KONI Performance Shocks and Struts – Now Available

When talking about big ticket items, a suspension redo is high on the list of spendiness, and we have something for everyone.  In the past, we have proudly offered Sachs at outstanding prices to our customer looking for OE replacement shocks and struts.  For those wanting a performance option while maintaining top of the line quality, we brought in a personal favorite, Bilstein.  However, our constant involvement in the quest for selection and diversity have brought a new heavy hitter to the catalog, demanded by name for awhile now … we welcome KONI to eEuro.

Staying in the EU performance/manufacturing bubble with Bilstein and Sachs, KONI hails out of Holland (isn’t that weird?).  eEuroparts is offering six product lines from KONI to help fill gaps in Bilstein and Sachs, while offering a greater selection of products to our discerning customers.

KONI Sport [shop]

Koni Adjustable SportSimilar to the idea of Bilstein B8 Sport shocks and struts, KONI Sports are an adjustable sport shock designed for a driver that has lowered sport springs and is looking for a more aggressive ride.  A key detail that separates these two product lines is that KONI Sports feature a knob on the top of the shock that allows for dialing in of Rebound.  Rebound dampening limits how quickly a shock extends back out after compression.  You may ask, why only rebound and not compression?

Koni Challenge

Competitors in the KONI Challenge all used KONI dampers

Rebound tuning is generally considered to be much more important than compression because during the compression phase the shock is only damping the upwards motion of the unsprung weight against the spring force (and can therefore be much weaker).  Rebound dampening handles a much larger role of the chassis response dynamic, as the spring is working against it to force it down as fast as possible.  The less rebound dampening, the faster the wheel can return to the neutral position (and therefore get tire contact patch to the ground).  Keep in mind that too much rebound dampening will cause a skiddish handling car on the limit because your unloaded wheels will most likely be in the air over bumps.  Sports let you find the sweet spot in grip and responsiveness.  By only having rebound adjustments available, the assembly can be much simpler than a dual adjustable unit, and less expensive.

Koni Sport Settings

KONI Sport adjustable min and max damper settings

KONI Sports are also available in kit form, paired with German made H&R sport/lowering springs.  Each kit is different, so reference the individual product page for lowering heights.

KONI FSD [shop]

Koni FSDUtilizing KONI’s proprietary parallel valve design, the FSD (Frequency Selective Dampening) series is a non-adjustable do-it-all suspension solution for sport oriented drivers that don’t necessarily plan on hitting the race track tomorrow, but want to make sure their performance car is accentuated by a suspension system up to the task of maintaining superior comfort and control.  When I say non-adjustable, I mean non-USER adjustable.  The trick to the FSD valve system is that it creates a mechanically adaptable damper to handle a wide variety of road conditions.  This makes a shock that is comfortable and soft on rough roads, and snaps into action when you finally get to your favorite country road.  Because of the unique nature of the handling qualities of FSD’s, they are only available in sets of four to avoid the possibility of customers mismatching shock types and running into driveability issues.

Koni FSD shock dyno tests

The just of it is that there are two valves that control the frequency of dampening, one valve for each of the frequency spectrums.  It’s all hydraulic, which means there’s no switches, electronics, sensors, solenoids etc.  Just a really good ride in town or in the canyon.  KONI FSD’s are also available as an FSD kit with H&R lowering springs.

KONI STR.T [shop]

Koni STR.TThe STR.T line of KONI struts and shocks are designed to be an entry-level replacement, for those demanding a high quality shock absorber but aren’t looking for anything too complicated or expensive.  With sturdier valving than standard OE, these will provide a sportier handling ride with damper rates higher than OE.  However, without the complicated systems involved in making an FSD or adjustable KONI Sport, these are perfect as an entry-level performance suspension upgrade at an unbeatable price point.  Like the Sports and FSD’s, KONI STR.T’s are available as a kit with H&R lowering springs to provide a basic lowering and sport style upgrade.

Koni STR.T Shock Dyno

KONI Heavy Track [shop]

Koni Heavy Track KONI Heavy Track shocks and struts are designed for light trucks and 4wd’s that see a mix of tarmac and gravel driving.  KONI considers the Heavy Track shock absorber as an ‘All Road’ solution that provides comfort on rough pavement and unimproved roads, while still allowing spirited driving options for when you want to conjure some adrenaline.  Because off-road driving can greatly increase the fundamental demands on a shock absorber, Heavy Track shocks and struts are made with more robust seals designed for higher heat ranges and heavier abuse. These shocks, like the sports, feature adjustable rebound to get your vehicle dialed in over rocks and dirt no matter what load or equipment you are hauling.

KONI Raid [shop]

Koni Raid Shock AbsorberSimilar to the Heavy Track line only beefed up, the KONI Raid shocks and struts are purely made for high performance off-road use.  Manufacturing a twin tube design with a greater oil volume for increased cooling and cavitation resistance, the Raid line will provide a reliable solution for drivers looking to make some dust in the back country.  Other key features are a thicker outer tube for better impact strength, rebound adjustment, a progressive rebound stop valve in case of big compression impact (ie jumps), 360 welding on all attachment points, and no modification required to install.  However, if you are to use your vehicle in a way that makes these appropriate, we advise reinforcing some critical areas to avoid chassis damage (ask the rally guys).

KONI Raids are perfect for your off road raider truck aspirations

KONI Classic/Special D [shop]

Koni ClassicSimply put, KONI Classic shocks are meant to update older cars with a modern sport shock absorber.  Nothing fancy, these are standard sport non-adjustable shocks that will update your old school oil only shocks to a monotube gas pressurized unit able to handle much more abuse without the risk of overheating like a standard oil shock.  Perfect for older classics that hit the windy roads every so often, and might even see a casual track day.

So there you have it, fresh performance parts for a huge selection of cars, now available from eEuro.  With new payment methods available, it might just be time to give the best gift of all, new car parts.  Really, as car guys and gals, we can agree there really isn’t anything better.


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