New Detailing Kits Just In Time For Spring

In anticipation of spring, we’ve restructured our detailing kits to better help our customers get the best clean and shine, and more importantly, the best protection.  These kits are nearly exclusively Sonax, some of the best detailing products we’ve ever used straight from Germany.  eEuroparts now has two categories of kits for two different types of customers.  We have our all encompassing basic kits, that are designed for people that don’t already have some detailing supplies, or that want to switch over to Sonax.  These are made to provide something to all aspects of the car wash.  Then we have our specialized kits, for a fine tuned clean for customers that may already have incomplete detailing collections.

Stage 1: A Basic Kit that has the bare essentials for an easy, high quality clean.  That includes the Sonax shampoo, Microfiber drying towel for a spotless clean, wheel cleaner to wash off damaging and corrosive brake dust, and glass cleaner to finish it off for a complete clean and shine.

Stage 2: A Basic Kit that adds a few items to help make the process easier. The basic plus kit includes the shampoo, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, and microfiber towels, but adds a bucket, microfiber wash mitt, tire shine, dashboard cleaner, and high speed wax to protect your paint work and buff in a high gloss shine.

Stage 3:  An all-out kit that includes all the items in Stage 2, and adds leather foam, upholstery and carpet cleaner, cold engine bay cleaner, 2 dirt erasers for easy scuff removal off plastic panels, and a pack of 15 polishing cloths.

The second line of new eEuroparts kits is for people that already have some detailing supplies, but want to concentrate on a specific area more than others.  All of these kits together could be considered an ultimate kit, but we will let you make that choice.

Exterior Clean and Protect Detailing Kit:

This kit contains everything you need to preserve a brilliant luster in your paintwork.  Start off by removing the dried crispy insects off the front of the car, then start your car wash.  Once dry, bust out the Sonax Hybrid NPT cleaner to condition the top layer of paint and prepare it for a coat of liquid wax.  Use the included microfiber cloths to buff to a bright reflective shine that will last ages, and make your upcoming washes much more effective (because dirt won’t stick!)

Interior Clean and Protect Detailing Kit:

As the name suggests, this is designed to keep your habitat nice and fresh.  Start the wash by spraying down any stains or marks on the carpet with the upholstry cleaner, and let sit for a minute.  While it sets in, use the dashboard cleaner to wipe down all the plastics and vinyl on your doors and dash.  This cleaner is designed to leave a never-oily satiny smooth clean feel.  When done, you can tend to the areas sprayed with the carpet cleaner and restore all carpet to like-new (especially effective in moldy smelling trunks).  Clean all the interior glass, and finish by applying the Sonax leather foam to all leather seating surfaces.  Let sit for a minute then wipe off, your interior will be clean and fresh without any oily residue or strong cleaner smells.  Perfect for date night!

Wheel Cleaner Plus Detailing Kit:

For those folks out there that suffer from a lot of brake dust and complicated wheel designs, this is the ultimate wheel and tire package.  Consisting of the Sonax Wheel Cleaner PLUS (an ultra strong formula for tough brake dust), a wheel brush, tire gel and an applicator sponge for a show-worthy clean.

Car Show Quick Detailing Kit:

This kit is designed to be busted out after you roll up to a car show this summer.  Gaining huge followings, drive in’s and car shows are the perfect place to meet up and show off your work, but if you have a lengthy drive to get there, good luck arriving in your parking space perfectly clean.  This kit contains insect remover to disolve the bugs off your bumper, glass cleaner to clean whatever misfortune your glass suffered on the ride there, as well as a 3 pack of buffing towels and Sonax Easy Shine.  The Easy Shine is the cornerstone of this kit because it’s designed to be used in direct sunlight, or on warm paintwork.  You won’t have to find a shadetree to finish off your shine, just bust this kit out and in a few minutes, restore your shine to the way it was when you left your driveway.

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