Saabs@Carlisle is May 19-21, 2017

As we said last year, there are few shows that we look forward to every year as much as Carlisle. Saabs@Carlisle is a Saab show-within-a-show at the larger Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals in pastoral Carlisle, PA. In 2016 the Carlisle Import & Kit Nationals merged with the Carlisle Performance & Style, and it was a huge success. Sure, it rained for what seemed like the entire weekend, but it was still amazing. This year there is no rain in the forecast and the weather looks perfect. In 2017 we’re rolling with five people in two Saabs after bringing a Saab and – gasp! – a Volvo in 2016.

Saabs@CarlisleThe show ramps up on Friday, crescendos on Saturday, and tapers off on Sunday. People drive hundreds and hundreds of miles to attend, so many people need most of Friday and Sunday to travel. We’ll be there the entire time, soaking it all in, so if you can make it for any or every day, come by and say hi. We’re a lot of fun, and we have swag and giveaways! But if that isn’t enough, in addition to our $15 site credit giveaway we’ll be raffling off a full set of Nokian tires, which we launched on just in time. The winner can choose whichever set he or she wants!

Nokian Tires

The entire show is expected to host over 2,000 show vehicles.  In addition to Saabs and other imports, the show will welcome domestics, kit cars, motorcycles, and trucks. It will also feature autocross, drifting, rolling exhaust competition, burnouts, and a whole lot more. Picture a huge open field as far as the eye can see. Scatter a few miscellaneous pole barns and a grandstand. Now take thousands of the most impressive import, kit, and performance cars in the country and you have an approximation of what it’s like to attend the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals. Still struggling to imagine it in your mind? Check out our photo gallery of 2016 Saabs@Carlisle.

Saabs at Carlisle

Saabs@Carlisle is an impressive anomaly that just happened to result in huge SAAB representation. Most of the show field is row after row of sparking paint jobs and things of that nature. Saabs@Carlisle…well…let me put it this way. If you picture the SAAB show as a massive swarm of bees, Saabs@Carlisle is the hive. Taking place around and underneath a massive tent, this section of the show dominates the landscape, which is why we are so excited to get there and represent. The most noticeable thing about the hive is that it’s the only one there. No other parts of this entire show are big enough to be allowed to set up such a structure in the show field.

Don’t have a Saab? No problem! Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals is for just about everyone, so if you can make it, come out. You won’t be disappointed.

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