drtuned Racing tested, eEuro approved. Introducing Krona Performance for our Saab 9-5!

When we first heard about the lineup of products that Krona Performance had to offer for our Saab 9-5 race car, we knew we had to get in touch. A few months later, the drtuned Racing and Krona Performance partnership was thriving, and our build was well on its way to reaching this year’s power goals.  More than just horsepower and reliability, now the relationship with drtuned, Krona Performance, and eEuro has netted a new result.  Krona Performance parts are now available on eEuroparts.com! [shop for your car]

Introducing Krona Performance Exhaust Parts

Saab Performance Parts

Located in Charlestown West Virginia, Krona Performance produces hand-crafted performance parts using American sourced T304 Stainless Steel. Every Krona product comes backed with a lifetime warranty, so your shiny new parts will likely outlast your car!

  So what’s all the hype about? Any brand of performance parts is just as good as the other right? Wrong! Let’s take a look at some of the products they offer, and what we’ve currently got installed on our drtuned Saab 9-5 race car.

Saab Strut Reinforcement Bar

Chassis rigidity is a very important part of maintaining Saab parts associated with wheel alignment in performance driving situations. Any amount of flex in the chassis or fluctuation in the alignment reduces your optimal grip.

Saab Krona Performance Parts

eEuroparts carries Saab performance parts like strut bars for both the NG9-3 and 9-5.

For a performance oriented driver, this just simply won’t do. Both the 99-09 9-5 and 03-09 9-3 can benefit from the Saab parts upgrade, whether it is your daily driver or a race driven build like our own. 
Installation is quite easy, and working on my own Saab. I had it installed in under 40 minutes. The included Saab OEM parts like stainless hardware was great, as it contrasts the high quality black wrinkle finish of the bar nicely, and allows you to retain the factory top mount cover.

3” Downpipe

Saab Catalytic ConverterAfter the exhaust gases leave the Saab turbo, we want to reduce any restrictions as much as possible to improve turbo spool and increase max flow. The first restriction it runs into, is the small tubing and restrictive catalytic converters of the factory downpipe. By using upgraded Saab parts like 3” stainless tubing, the bend radius is increased, meaning flow loss is reduced, and overall weight is significantly lowered. The high flow race catalytic converter is a great addition that will keep the install street legal and prevent the nauseous odors associated with cat-less exhaust systems. With negligible performance losses, we’ve used Krona’s premium race cat even on our dedicated Saab race build. The additional third sensor bung is a nice final touch to the downpipe, and allows you to install a Saab performance part such as the wideband AFR gauge, or an EGT sensor in addition to retaining both factory oxygen sensors.

Some wideband sensors allow you to simultaneously provide data to the factory Saab system, meaning you can add both an AFR and EGT sensor to the downpipe for maximum reliability.

Honeybadger Saab Inlet Pipe

For the T7 cars, Krona Performance also offers a nice Saab part upgrade from the cast aluminum cobra pipe. The increase in power is just as good as the pun, as the Honey Badger dominates both the original cobra and later king cobra factory pipes. While post-turbo restrictions can be overcome with adding more boost, the intake and inlet pipe are a different story. Like the downpipe, pre-turbo flow levels determine the max flow capacity of the entire system, and airflow equals horsepower! The included, upgraded silicone bypass hose also does a nice job of assisting the recirculation valve in reducing boost lag.

Saab Krona Performance Parts

In a day and age of off shore mass car part production, quality made domestic brands are something worthy of recognition. When a company offers an increase in performance, reliability, and incredible aesthetics, it’s something to stand behind. We’re very proud to be running a full collection of Saab performance parts via Krona for our drtuned 9-5 race car, and look forward to where our partnership takes us in the future!

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