climb 2019 Season

May 2019, RED is together again, so all I have to do is drive again. I entered the first PHA TT event @ Summit point WV Jefferson circuit as sort of a warm up to see if I had any nerve anymore. Sure, I have never been “first place material ” here… but RED still rips around this course pretty quickly if I can point and push the pedals.

Turns out RED was 3 seconds quicker here than ever before. At this point I was just along for the ride. No issues with the car, just add fuel and go. We wound up 2nd in a small field of cars in SMF class. So now we have 8 points and I guess we enter Weatherly Hill Climb in 2 weeks.

Weatherly is a technical 1 mile up hill road with an air borne  jump and a quick bendy sweep to the finish. All the really quick cars showed up in the class here.  Bryan Dion in a 2007 GTI @ 400 WHP , Eli Sharp & Vince Wieczorek sharing 98 Integra @ 375 WHP, Max Valerio in a DEL SOL, My self in a 86 SAAB @ 275-//?? WHP, James Apgar in a 90 Jetta @  ? WHP  and Amanda Krause in my old 93 900S @ 200 WHP. Matt Phillips was not here with his Honda, but he can kick my butt too.

Short version results: Bryan breaks his record again, Eli & Vince battle for 2nd & 3rd (58.430 and 58.786 respectively), Max the novice takes 4th with a 61.452 and I finish 5th with a 63.806. I was just not feeling too daring and it showed. James was 6th and Amanda was 7th.  The message here is horsepower (with grip) to weight rules. Driving skills help also, maybe a bunch.  Maybe I’ll swing a little wider next time..

So now I’m thinking is this still fun ?? So I go and enter PHA Pagoda Hill Climb 2 weeks later!

I have raced Pagoda 6 -7 times before and crashed RED hard there in 2014. That was Red’s 3rd event ever. 2019 Pagoda would be my 51st Hill Climb.

Short version results:  Brian breaks his old records again, Matt Phillips takes 2nd, Vince is 3rd, Eli is 4th, I am  5th. Amanda is 6th.

MY only bright spot was that I went faster every run, but still not my fastest ever time. And RED continues to run without any issues, The Sport & Rally dog box is a joy to drive with and seems unbreakable. The next event is the PHA Giant’s Despair hill climb in Wilkes Barre PA.  That’s a story in itself, so until next time……

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