Performance BMW Parts: E46 Cooling System Kit Adds Durability

As someone that keeps track of BMW parts sales to notice trends (& all Euro brands for that matter!), one trend became obvious pretty quickly.  BMW cooling system parts have always been huge movers.  This is mostly due to both the design and materials used, especially in parts for BMW E36’s and E46’s, but we have a solution.  We’ve come up with a BMW E46 cooling system kit that replaces the brittle and failure prone components with uprated aluminum parts to ensure you’ll never have to replace them again.  Mishimoto has been in the business of making high-quality all-aluminum cooling system parts and we’ve assembled them into an easy to install kit that will keep your BMW reliable, even under severe abuse.

E46 BMW Cooling System Parts Kit

This E46 Cooling System Kit has the parts you need to upgrade your BMW cooling system for track ready performance. Pick a radiator and buy now!

E46 BMW Parts performance aluminum radiator

The aluminum E46 BMW radiator by Mishimoto radiator is available for both Automatic and Manual transmissions.

The kit itself is compatible with both Automatic and Manual transmissions, as it does not include the radiator part.  We have both radiators ready to go on the site, so choose which one you need to pair with this cooling system kit.  The manual transmission radiator is MMRADE46323 and the automatic transmission radiator is MMRADE46323A (which has provisions build in for the auto trans cooler parts).  Both Mishimoto aluminum E46 BMW radiators feature TIG welded all-aluminum construction that won’t ever be at risk of rupturing, something that the stock plastic endtank designs often do. These parts also offer substantially larger capacity and flow, making them an all around-improvement for the engine.  If you are on a tight budget, this kit will work with a stock radiator.

The Engine Cooling System Kit itself features the following BMW parts:

Hepu water pump with a metal impeller.  The E46’s BMW water pump parts commonly fail by the plastic composite vanes blowing apart as they age.  This water pump is OEM quality, and is upgraded with a metal impeller, making for a more reliable system.

Hepu e46 BMW cooling system kit water pump

URO metal water pump pulley.  Another issue in this cooling system is a plastic water pump pulley.  Replacing the pump with a metal impeller unit will do no good if your pulley cracks under the pressure.  This one’s metal, and a much more durable part.

E46 BMW cooling system kit aluminum water pump pulley

Mishimoto Aluminum expansion tank.  The plastic expansion tank, along with the plastic end tanks on the E46 are notorious for cracking.  With an aluminum radiator and an aluminum expansion tank, you are adding a huge amount of insurance to your bimmer.  This e46 BMW aluminum expansion tank attaches in the stock location, and even works with the stock radiator if you aren’t replacing both parts all at one time.  The tank includes a Mishimoto 2bar high pressure radiator cap to further help with the risk of boilover.

E46 BMW cooling system parts kit aluminum expansion tank mishimoto

A BEHR 97 degree thermostat ensures that the temperature of your cooling system is perfect, and gets there quick.

OES Behr e46 BMW cooling system thermostat

A BMW OEM radiator fan switch to make sure that when the temperature rises, your cooling fan comes on.  These parts sometimes fail, and are very cheap to replace.  With the engine parts already out, there’s no reason not to include one of these.  If it breaks, your car will overheat, which makes all this extra work a little pointless, don’t you think?

BMW OEM parts: radiator fan switch

Mishimoto radiator hose kit.  To continue on our E46 bulletproofing mission is a set of Mishimoto cooling hoses that really spiff up the engine bay, as well as adding longevity and reliability.  This BMW hose kit comes with an o-ring for the sensor to make sure that the sensor goes back in and remains leak free.

E46 BMW cooling system kit silicone hoses

German cars in general are made with some pretty specific coolant requirements, and while going to the store and topping up on the green stuff might work to get you down the road (but not for long), since you have the cooling system apart already you might as well do things right.  This kit includes a gallon of Genuine BMW concentrated coolant. Mix with distilled water and consider your cooling system ready to take on the worst abuse and weather you can give it.  That’s peace of mind you can take to the bank.

Genuine E46 BMW Coolant FluidWith the combination of a new aluminum radiator, the eEuroparts BMW E46 Performance Cooling System Kit for performance applications is sure to make your sports car bulletproof for both every day driving, and track duty.  Silicone hoses, aluminum end tanks, metal impeller water pumps with metal pulleys.  If you want to finish it all off the right way, we carry Mishimoto electric cooling fans and shrouds to put the final nail in cooling system failure’s coffin.  The electric cooling fan not only adds reliability, but on belt/clutch driven models it also gives back a little power by deleting the fan belt and related clutch.  The retrofit kits will use Mishimoto’s NPT fan speed controller and temperature probe kit.  To see what fits your E46, visit and put your BMW model into the vehicle selector.  Then navigate to the cooling system parts category to see everything you need to totally redo all the weak points of your E46 cooling system kit.

Fitment for the performance BMW E46 Cooling System kit includes:

Aluminum E46 BMW Cooling System Kit BMW 323Ci 2000-2000

BMW 323i 1999-2000

BMW 325Ci 2001-2006

BMW 325i 2001-2005

BMW 325xi 2001-2005

BMW 328Ci 2000-2000

BMW 328i 1999-2000

BMW 330Ci 2001-2006

BMW 330i 2001-2005

BMW 330xi 2001-2005

If you prefer to replace the aging and failure prone parts of your E46’s cooling system without investing in high-end aluminum parts, we do offer an E46 cooling system kit using mostly stock BMW parts.  Of course, we still use a metal impeller water pump and pulley.  One thing is for certain, if you have an aging E46, your cooling system will need to be serviced, and it’s best to do it before major failure.  It’s safer for you and your family to not be stuck on the side of the road, it’s safer for the environment not to dump a couple gallons of anti-freeze into the nearby creek, and in the end it will save you time and money.  What’s not to like?

Standard E46 BMW cooling system kit

The standard cooling system kit will still do wonders to increase the reliability of your E46 cooling system



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