Hitting the track and the street with Do88

When we embarked on the journey that is building a Saab racing car, we knew Do88 would be a fundamental part of the performance of the machine.  When it was finally time to get to the nitty gritty, we already had all the parts we needed picked out.  Of course that meant a few boxes showed up from Sweden once we pulled the trigger. In them was a Do88 intercooler, aluminum radiator, as well as a full set of hoses.  After our first AER of the season at Watkins Glen International, it was clear we made the right decision.  If you are looking for performance cooling products for your Swedish or German car, we have a huge number of products from Sweden’s premiere speed shop.  Over 500 to be exact, but if you can’t find the right silicone hose set or performance cooler, we have a number of other options available including performance cooling giant Mishimoto.

Experiencing Do88 Performance Products

Do88 Radiator, Hoses, Intercooler, and Pipes

We’ve actually installed Do88 componenthanksts in a number of our personal vehicles and our old race car, Norma.  One thing that drew us specifically to Do88 was how passionate they are about delivering the utmost quality.  Because of that, the Do88 Saab 9-3 intercooler is flow optimized using computer magic, ultimately resulting in cast end tanks that are very specifically shaped internally to maximize airflow, and thus cooling capacity.  You can read more about Do88 intercoolers at this blog post here.  Read more about the very cool Group A Racing intercooler for the Volvo 24x B230 engine

Basically, we are very proud of them and feature huge gains in intake temperature and flow.  The car’s turbo spool-up is snappy, and we’re happy how overbuilt the engine feels overall.  We have a lot of elbowroom for adding power if we want, but so far the reliability has been fantastic.

Do88 Radiator Hose

do88 Crossflow Intercooler

We have a number of other Do88 components, like this Saab OG9-3 ‘crossflow’ intercooler. Note the size difference, and the flow optimized end tanks

Our Do88 intercooler actually came in a kit, which also conveniently features a slew of other components to completely replace everything from our turbocharger to our throttle body.  That means larger diameter tubing than stock, along with reinforced silicone hoses and stainless steel hardware.  These big kits are available for many of the Swedish turbo cars that we support, mostly Saab and Volvo.  However, if you have a Koenigsegg some of your replacement hoses will be from Do88, so there’s that as well.  Trusted by the manufacturer of the fastest cars on the planet, that’s pretty heavy.

do88 race car

Although it’s no Koenigsegg, our 9-3 benefits greatly from Do88 components (photo courtesy of DW Burnett)

Do88 Saab Race Car

(photo courtesy of DW Burnett)

Speaking of hoses, eEuroparts carries a huge line of replacement cooling hoses and hose kits from Do88 in a few different colors, and not just for Swedish cars but also a huge variety of European makes and models.  We went with blue for radiator and expansion tank hoses, but you can also buy do88 hose kits in black and red.

One of the key features of these hose kits is their material makeup, making them incredibly strong as well as resilient to the chemicals and heat found under your hood.  Other hose manufacturers fall short where Do88 excels, and that’s in the reinforcement.  Check out the hose below and notice both the number of layers, as well as the tightness of the reinforcement fibers.

Do88 Reinforcement Fibers

Whether you are pushing huge boost numbers, or are simply looking for a reliable replacement, Do88 and eEuroparts.com has what you need. For those of you interested in giving your 9-3ss the same treatment as our race car, check out the products below!  They are what we put on, and helped immensely at our last race.

Do88 Big Pack intercooler and hose kit in red

Do88 Performance tig-welded aluminum radiator

Do88 Reinforced Silicone Engine Intake Hose

Do88 Reinforced Silicone Engine Coolant Hose Kit in blue

Red for air, Blue for water. Makes sense, right?

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