eEuroFest 2017 Photo Gallery is LIVE!

Now that the cars all made it back (hopefully in one piece), we feel it’s fine to put a cap on the experience with our official eEuroFest 2017 photo gallery!  With over 1500 people attending, and massively good weather, we are ecstatic at how eEuroFest 2017 went.  Friday started out early with VIP’s lining up near the Chalet, where they would enjoy catered food and air conditioning all weekend.  There they met up with our partners at The Motorsport Experience for an exclusive day of autocross using both their own cars, and the supplied BMW M3’s to tear up the course.  Instantly, once our VIP’s hit the track we knew our vision was coming together.

eEuroFest 2017 Photo Gallery Car Show

BMW M3 Race Track Car Rental

Climbing into The Motorsport Experience BMW M3 Race Car

While camping pass holders trickled in to set up their camp sites, and our very own eEuroparts manufacturer vendors finished getting their various car parts displays together, the sounds of squealing tires and the smell of hot brakes wafted over the infield at Lime Rock Park.  Simultaneously, the main course was green, meaning some of the fastest cars in the entire region were doing hot laps around us.  Porsche 911 GT3’s, Ferrari 458’s, BMW M3 GTR’s….The list goes on.  The bellow of an ACR Viper alongside a Porsche Cayman GT4 filled the entire valley, and as we judged the atmosphere we looked at each other and though “When people find out about what is going on here, eEuroFest 2018 is going to be enormous.”

Blue BMW M3 at eEuroFest 2017

Krona eEuroFest

Matt and Casey repping Krona Exhaust over the weekend in the Vendor Expo

On Saturday, the volume cranked up to 11, when purpose built show cars paraded in to fill the B-Paddock with a combination of glimmering chrome, crisp modern vinyl wrapping, and some truly impressive engine bays.  In many scenarios, the car show alone would have made the trip well worth it due to the huge variety of European cars.  However, with so much else to do, the massive car show was only a component that made this festival special.  Car show patrons would park among the rows of different Euro cars, bust out their detailing kits (or borrow one of our own, thanks Sonax!), and head up to registration to get their materials.  The cottonwood trees added to the scenery, casting a summer snowfall over the entire facility.

Lifted Volvo XC70

This lifted Volvo XC70 towered above the rest, handily winning the ‘Best Battleaxe’ category

BMW ///M Custom Powdercoated valvecoverThe car show, as I mentioned before, had a striking amount of variety for an event like this.  Vintage Saab’s lined up alongside brand new BMW‘s, Porsche‘s strut their stuff next to VW‘s and Audi‘s of all types.  But then some really interesting cars showed up that we weren’t expecting, like a perfectly restored Citroen SM.  Across the way an Adenauer Mercedes 300 showed off its handmade wood interior.  Valve cover art was a specific focus that we weren’t intending on seeing, with numerous modified and restored engine bays spreading out throughout the entire B-Paddock.  Even though some engine swaps are getting pretty tired, it still is pretty fun to see cars with Toyota 2Jz engines in them, turbo’d to bejeesus and back.  Yes, we even had that this year.

Volvo Autocross Course

Volvo XC60 Race Track Saab ConvertibleThe autocross was an entire different scene with the same kind of mood.  Huge smiles ripped across the 2/3rd of a mile autocross course as people took their cars out to test the limits of traction.  The best part is that so many of the cars and drivers heading out to torture test their tires have never been on a track like this before!  Saab’s (that honestly could use new suspension parts makeovers) threw caution to the wind and headed out alongside daily driven BMW’s.  There was one particular Volvo XC60 driver that could be seen out there constantly, and he was not slow!  It turns out, as we learned this eEuroFest, that new Volvo SUV’s can actually handle some occasional track abuse and actually be FUN about it.

Saab TurboX On Track Autocross

As surprising as that was, I have to admit the most surprising point about the autocross was that no one broke down.  Even with eEuroparts parts deliveries going back and forth between the warehouse and Lime Rock Park, we never had to bail anyone out as we were intending on happening.  Great job everyone on your maintenance, let’s keep that record up!

eEuroFest 2017 photo gallery racing cars

The action on the main track featured a huge variety of track cars, moving at a high rate of speed from morning to dusk.

Camping at eEuroFestThe best part was noticing that once people got through the show, checking out all the fine details of some spectacular cars, they would move to the fence to watch the action on the main track, head up to the autocross, discuss exhaust systems, timing belts and brake rotors at our Vendor Expo, then walk across the way to pick up a 1:18 scale model or a set of wheels from the swap meet.  All the while, the DJ was able to set the tone for the automotive celebration that was eEuroFest 2017.

The eEuroFest 2017 Swap Meet

The eEuroFest 2017 Swap Meet

BMW Z3 in the eEuroFest 2017 Photo Gallery

If you were there, feel free to write a review of the event in the comments below, and let us know what you liked and what we can improve.  We already have a good sized list on things we will be streamlining and improving (such as car show voting), so you can be sure eEuroFest 2018 will be even bigger!  Check out to see all the #eeurofest goodness (photos of the show that you post and tag will show up there), and scroll through the gallery.  Until next year, thanks to all of our vendors and sponsors that made this show possible, Lime Rock Park, The Motorsport Experience, and especially everyone that made it out to eEuroFest 2017.  It was everything we could have hoped for and more in a first year event!


eEuroFest 2017 Photo Gallery

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3 thoughts on “eEuroFest 2017 Photo Gallery is LIVE!
  1. Allen

    What an amazing event!!! Hats off to the EEuroparts crew, I have attended a lot of events at tracks and this one tops them all. Everything was run so smooth and in great harmony with plenty to do and see the entire time. This is going to not only be larger but replace a lot of the shows from the past. If you missed this year do NOT let that happen again again, this is a must attend.

    If your into show cars… it’s there. If your into track time… it’s there. If your into autox…. it’s there…. if your into just great views… it’s there. Most of all , if you need parts, EEuroparts is there to make all this happen.

    • Adam Goral

      Thanks Allen, it really feels good to hear that! We have a feeling when people catch word of this event, 2018 will be exponentially bigger. We learned a lot about the general flow, and have a great idea on things like preorder ticket sales and cap numbers to make sure everyone has a great weekend and can take away a great experience. See you next year!

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