One Week Until Road America – Preparing for Race Day

Mike came over on Saturday and we started to replace an axle seal that we thought was leaking. But when we got the axle out, we found that there was a bad bearing at the differential, so proceeded to remove the gearbox. Nearly got that finished before dark on Saturday. Decided that the fluid leak was actually at the shifter seal.

On Sunday we finished the gearbox removal and transferred necessary parts to the spare gearbox. Also replaced the axle seals. Mark, John and Aiden were also on hand for the work day. We replaced the brake master cylinder as the one in the car seemed to have developed a case of bad seals internally. New rear brakes pads were added, EBC Yellows, as the stock rear pads we had used at BIR were nearly gone after about 7 hours of track time.

Mark and Mike finished the few items that could not be completed on Sunday. A front sway bar link was replaced. Oddly enough, the local Swedish auto repair shop, Foreign Affairs of Duluth, had one in stock so we didn’t have to order online for rush delivery. They also were able to clean up damaged threads on a couple of captive nuts that hold the engine subframe to the chassis.


Once it was back on the ground they took the 9-3 on a quick test drive. The replacement transmission is an improvement over the one that was removed. Now all we have to do is baby it through 14 hours of racing. Fortunately Road America is primarily a 3rd and 4th gear track, though we may be tempted to locate 5th gear on a couple of the long straightaways.  Also replaced the differential o-rings and seals with new ones from eEuroparts.

The racer is on the tow dolly and most of the equipment has been loaded for the trip. Still need to transfer some tools to the race weekend tool box, and load that into the van. We hit the road early on Friday for the seven hour trip to Elkhart Lake. There is a brief detour planned for a stop at a cheese factory for some very fresh cheese curds.

Soon the car will be back on the race track, for Road America October 17-18-19


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