The Official eEuroFest T-Shirt Has Winners!!

We wanted to make eEuroFest a personal experience for our customers attending, there’s a few ways we thought of doing that.  After vetoing the dunk tank, and nixing the selfy booth, we thought we would give you the opportunity to get your car on the official eEuroFest Tee Shirt!  This gives us a reason to throw a contest, which is always fun.  It’s also a reason to look at a lot of pictures of our customers cars, no complaints there!  We have a mockup of the shirt below, of course missing your car.  Once we get our three winners, we’ll have our designer convert their cars into sweet sweet vector art, and we’ll be sending out an eEuroFest VIP package to each winner!


The contest is over and we have our winners! The shirt will feature a Convertible Viggen, A Volvo V70R, and a sharp E60 BMW. See you at Lime Rock Park June 9-10

eEuroFest tshirt

We have three spots to fill, send a picture of your car to and let the people vote!

Win a VIP Package

The Motorsport Experience BMW M3To quickly go over what you get in that VIP package, let me lay it out.  You get two show car passes, you get two tshirts, you get two camping passes to stay overnight in the hallowed Lime Rock facility.  Oh, and you will want to get there on Friday because we will have the autocross open to VIP holders only.  Just wave your VIP badges to gain access to the autocross, hospitality, and hot laps line.

We even rented a few BMW M3’s prepared by The Motorsport Experience for the day, if you ever wanted to autocross a souped up E9x M3 there’s your chance.  Anyone with a camping pass will also be invited to a BBQ dinner that night.  On Saturday, VIP members will get front of the line privileges to both the Autocross and ride-along sessions amidst the Hooked on Driving track day, shotgun in one of the previously mentioned M3’s on the Lime Rock full course.  VIP’s will also get access to the hospitality areas, making this package the ultimate eEuroFest experience. Check out to buy tickets, and hit up our Facebook to RSVP to the official eEuroFest event page.

How To Win

Anyway, by now you are hopefully thinking “Alright but how do I win this extravagant vacation for two?“.  Simple!  Send a photo of your car to   We will take all of your photos and separate them into three Facebook galleries, which we will post one week from now, over 3 consecutive days. View each of the three galleries and vote for the car that you MOST WANT to see on the front of the official eEuroFest tshirt!  The car with the most likes in each gallery will win!  One caveat, the eEuroFest Tee will have 3 separate makes, so if for instance a VW has won in two galleries, the second gallery will go to the runner-up.  We won’t group by make.

We are looking forward to letting you guys battle it out for ultimate eEuroFest Tee Shirt supremacy. Keep an eye on our Facebook feed next week when the galleries go up and the voting will commence!


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