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As the seasons change, so is the state of Genuine Saab parts, as sold through parent company Orio.  Therefore, it’s time for an update to let you, our customers, stay in the know about future parts availability for your Saab cars. With new methods of communication with Orio (the supplier of Genuine Saab parts), we are able to implement a few new key features.    Check out some of the changes we’re making to help the process become easier for our customers.  As everyone is well aware, Saab is no longer a company in the way it used to be.  It is no longer stamping body panels or stitching seats.  However, Orio has taken over the sourcing of all other parts from their respective OE manufacturers to keep the stream flowing.  You can read more about this [here].

Genuine Saab: In Stock Parts

You may have noticed additional notation on our catalog item pages when shopping for in stock parts, with day ranges added.  This is because we are now able to treat Orio like a second warehouse, with new stock reporting directly from them.  If a Genuine Saab part says ‘In Stock 1-2 Days’, this means that we know their warehouse has stock on the item you are interested in buying, and we can reliably get it shipped out to you 1-2 days after ordering.   This is part of our continuing effort to make sure orders are always filled with the parts you need quickly, without the occasional message back from Orio that the item that we ordered is now NLA.  We are now doing this with a few other vendors as well, so keep an eye out.

Drop Shipping

For years we have been trying to make drop shipping a viable option, and finally we are in a position to roll out the first iteration of a drop shipping system.  When launched, you will find the option in checkout to choose one of our partner warehouses to ship from.  Keep in mind your shipping charges will change.  This won’t be available for all items, but we hope soon most Genuine Saab parts will be available to drop ship if they aren’t in stock at the eEuroparts warehouse, making sure you get the parts you need even faster.  Look for this to be implemented soon.

Old Stock, New Manufacturers

As time continues, Saab owners must come to the realization that the parts made by Saab while they were still in business will begin to dry up.  The most popular of these parts, particularly maintenance items like SEM ignition cassettes, will of course continue to flow.  Genuine DI Cassette prices actually have never been lower than right now.  Low demand items like Genuine Saab fenders and radiator stays,, painted trim parts, control modules, and other things that are showing up from Orio as NOS (New Old Stock) will continue to tick over to NLA as the last ones leave the building.  In these situations, it’s not uncommon for people (Saab parts hoarders, we know who we are) to start buying parts that they know they will need eventually.  Someone out there has a whole crate of new C900 tail light circuit boards, we’re sure.

Genuine Saab Parts such as Ignition Cassette’s prices of Genuine Saab T7 ignition cassettes have never been lower!

There’s no way to tell when or what parts this will happen on, so it’s just something to keep in mind.  However, our new external warehouse reporting system will drastically cut down on orders that are placed, that are later noted to be NLA by Orio and refunded.

The auto parts industry is a constantly shifting teeter totter of supply and demand, and as some manufacturers end their production runs and wear out their tooling, they may stop supplying a certain engine mount (for rhetorical example) to Orio.  Maintenance and wear parts that Orio knows people will need continuously (like sway bar links, bushings, bearings etc) are being changed to other manufacturers to keep the parts you need available, and up to Orio’s quality benchmarks to be deemed Genuine Saab parts.  eEuroparts offers thousands of OES parts in this fashion as well, so you can trust us to supply what we consider the best quality parts available at the lowest prices on the web.

We want to keep your Saab running as long as they were designed to (forever, right?) and will do what we can to make sure that is a possibility.  We pride ourselves on our ability to get the right parts into our customers hands fast and inexpensive, so thank you to our customers for allowing us to do this.  We have a great future, we’re glad you will continue to help us fulfill it.

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3 thoughts on “Genuine Saab Parts – State of the Union
  1. Orio does seem to be trying ! the hood insulation for 900, og 9-3 is NLA Orio says the tooling to make it was destroyed? I am trying to find a replacement source for it and so, I (and or others) may be able to offer it in the future as an aftermarket product! does anyone have a new OEM unused hood insulation pad that could be 3-d scanned, measured used as a pattern? As well the future is actually NOT so grim for saab and other moribund car company owners as we can get many parts reproduced by three D printing and they can even 3d print in metal now! a dutch company,”3D hub ” aspires to find someone w/ a 3D printer within 50 miles of everyone, everywhere, anywhere, in the world! regards, Neil

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